Saturday, November 27, 2010

I'm 21 although I hate to admit it

Well this year I celebrated my birthday in KL , so it was a small one . And I got an iPod Touch as my present <3 . Been busy with it .

Overall this year , only 4 persons chose to wish me by sms , well people now go with facebook .For the first time after so long the notification keeps on coming. Lol , was happy nevertheless , wishes are good and I accept them in any kind of form . Thank you very much .

well then , 8 days to go to come back to tawau ~~~


Eevee said...

yiii... ipod touch!!! u should mention i m the 1 sms u lor.. wahaha
is like de lor.. FB foc mah.. haha

LiLiN said...

21 ain't THAT bad mao mao. =)

fb not soooo bad lahhh.
still a wish maaaarrr *shy* XD

Lan said...

lol , yah , im just grateful that u all did wish , thats enuf for me