Saturday, June 11, 2011

of ambitions and carrots

When you were younger (or maybe still young when you were reading this) , I'm fairly sure that in your primary school days, the class teacher would ask you, what would you want to be when you grow up? what is your ambition?

And for most of time, the usual choices of working field would be :

1) doctor
2) policeman
3) businessman

and for some, funny they can even go for these ! (no disrespect)

1) prime minister
2) singer
3) postmen

Well, I remember for the first few years, I always wrote doctor, policemen, followed by sportsmen. But slowly, I became more and more interested in a job. It was - pilot.

I guess that ambition was very much influenced by my late father, who loves to travel around. So I said to myself , when I grow up, I'll be a pilot and bring the whole family around the world! ah yes, I was so innocent.

Knowing that, my dad told me to take care of my eyesight. Heck I was even carrot-crazy, I eat carrot everyday because they said it's good for the eyes. Upon leaving secondary school , they had this eyesight test. I was so proud that I had a perfect 10 vision !


There's a saying, that goes like this, "Men can plan all they want, but God has His own ways".

Not to say that the chance of being a pilot is all gone, but the more I grew up, the more I realized that it was less likely to happen. Dad liked the idea, but Mom never approved it, she was worried of my safety. I'm lost for words. Forced to do something else.

In the end, I tried to go for Acturial Science - no luck. The next closest thing to pilot would be engineering then. So here I am, currently in my Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering programme, while already possessing a diploma in it.

Until today to be honest, I still don't know if I'm really into being an engineer. This ain't no easy work. I wonder if I should go and do piloting after I finish my degree, or just continue with my masters...

Decisions decisions

if only they were still here.. hmm..


shue_fearless_gurl said...

hahaha jeelessnya akuhh..aku rabun tahap 300 degree lbih wooo..asal dulu kaw suka makan carrot tak ajak2 aku skali?law x xda la rabun mcm skrg ni..hihi

Florinta Edward said...

saya sudah besar2 ni baru suka mkn carrot..nasib baik mata ok :)

Btw, for every choice, big or small, there's no easy formula for making the right decision. Huu so all the best. Semoga Allah mempermudahkan segala urusan :)

Lan said...

shue: mana la aku tauu , kau terlampau kuat belajar kali sampai rabun 300 degree, haha, tapi xpernah pun nampak kau pakai spec ni *padahal jumpa pun belum

flo: amin , thanks!