Friday, June 18, 2010

I feel like a hero ....

And you're my heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrooiineeeeeeeeeeeee~~

Yeah that was one of the song I listened to when I was trapped in a traffic jam in town . I went to settle all the water and electric bills after my friday prayers .

Guess what? I saw a sign saying "Secret Recipe OPENING SOON " , that means finally something new will open in Tawau , might be a just a little hint that soon , a certain McDonalds will open in Tawau maybe? Who knows?When it does , someone's gotta treat me a Quarter Pounder meal, as promised haha :D

Aside from that , it's been bothering me . It seems that I'm losing my big appetite lately . Like really , what is happening with my body?I am considered to be the "tong" where all the leftovers go man . I'm hungry but I just don't feel like eating.

But I just had to force myself to eat , and I am a vegetarian for the day . I went to my grandma's place and ate rice and vege only straight after the prayers. Surprisingly it was good!

I watched the game 7 of the NBA finals between LA Lakers and Boston Celtics, it was a good game ! The final minute was so intense because it was only 3 point difference between the two , but still my team hold on and won the title . Ahhh , brings back the memories of my basketballing days in school . Proudly I was one of the twin towers in Berlian ( due to the fact that not many plays basketball in Berlian) . Now I'm just a rusty player , I haven't played for sooooooooooooooooooo lonnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

My hook shot is no more the accurate one , very very rustyyyyy

oh well , what to do.

Over and out

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