Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pualam Dua

Yep , that's the road name of my rented house in Shah Alam . It's a 3-storeyed semi-D house . It's quite a big house , but when you put 18 people in , it's not so big after all LOL . I wrote that right , 18 people sharing one house ok .

I have only known the neighbour on the left , they are a chinese family , Mrs Loh and daughter to be precise . They were on the way for a jog when we meet at the gate . Talked a little . Oh I think the daughter is studying in UM.

At home , these crazy people go and label the clans of people for each floor . I don't even know where they get the idea . There are 6 people on the top floor , where they call themselves the "Orang Langit" , 2nd floor with 8 people are the " Orang Bumi " , we the people downstairs are called " Orang Laut " . You see how ridiculous this is , not that I mind .

The celcom broadband line there is just so terrible that I can connect to it for about 2-3 minutes then GONE . Reconnecting won't do any good , wait another hour or so , try again and same thing would happen . NOOB .

I think I'm settling good there , but still I have yet to enter the real degree life . Well , classes have yet to start . Who knows what it would be like when it does . BTW , there's a 3rd language course that I need to take , in my case it's my 4th , Imma take Japanese , so I can woo Japanese babes :D , just kidding .

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