Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Guy Code

First and foremost , this is an IMO post , therefore it may not apply to all men . And I don't give a fucking-damn-monkey's-ass if you disagree with me .

As everything in life lives by a principle , it wouldn't seem so weird at all to have the principle in .. how do you put it , I guess in getting the girl or women he likes or loves. I call it - The Guy Code .

Basically , this code is what we true men should hold on to . There are conducts on how, what, where,who ,when, why or anything on wooing girls. Respect the rules, and earn respect from everyone else.

"All is fair in love and war"

You may use this to counter the guy code , which is predictable . That is just plain why I mentioned earlier that it DOES NOT apply to all men . Some would just do about anything and everything to achieve their target . They don't care , because they are just plain selfish .

For instance , and most probably the common everyday life scenario you would see is that two or more guys going in for the same girl . Let's label them as Guy A and Guy B .Usually , the girl would have the big say on who she decides on , but the thing here now is with the guys .

Now , if you were in the same shoes as Guy A , what would you do? You know this Guy B also likes the girl you like . Do you choose to ignore the B , or sacrifice your own feelings? Dilemma it is .

I have seen before , guys having the guts to pull off the sacrifice , for the sake of the other guy . Note that this is because the other guy is his best friend . When one is willing to give up , it opens up a path for the other guy to move in . Still , there might be a side effects of guilt feelings , or even the friends may not be as close as before . Yes , that is just how complicated it is .

Another scene would be that both would still go for the same girl , peacefully or not , and only one would stand proud at the end of the day .This normally happens when the guys don't know each other . Sure, why should they even give a fuck? just go for it sucker .I am not saying this is wrong at all ! In certain unique cases , both may get rejected .

Holding on to the Guy's Code , may , make you look like an idiot. One that is letting slip a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hit on the gorgeous babes or girls, stupid? It sure is . But it all depends on the situation really , which is never fixated . As a result , not many practice this code , as it is hard to , and definitely self-draining .

So tell me now , which will it be?





Timothy said...

hahaha. from me...respect dude. not only to the guy but ot the girl. only do wat u can n the rest is her decidion, asal dia gembira boleh le....... am i rite? maybe not. but heck thats what i think. hahaha

Lan said...

really there is no right and wrong , but since u put it that way , sure ur rite then :)