Thursday, July 8, 2010

If there's 1 thing that I hate the most , it's ...

Smoke and smokers .

Not the special infected Smoker in Left4dead game .

I'd screw him up and shot it in the head anytime and it would go POOF .

It's this that bugs me , A LOT

Well , there's no running away from the fact that here , there is only a low chance that you don't see people smoke . Because most of the time you go out , there's a 95% chance that you would see some guy with this thing in his hands .

I hate smokers . I hate them more when they are being so inconsiderate to the public and smoke publicly .

Ever since I was small , I was told not to ever touch this thing , and touch it I did not . And I would say that I will never ever even bother to try it .

It's bad enough when we have lots of them guys smoking . But what bothers me the most , and which triggers the utmost hatred are these :-

Female smokers .

Damn it , why?

Why do they do this is really beyond me . I curse at the sight of female smokers . Hell , I would try to look only once , that is also because I accidentally saw it . Even if she is pretty , she's screwed . She's a smoker . FUCK ! What a turn-off , what a waste .

I have just a tiny little wish here people , please



screw it , I know it was futile .

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