Friday, November 30, 2012

Brand New Day

And I've been on a losing streak
It's so hard I couldn't speak

Monday, November 26, 2012

"words of wisdom"

Always leave the woman in a better state than when you found her - Mr B

Lost for words

Thank you for being 

Such a friend to me; 
Oh, I pray a friend for life.
And have I ever told you 
How much you mean to me?
Oh, you're everything to me

And I am so lost for words.
And I am so overwhelmed.

I'm thinking all the time, 
How to tell you what I feel, 
I'm contemplating phrases... 
I'm gazing at eternity; 
I am floating in serenity... 

And I am so lost for words.
And I am so overwhelmed.

Please don't go just yet.
Can we stay a moment please?
We can dance together; 
We can dance forever.

Under your stars tonight, 
And I am so overwhelmed.

A thousand broken wings.

So close your eyes, 
But don't dream too deep.
And please pass me some memories.
And when I fall you're underneath
A thousand broken hearts, 
Carried by a thousand broken wings.

A thousand broken wings.

credits Flyleaf