Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good things come for those who wait

What else? Patience is virtue. Some more? Sabar itu separuh daripada iman . Ok I'm out of phrases that carries the similar meaning.

So there I was , around 730am ,in town . I went to my childhood barber shop, Tai Ga Lee ,to have a haircut . It's the only place that I cut my hair , aside from the fact that when I was smaller my late mom would cut it for me , and in secondary I would cut my hair myself. The moment I came in , they recognize me straight away LOL .

They greeted me in Mandarin , and I greet them back in the same language . Yeah it's been like that since long ago :D . To think that the last time I came must have been a year ago! Amazing indeed .

The barbers haven't changed . They were the same guys that cut my late father's and my hair. They were all discussing about the FIFA WC , in their mother-tongue of course . There this one customer talking with them too .

"How can la this North Korea can lose 7-0 to Portugal , not logical ! "

then the barber replied :

"Aiya , the match was bought la , North Korea need the money ma , North Korea never play this bad one ."

I smiled listening to their conversation.

Sure , 7-0 is overwhelming , but it happens la , people bantai u until 4-0 already , of course lazy to defend already la .Result? More goals come in la obviously -.-

Soon it was my turn . Had my haircut . And uh , I think .. I have a little regret here . Welcome back , the "jambu" face of mine . I havn't been like this for so long, I myself tak biasa LOL .

I headed to the hospital next, for my blood test . Tested my blood pressure , er , it was above average? I guess I hurried too much , heartbeat was high :/ . I have a family history of heart diseases , that's why I'm doing regular checkups maybe twice a year .The aunty then tell me to go back first , they will check the result of the blood test , if high in cholesterol , then ... further consultation by doctors are to come . The way she said it , is kinda ,

scary .

I went straight back home after that . I need my sleep again . I haven't been sleeping good la lately , been thinking too much I guess .

Over and Out

P.s : thanks timmy boy for the little chat , but please stop thinking the same way as me , its so gay-ish -.-"

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