Wednesday, June 8, 2011

irritating argh !

You know,

Most of the times when a relationship ends, as in a love relationship ( doesn't matter la, puppy love ka, monkey love ka), the reasons, popular-hot-irritating-oh-please-help-me reasons they will point out includes :-

a) I'm sorry, I'm just not good enough for you
b) I'm sure you'll find a better person than me
c) we were not meant for each other

Well there are some acceptable( to me I think ? ) reasons like :-

d) you cheated on me ! screw you ! I never wanna see your face AGAIN!
e) my bestfriend told me that you're a man/woman player
f) my parents don't approve of our relationship

the complete-asshole reasons :-

g) you're out of cash? you're broke?! ok bye
h) I think I've lost interest in you ; I've found another one

irritating eh?

ah yes, that's love,

that's life,

just get on with it



ana rama said...

and for me the f is valid.

Lan said...

it is, one of the ultimate reason that will leave you powerless

jenJENn said...

ko putus cinta ka ni?

Lan said...

putus cinta tu cerita lama ~

shue_fearless_gurl said...

hahaha..indeed thats very trueee..
penah lalui ke?haha

Lan said...

pernah laaaa