Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Guy Code - part II

Yes , this is the sequel or continuation or whatever you call it from the first one . If you haven't read the first one and feels like it , here : The Guy Code

Once again , this is an IMO post , once again , I don't give a damn-Brahma-Bull's-ass if you disagree with what I am about to write on .

In the first episode , I have touched on the rules and hows on getting a girl , the Guy Code way . Well then in this episode it will be on a different one . We shall now look on the conduct of a guy towards a taken girl/women .

Obviously , we all know it's VERY wrong to meddle into other people's affairs , like being a third guy in other people's relationship . The ultimate wrongdoing that a dumb , stuuuupid guy could have ever done would be disturbing a married couple's life . Seriously , if you did that , you should just go and die . Just who the hell do you think you are butting in into people's relationship? To put matters worse , they are a married one . Come on , there's lots of other fishes in the sea . Don't be an asshole and disturb their lives . They got problems , they can settle themselves . DO NOT take advantage of them . Be a man .

When I put it that way , it surely doesn't mean that disturbing an unmarried couple is "legal" in the Guy's Code . There is , I don't deny , a way of thinking in men , that when the couple are still not married or just in the boyfriend-girlfriend status , they believe that the chances are still there for the taking . Seeing this glimmer of hope , they jump in and hijack the relationship . Some , using the analogue of chemical reactions , are able to successfully "push" away the "less reactive chemical" and create a new bonding . Some , gets nothing but creates a mess for both parties , destroying other people's relationship . Who's gonna clean it up?

Still , this one is rather a controversial one .

Sometimes though , a third person may just do wonders for both guy and girl . This is so complex it makes your brain turn 360 degrees and rotates clockwise 3 times . Okay the brain part I made it up myself . Although this phenomenon occurs rarely , but there's no denying that IT EXISTS . It's quite fucked up eh? You can't really determine the human mind . It's not fixated , it's spontaneous . And most importantly , humans change .

Again due to this , the Guy Code is something hard to be hold on to . The randomness of life sometimes forces us to follow the tide and put aside our principles and beliefs in life .

As of that , I conclude that this 3rd person coming into some other people's relationship is generally unacceptable . Hell , I would screw that guy up soooo badddd if he was trying to spoil my relationship with someone .

But , it happens and sometimes we are just unable to take control it.

The Guy Code ain't so simple after all .

So , I'll ask again , what say you?

Love or Respect ?

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Timothy said...

haha. my answer remians the same as part 1. lolz!