Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's hard to live under another person's shadow

It all started with a normal family dining at a restaurant, when suddenly I heard a gunshot. I noticed straight away it was someone at the front table. It was a boy.

He asked for money from the cashier. Funny thing was, he ignored the guests running away from the restaurant, heck even the guard ran away wth ! All my family members ran out while I was still stuck inside. Then at this moment jugak la, when I wanted to run he started chasing like a mad person. Punya la banyak orang lain boleh dikejar aku jugak dia mau kejar. Crazy kid !

Well I calmly devised a plan, and tried to get his blindspot. Restaurant had 2 exits. When the time was right I made a dash for it. To my disbelief he saw me, like he was aiming for me after all zzzzzzzzzzz.


Oh my , he fired ! but I kept in mind that it is quite impossible to land an accurate shot with just a handgun with this kind of distance. So I ran. Zig-zaged as I tried to confuse him. He was mad, he shot like crazy, hit the wall quite a few times gahhh.

At this point, a thought crossed my mind as to why is there no security guards coming to get this brat? LOL. It was just a swift thought.


There he goes again with his rampaging shots. I think I evaded about 7-8 bullets already. Good grief.

I cast a glance above my shoulder. Why the hell is he gaining on me? Am I running too slow? or is he just freaking fast?!

I decided to change levels. Upstairs or downstairs? Apparently all the escalators I see are all going up. So up it is.

I tried to hide but this insane kid knows I'm here. It's like he's a cyborg who is targeting me it just doesn't make sense anymore. I ran again, but I was blocked with a dead end. I had to confront him now.

I grabbed a few books and threw at him , in hope that it blocks his view, and that he doesn't shoot blindly. I managed to grab hold of him but his @!!$! gun is pointed at me !!!

As we struggled on the floor suddenly I heard my SMS tone.

I woke up, it was a bad dream. A rough one indeed. I felt tired, after all that running. I'd prefer to have blank dreams as usual rather than dreams like this.

Sakit kepala datang balik liao, ingat kan demam semalam dah reda. Adoi ~


@dR3h said...

ada kaaa.. tiduk ndak cuci kaki ka dekkk?

Lan said...

suda mmg mimpi tu mau datang , xbole buat apa2 la. haha

jenJENn said...


awal2 baca... demm! biar betul budak ni.

baca lagi... tp balik2 ckp dlm hati, mesti dia mimpi ni... bukan betul2 ni.. tp mcm betul ja ni.

last2.. yeah, i'm right! hahaa

shue_fearless_gurl said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA what a lol hehehe..itulaa sblum tidur mesti lyan l4d nie kan,haha

Lan said...

jenn : haha, bagus2 maksudnya skill penulisan ku masih ada walaupun berkarat hehe

shue : ndakla , lamanya suda xmain L4D tu. xtau kenapa tiba2 dpt mimpi begini >_<

@dR3h said...

by the way, Dr. bilang hidungnya mancung :D

Lan said...

kaida : hahahaha , mancung x mancung , aku mau anak buah lelakiiiii , kan kaina suda anak perempuannn heheheheh

Timothy said...

hmm u know what i don't get? how is that under a shadow? :) btw the dream is thanks to ur too much gaming :P :P

Lan said...

timo: think hard hehe

Eevee said...

lol!!!! pakcik main too much resident evil sudah haha