Sunday, June 27, 2010

back to school

Yeah I went back to school , again after I did on Friday to get all those fussy documents certified by Mr Tung . Well the real reason to come back this time was actually to fetch them girls for some fun .

lala, bulat, me, lelen, san san

Basically , we went for ice-cream , window shopping at Giant and Eastern Plaza ,had lunch at EP food court, tried for movies but never did happen . So back to school again la . Kesian la si san san kan , belum lagi dia tengok Karate Kid .

Back at school I waited for them to finish their Prom Night meeting . I sat , I walked around , school has changed a little la . But essentially it is still same old same old. All you can hear there that day was just pancaragam sounds and marching orders really .

Saw Tay Yee Fei and Pang Kwok Yen , had a little chat , then Teacher Fanny came again . Seeing that I was bored , she offered her basketball for me to play , and play I did , like a stupid guy , playing alone down there -.- .

Consequently , because I did the whole driving that day , si bulat dengan si san san ba berani panggil2 aku driver suda , hahaha , fine fine , lain kali kamu la jadi driver ku . haha

Tired of course for the day , but hell it was lotsa fun . :D

p.s: Lets do it again some other time , with me being the passenger this time ok (directed at lala ,sebab kau suda ada lesen :P )

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