Saturday, July 24, 2010

screw ur-so-called "carnival"

I have been forced to attend a freaking boring ice-breaking like activity for 2 days .To make matters worst , its consuming my weekends .

Conclusion was , come only for opening and closing ceremony . Settle .

Screw you all and your false naming activity . yeah right carnival .


Sometimes I hate that chaos surrounds me
when all the answers that I see go around me.
Am I drowning?
Am I fading away?
OR am I living up to all your dreams that made me this way?
Am I drowning?
Am I drowning?
Am I drowning?
Am I drowning?

Drowning in the drama
lost in the lies
trapped by the currents of life
caught in the rip tides.

nahh, this time this post is just about them nice lyrics , no hidden feelings behind it

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Baru masuk first class . dynamics

Sekali lecturer keluar rumus ,



aku tgk semua orang termasuk aku kepala berasap-asap


belum masuk kelas lain lagi LOL


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Forget Team Edward , forget Team Jacob

Go Team Alice!!!

Yeah we all know the movie is out!

Will be watching this movie pretty soon , wait for me dear Alice , I'll be there soon :)

Paul , The psychic octopus

This little octopus here has so far predicted the outcomes of FIFA WC 2010 matches perfectly .

Crazy huh?

It has 2 more matches to predict .

Funny enough , this octopus was said to have received death threats for its predictions ,which in the end was correct .

This octopus will have to think carefully now , one wrong prediction , and the angry gamblers and people who bets may just have to "goreng sotong".

Or , people may auction this octopus if it stays correct in its prediction . Imagine the money that will be put on for this creature .

Choose well octopus , you might wanna show up in the next WC or some premier league shows.

Wrong step then its goodbye :)

study abroad?

Recently , Newcastle University UK has just replied my application , stating they are conditionally offering a place for me to further my studies there . Well now , this is getting interesting .

I'm waiting for replies from the other 4 Universities , namely Manchester , Bath , Bristol and Sheffield . I hope I would get accepted and offered scholarship at the same time . Man , where do we go from here ?


We went to i-city that day just for sake of hanging around passing time . In the end it was a fun , full of picture visit . Here's i-city , the city with colourful lights .

Lucky this friend of mine brought his camera , so we took some great pictures . FUN !

the cameraman

We were so interested at it that we decided to take a closer look LOL

was a fun photoshooting trip :D

If there's 1 thing that I hate the most , it's ...

Smoke and smokers .

Not the special infected Smoker in Left4dead game .

I'd screw him up and shot it in the head anytime and it would go POOF .

It's this that bugs me , A LOT

Well , there's no running away from the fact that here , there is only a low chance that you don't see people smoke . Because most of the time you go out , there's a 95% chance that you would see some guy with this thing in his hands .

I hate smokers . I hate them more when they are being so inconsiderate to the public and smoke publicly .

Ever since I was small , I was told not to ever touch this thing , and touch it I did not . And I would say that I will never ever even bother to try it .

It's bad enough when we have lots of them guys smoking . But what bothers me the most , and which triggers the utmost hatred are these :-

Female smokers .

Damn it , why?

Why do they do this is really beyond me . I curse at the sight of female smokers . Hell , I would try to look only once , that is also because I accidentally saw it . Even if she is pretty , she's screwed . She's a smoker . FUCK ! What a turn-off , what a waste .

I have just a tiny little wish here people , please



screw it , I know it was futile .


aku sebenarnya kaki bangku . Mana pandai main bolasepak . Tapi kalau orang ajak main aku main la jugak . Budak2 rumah ajak main ramai2 , kami cari padang dekat rumah pualam tu , seronok juga la . Lama tak main begini . Macam biasa la , aku memang selalunya tak skor kalau main bola sepak / futsal . -.-"

Tapi at least aku ada assist satu untuk team ku , team kami menang ya 5-4 , golden goal. HAHA

Itu kalau bolasepak , tapi kalau basketball

anytime beb , jumpa di gelanggang !

party basketball! walaupun aku rasa aku tak sehebat dulu la suda XD

Pualam Dua

Yep , that's the road name of my rented house in Shah Alam . It's a 3-storeyed semi-D house . It's quite a big house , but when you put 18 people in , it's not so big after all LOL . I wrote that right , 18 people sharing one house ok .

I have only known the neighbour on the left , they are a chinese family , Mrs Loh and daughter to be precise . They were on the way for a jog when we meet at the gate . Talked a little . Oh I think the daughter is studying in UM.

At home , these crazy people go and label the clans of people for each floor . I don't even know where they get the idea . There are 6 people on the top floor , where they call themselves the "Orang Langit" , 2nd floor with 8 people are the " Orang Bumi " , we the people downstairs are called " Orang Laut " . You see how ridiculous this is , not that I mind .

The celcom broadband line there is just so terrible that I can connect to it for about 2-3 minutes then GONE . Reconnecting won't do any good , wait another hour or so , try again and same thing would happen . NOOB .

I think I'm settling good there , but still I have yet to enter the real degree life . Well , classes have yet to start . Who knows what it would be like when it does . BTW , there's a 3rd language course that I need to take , in my case it's my 4th , Imma take Japanese , so I can woo Japanese babes :D , just kidding .

Over and Out

Sunday, July 4, 2010








Friday, July 2, 2010

Shah alam shah alam ...

Oh malas sungguh mau packingggggg


Thursday, July 1, 2010

We Sing

and I strain to see ,

will it ever be ,

you and me..?

oh gosh , I think the seal leaked again ...