Saturday, August 24, 2013

the mind and beyond subconsciousness

It was a wonderful Sunday, everything was fine and dandy, up until one random stranger came up to me and said,

"Hey you, I know you like this x. Why don't you just admit it ?"

I was taken aback, and I responded in a confused manner.

"Who are you? How do you know all about this?"

The stranger grinned and replied,

"I know everthing. E-ve-ry-thing."

He then started describing things I have never told anyone about, which I really did do before. Things were starting to get creepy. Feeling uncomfortable, I decided to run.

Weird as it is, I wasn't even able to run and the surrounding just changed.

Suddenly I found myself being hold down, there were a lot of people in the scene, blocking every single path for escape. As if I have done something wrong.

Interrogation was well under way. They kept forcing me to confess. I wasn't intimidated or scared, they don't mean to hurt me physically, but mentally. It had that anxiety effect on me.

I noticed that x was there too, listening, not from that far away. That made me even more uncomfortable.

"Damn it, they're attacking my weakness", I thought to myself.

Being shy is good, but being too shy and being overly shy over something could be a downfall, or at least I think so, or more likely - experiencing so.

I didn't know why I was unable to deny or even admit to the thing that they wanted me to do. I was just tongue-tied.

Not long after, x started moving nearer and nearer towards me. Her eyes were dead focused to mine. I wasn't able to withstand the gaze as my heart kept pounding harder and faster.


and that was then, everything was dark again.

"Shit, what now..?"

Then I realized that it was just a dream, a nightmare. Truthfully I was not able to categorize that. I would say, it was a beautiful nightmare. Heart was still pounding fast though.

Ah how pathetic...

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