Monday, June 27, 2011

that awkward situation

where you don't know...

should you?

or should you not?

it's killing you.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am a Dimitar Berbatov, for appearance-wise, I may look disinterested and laid back, but deep down inside, I'm the one who cares the most.

I am a Wayne Rooney, for I'm very passionate and a lion at heart.

I am a Javier Hernandez, for I take chances and get the job done at the end of the day.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Keeping things to yourself is usually the best way to do things, well for me that is. But it's not easy. Not at all. Sometimes you will need to go out of that shell and express yourself, to be noticed, to be accepted.

I'm not used to sharing really. It's not the share that involves being stingy or that sorts, mind you. It's a totally different one. It's a cruel world, nothing is free, and nobody gives a donkey's ass about how you feel. But I feel that I've changed a little. The fact that I blogged means that I am willing to share.

Though sometimes when this place goes on a hiatus, I might be reverting back to my old self.


Do not live on past glories

For there's more glory to be made

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Aku tau aku ni senang dikenal oleh orang, orang ingat aku sebab features yang aku ada. Tapi aku betul-betul paling rasa bersalah la kalau ada orang tegur aku , cakap dia kenal aku , tapi aku xboleh ingat dia siapa. Minta maaf banyak-banyak.

Aku paling tak faham kenapa la orang pergi solat jumaat tu masa khatib tengah berkhutbah bole pulak dorang bercakap2. Aku tak tau macam mana mau handle orang begini, lagi-lagi kalau masa khutbah tu dia cuba tegur aku.Aku bukan sombong & mau dipanggil sombong, aku respon la dengan senyuman atau body language sahaja tanpa berkata-kata.

Aku paling geram orang bawa motor lepas tu jalan di tengah2 jalanraya. Menyusahkan betul lahhhhhh. Lagi orang yang bawa kereta , sudah dibagi jalan bukan mau angkat tangan, tunjuk lah ba terima kasih sikit, sejuk jugak hati orang tengok.GERAM.

well waddaya know..

Having 2 small crumbs of biscuit and a cup of hot Milo was good enough for dinner, makes me feel sleepy so much faster.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


puas suda aku diper-ayam-kan

you're going down !

intensive training

in progress

direct vs indirect

Have you ever thought of what kind a of person are you? in the sense of how you approach people or deal with stuffs. Are you a direct person? or an indirect person?

Walking about in certain public places, let's say shopping malls. Here's the scenario, in shopping malls, a closed air conditioned place, smoking is definitely forbidden in it. But what you see is an idiot (sorry) smoking happily. Question- what is your course of action when you see this? and how do you carry out whatever you plan to do? Of course if you too are a fellow smoker you wouldn't mind him I guess. I'm talking about the ones who hates smokers and cigarette smoke. WOULD you confront that person directly, and politely say please don't smoke here? or you would try to keep a distance, indirectly showing that you don't like it.

Now, why do we go for direct approach? I think it's because we want immediate result. We want to show that we are right and we are trying to tell the wrong-doer or whatever you call the person to change whatever he or she is doing that distresses you. Direct approach, never fails to make someone "hate" you though. Although that "hate" is very subjective and for how long it lasts, is another matter. Maybe just the spur of the moment, then it goes away after thinking, or it stays for a little while longer.

As for the indirect approach, which I think is the more popular one,usually we do this for the fact that it's the softer choice of the two. What I meant here is that this style is the "jaga hati orang" approach, that's the term that can be used in Malay. That's one of the reason that I can think of. However sometimes I wonder, by using this approach, are we actually cheating ourselves? in trying to make other people happy, we share, we tolerate something that we actually don't want. Well, maybe "cheating" is too harsh of a word. Perhaps we're just closing one eye and go along with it. Or we're kind enough to bear with it.

Personally, I'm a 40/60 guy on the direct/indirect matter. Oh well. Doesn't matter I guess whichever method you apply. It's like in football, either you play 30 passes together before you score a goal like Barcelona, or you can play a long high ball just like the old Bolton Wanderers team and score. At the end of the day , both yields results. It's all good then. Peace.

you wait, you wait ...

I'll definitely show you what I can be

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


jam menunjukkan 1.27am, tapi aku masih tak boleh tidur. Badan aku panas + cramp ( padan muka main badminton tak warm up dulu ) , kepala otak ni pulak time time ni la banyak nak berfikir.........................................................

xboleh tidur..................................................................

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the advice

A good friend of mine once told me :

"If you're going to plant seeds, plant lots of them, because in the end you are sure to benefit from at least one of them."

Well, it's not a direct one. It's up to your imagination and your own desciphering to interpret it. I got mine.

2 Things

I'm scared of ...

1. A pregnant woman - for I'm scared that she can get angry and cause complications to her baby ( well maybe I'm exaggerating )

2. A crying woman - for I'm scared of women tears. I'm not good in cheering people up and the sight of a woman crying is just unbearable.

to put it simply, I'm just scared of women ~~

Thursday, June 16, 2011


went to Alamanda today to meet up a few of my housemates before I go back to Tawau. We watched this superhero movie together. Good movie, I like the fact that the hero had to be imaginative and creative to utilize their power. Thumbs up!

oh and btw , I finally got them all six ! So happy :D

Well then, that's all I guess, I'm a little dizzy.

Over and out

Monday, June 13, 2011



the lyrics and the way the lead singer sings is just

so beautiful

Saturday, June 11, 2011

of ambitions and carrots

When you were younger (or maybe still young when you were reading this) , I'm fairly sure that in your primary school days, the class teacher would ask you, what would you want to be when you grow up? what is your ambition?

And for most of time, the usual choices of working field would be :

1) doctor
2) policeman
3) businessman

and for some, funny they can even go for these ! (no disrespect)

1) prime minister
2) singer
3) postmen

Well, I remember for the first few years, I always wrote doctor, policemen, followed by sportsmen. But slowly, I became more and more interested in a job. It was - pilot.

I guess that ambition was very much influenced by my late father, who loves to travel around. So I said to myself , when I grow up, I'll be a pilot and bring the whole family around the world! ah yes, I was so innocent.

Knowing that, my dad told me to take care of my eyesight. Heck I was even carrot-crazy, I eat carrot everyday because they said it's good for the eyes. Upon leaving secondary school , they had this eyesight test. I was so proud that I had a perfect 10 vision !


There's a saying, that goes like this, "Men can plan all they want, but God has His own ways".

Not to say that the chance of being a pilot is all gone, but the more I grew up, the more I realized that it was less likely to happen. Dad liked the idea, but Mom never approved it, she was worried of my safety. I'm lost for words. Forced to do something else.

In the end, I tried to go for Acturial Science - no luck. The next closest thing to pilot would be engineering then. So here I am, currently in my Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering programme, while already possessing a diploma in it.

Until today to be honest, I still don't know if I'm really into being an engineer. This ain't no easy work. I wonder if I should go and do piloting after I finish my degree, or just continue with my masters...

Decisions decisions

if only they were still here.. hmm..

Thursday, June 9, 2011


aku memang suka baca blog orang

kalau aku minat

memang aku khatamkan blog postsnya

dari awal sampai la latest post

baru2 ni khatam blog fearless

puas hati~!

*opss sori lambat reply comment2 post lama aku, aku ni buta IT sikit ~

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

irritating argh !

You know,

Most of the times when a relationship ends, as in a love relationship ( doesn't matter la, puppy love ka, monkey love ka), the reasons, popular-hot-irritating-oh-please-help-me reasons they will point out includes :-

a) I'm sorry, I'm just not good enough for you
b) I'm sure you'll find a better person than me
c) we were not meant for each other

Well there are some acceptable( to me I think ? ) reasons like :-

d) you cheated on me ! screw you ! I never wanna see your face AGAIN!
e) my bestfriend told me that you're a man/woman player
f) my parents don't approve of our relationship

the complete-asshole reasons :-

g) you're out of cash? you're broke?! ok bye
h) I think I've lost interest in you ; I've found another one

irritating eh?

ah yes, that's love,

that's life,

just get on with it


papa roach - no matter what

I need you right here, by my side
You're everything I'm not in my life.
We're indestructable, we are untouchable
Nothing can take us down tonight
You are so beautiful, it should be criminal
that you could be mine.

And we will make it out alive
I'll promise you this love will never die!

No matter what, I got your back
I'll take a bullet for you if it comes to that
I swear to God that in the bitter end
We're gonna be the last ones standing

So believe me when I say, you're the one
They'll never forgive us for the things we've done

And we will make it out alive
I'll promise you this love will never die!

No matter what, I got your back
I'll take a bullet for you if it comes to that
I swear to God that in the bitter end
We're gonna be the last ones standing
We'll never fight, we'll never fade
I'll promise you forever and my soul today

No matter what until the bitter end
We're gonna be the last ones standing

And everybody said that we would never last,
And if they saw us now I bet they'd take it back
It doesn't matter what we do or what we say
Cause nothing matters anyway!

No matter what, I got your back
I'll take a bullet for you if it comes to that
I swear to God that in the bitter end
We're gonna be the last ones standing
We'll never fight (We'll never fight) We'll never fade (We'll never fade)
No matter what until the bitter end


OK done with the lyrics

I find this song very interesting,

particularly because of the curiosity instilled into this song,

on to who is this song actually entitled to?

Is it the singer's girlfriend? Or is it basically a song for friends, good close friends?

The word "love" here plays a big part onto who it may be directed to.

In fact, I do believe that this is a song written for the song-writer's beloved.

But why oh why, did they make the music video as if that this video is for best friends?

That is what raises my curiosity...

Nevertheless it is good music :D