Monday, June 28, 2010

How ironic ...

I think I miss my Penang life .

I can't believe I actually said that . Well I settled down quite well already there , then in the blink of an eye , it's all over and I got my Diploma .

Time flies .

I miss my wacky housemates although sometimes they do piss me off. I miss the time when we all go Counter-strike frenzy even though test is tomorrow . I miss the time when we play monopoly and ended up cursing at each other's luck.

I miss the home we stayed even though it's always dirty and I ended up having to clean it all by myself .I miss going to Nasmir and watch football at that mamak stall , be it night or even early morning . I miss laying on my bed , booming the speaker while practically doing nothing . I miss eating telur bistik at the Kelantanese restaurant just in front of the flat .

Dang , I should stop missing .

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