Saturday, January 8, 2011

the number games

While all of them starts posting the "inbox me any number between x to x and I'll describe you " thingy , I happily inboxed them my number , and fun it was .

Here are the results :

Loly (cousin)

#2711 : So sempoi, (nampak) pendiam dan sekali padang macam pecah rumah but OMG so pandai! You're so smart it's intimidating (but I'm proud to be related to you). My advise is, grooming la kasi hensem2 sikit. Smart is the new sexy but it's better when its a package (macam Bill Rancic!!) :)

Lee Yee Lin (junior)

Mr 2711
a.k.a Mr Mao. hahhaha. i always call u tat name. hehe. eventhough i not really know u, i still call u that kinda name. haha XD i remember we went for badminton once. and the ball hit u straight on on ur head. muuuahahhaaha. my best memory of u. =) haha. i know u're a good guy lah, but.............. not sure ni...i.. =p haha, kidding mao mao. Happy 2011 Paramore lover =)

Ana (cousin)

2711: my baby brother!! That's how I look at you. You are very smart and nice, I am proud to be your family. Kalau boleh, biar aku yg tentukan jodoh mu ya. I dont want you to end up with perempuan yg ntah apa2. Okay, Im overreacting. I know you have good judgments on everything. I love you :)

Victor Tan (friend)

2711 - Ni budak too pro in Left 4 Dead, PES and pool ohh. Got high interests with Korean and Japanese girls too! His favourite music genres are of hard rock and hip-hops. haha. Anyway, this fella I have known him for 6 years edi. Let's hope CNY 2011 you're around :D

Muli (friend)

#2711 kawan baru yang peramah.. berkenalan d Secret Recipe Tawau ketika saya menjadi waitress d sana~ hehe... cordon bleu satu! saya sgt terharu bila dia minta permission utk view my blog yang saya privatekan bbrp minggu lepas atas sebab2 tertentu~ hehe... ada juga org berminat maw baca blog saya eh, terharu2.. baru skali jumpa, tapi slalu jumpa d FB!

Fariza (junior)

2711- senior yang menggerunkan. DULU la. skrg mcm taik suda sukak mengolok. tp ndak pa la, sbb dia spen aiskrim hari tu haha. anugerah dekan. 9A spm nya. pandai memasak kemas rumah cuci kain. isteri solehah la memang. HAHAHAHAH

ah yes , I love em description , but I don't wanna be the one describing people ! so beware statuses , I'm gonna inbox if i see em

till then

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

semester 4

I just recovered from a very uncomfortable condition , felt like vomitting , on my first day of class ! weird , I skipped dinner because I slept, well here I am blog posting,3am in the morning,should go back to sleep,updates on this semester soon,tata

Well in truth ...

I was never a good advice giver


I know I am a good listener


a reliable secret-keeper

which the latter

was because I couldn't kept it once before

during my younger days

I regret it

but that makes me who I am today