Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Guy Code - part II

Yes , this is the sequel or continuation or whatever you call it from the first one . If you haven't read the first one and feels like it , here : The Guy Code

Once again , this is an IMO post , once again , I don't give a damn-Brahma-Bull's-ass if you disagree with what I am about to write on .

In the first episode , I have touched on the rules and hows on getting a girl , the Guy Code way . Well then in this episode it will be on a different one . We shall now look on the conduct of a guy towards a taken girl/women .

Obviously , we all know it's VERY wrong to meddle into other people's affairs , like being a third guy in other people's relationship . The ultimate wrongdoing that a dumb , stuuuupid guy could have ever done would be disturbing a married couple's life . Seriously , if you did that , you should just go and die . Just who the hell do you think you are butting in into people's relationship? To put matters worse , they are a married one . Come on , there's lots of other fishes in the sea . Don't be an asshole and disturb their lives . They got problems , they can settle themselves . DO NOT take advantage of them . Be a man .

When I put it that way , it surely doesn't mean that disturbing an unmarried couple is "legal" in the Guy's Code . There is , I don't deny , a way of thinking in men , that when the couple are still not married or just in the boyfriend-girlfriend status , they believe that the chances are still there for the taking . Seeing this glimmer of hope , they jump in and hijack the relationship . Some , using the analogue of chemical reactions , are able to successfully "push" away the "less reactive chemical" and create a new bonding . Some , gets nothing but creates a mess for both parties , destroying other people's relationship . Who's gonna clean it up?

Still , this one is rather a controversial one .

Sometimes though , a third person may just do wonders for both guy and girl . This is so complex it makes your brain turn 360 degrees and rotates clockwise 3 times . Okay the brain part I made it up myself . Although this phenomenon occurs rarely , but there's no denying that IT EXISTS . It's quite fucked up eh? You can't really determine the human mind . It's not fixated , it's spontaneous . And most importantly , humans change .

Again due to this , the Guy Code is something hard to be hold on to . The randomness of life sometimes forces us to follow the tide and put aside our principles and beliefs in life .

As of that , I conclude that this 3rd person coming into some other people's relationship is generally unacceptable . Hell , I would screw that guy up soooo badddd if he was trying to spoil my relationship with someone .

But , it happens and sometimes we are just unable to take control it.

The Guy Code ain't so simple after all .

So , I'll ask again , what say you?

Love or Respect ?

Justin Bieber

Guess who?

Ah sure , everybody knows Justin Bieber LOL !

Here's the thing about me and Mr Bieber here .

I don't hate Mr Bieber , neither will I say I'm a big fan of his . His songs aren't all that bad .

The only song of Mr Bieber here that sticks to my mind is the one titled "Baby".

It's catchy I gotta say .

No offense , but when I first heard this song on the radio , I thought it was a girl singing ! -.-"

oh and BTW ,

I hate Sean Kingston .

Toy Story 3

Hey this movie ain't so bad LOL , I still laugh watching it .

They got this silly couple of Ken & Barbie -.-"

And this horrific CCTV monkey LOL!

Favourite quote from this movie :

from an old toy in sunnyside ,

"If you want to get out of here ( Sunnyside ) , GET THE MONKEY ! "


huh ..?


What is this uneasy feeling?

It feels so familiar


I think I'm in KL!

What am I freakin' doing here?!?!

I wanna go back Tawau


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a random encounter

I thank God for knocking me back into my senses ,

I shall now turn off feelings mode ,

and go straight back to where I was supposed to .

Goodbye Tawau ,

been a nice short holiday ,

Au revoir .

Monday, June 28, 2010

How ironic ...

I think I miss my Penang life .

I can't believe I actually said that . Well I settled down quite well already there , then in the blink of an eye , it's all over and I got my Diploma .

Time flies .

I miss my wacky housemates although sometimes they do piss me off. I miss the time when we all go Counter-strike frenzy even though test is tomorrow . I miss the time when we play monopoly and ended up cursing at each other's luck.

I miss the home we stayed even though it's always dirty and I ended up having to clean it all by myself .I miss going to Nasmir and watch football at that mamak stall , be it night or even early morning . I miss laying on my bed , booming the speaker while practically doing nothing . I miss eating telur bistik at the Kelantanese restaurant just in front of the flat .

Dang , I should stop missing .

Sunday, June 27, 2010


我仍然 无法理解 的事是,她能

To be able to give me

this kind of emotional rush,


is really


The Guy Code

First and foremost , this is an IMO post , therefore it may not apply to all men . And I don't give a fucking-damn-monkey's-ass if you disagree with me .

As everything in life lives by a principle , it wouldn't seem so weird at all to have the principle in .. how do you put it , I guess in getting the girl or women he likes or loves. I call it - The Guy Code .

Basically , this code is what we true men should hold on to . There are conducts on how, what, where,who ,when, why or anything on wooing girls. Respect the rules, and earn respect from everyone else.

"All is fair in love and war"

You may use this to counter the guy code , which is predictable . That is just plain why I mentioned earlier that it DOES NOT apply to all men . Some would just do about anything and everything to achieve their target . They don't care , because they are just plain selfish .

For instance , and most probably the common everyday life scenario you would see is that two or more guys going in for the same girl . Let's label them as Guy A and Guy B .Usually , the girl would have the big say on who she decides on , but the thing here now is with the guys .

Now , if you were in the same shoes as Guy A , what would you do? You know this Guy B also likes the girl you like . Do you choose to ignore the B , or sacrifice your own feelings? Dilemma it is .

I have seen before , guys having the guts to pull off the sacrifice , for the sake of the other guy . Note that this is because the other guy is his best friend . When one is willing to give up , it opens up a path for the other guy to move in . Still , there might be a side effects of guilt feelings , or even the friends may not be as close as before . Yes , that is just how complicated it is .

Another scene would be that both would still go for the same girl , peacefully or not , and only one would stand proud at the end of the day .This normally happens when the guys don't know each other . Sure, why should they even give a fuck? just go for it sucker .I am not saying this is wrong at all ! In certain unique cases , both may get rejected .

Holding on to the Guy's Code , may , make you look like an idiot. One that is letting slip a once-in-a-lifetime chance to hit on the gorgeous babes or girls, stupid? It sure is . But it all depends on the situation really , which is never fixated . As a result , not many practice this code , as it is hard to , and definitely self-draining .

So tell me now , which will it be?





We've waited far too long to,
watch it all crash and fall through,
So when you feel like shit
you've gotta keep on pushin',

If you saw the world through my eyes,
then you wouldn't feel so high rise,
Its time to take a chance
you've gotta sit back and hold tight.

There's forces working in our heads
but we don't understand them,

I need a map to find my way out all the time,

There's curses lurking in our heads
but we don't want to find it,
We need to come back down and
face what we've become.

The more I think the more I wish I'd
pushed stop then hit rewind,

What I would give to have a day back then
when no one really cares,
I remember when we all used to
kick back,and take days off school,

So many times I've smiled
many times I cried

but never

did we


back to school

Yeah I went back to school , again after I did on Friday to get all those fussy documents certified by Mr Tung . Well the real reason to come back this time was actually to fetch them girls for some fun .

lala, bulat, me, lelen, san san

Basically , we went for ice-cream , window shopping at Giant and Eastern Plaza ,had lunch at EP food court, tried for movies but never did happen . So back to school again la . Kesian la si san san kan , belum lagi dia tengok Karate Kid .

Back at school I waited for them to finish their Prom Night meeting . I sat , I walked around , school has changed a little la . But essentially it is still same old same old. All you can hear there that day was just pancaragam sounds and marching orders really .

Saw Tay Yee Fei and Pang Kwok Yen , had a little chat , then Teacher Fanny came again . Seeing that I was bored , she offered her basketball for me to play , and play I did , like a stupid guy , playing alone down there -.- .

Consequently , because I did the whole driving that day , si bulat dengan si san san ba berani panggil2 aku driver suda , hahaha , fine fine , lain kali kamu la jadi driver ku . haha

Tired of course for the day , but hell it was lotsa fun . :D

p.s: Lets do it again some other time , with me being the passenger this time ok (directed at lala ,sebab kau suda ada lesen :P )

Friday, June 25, 2010

aku rasa ....

Perjanjian Brazil-Portugal telah lama termeterai sejak matchday 2 selesai , agar ivory coast ndak masuk quarter finals, hahahahahah , itulah 0-0 jak tu



xapala ,

yang penting aku syok juga main betting sama si lala


Thursday, June 24, 2010

If you watched the A-Team ,

Then you'll find there is quite a number of things you can notice ,

One of them , which sticks to my mind the most was ,

"Old flames die hard" ,

Still , it doesn't mean that you have to stick to that ,

The guy actually moved on what?


Over and Out

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


aku slalu lupa la dia xminat chatting




Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Good things come for those who wait

What else? Patience is virtue. Some more? Sabar itu separuh daripada iman . Ok I'm out of phrases that carries the similar meaning.

So there I was , around 730am ,in town . I went to my childhood barber shop, Tai Ga Lee ,to have a haircut . It's the only place that I cut my hair , aside from the fact that when I was smaller my late mom would cut it for me , and in secondary I would cut my hair myself. The moment I came in , they recognize me straight away LOL .

They greeted me in Mandarin , and I greet them back in the same language . Yeah it's been like that since long ago :D . To think that the last time I came must have been a year ago! Amazing indeed .

The barbers haven't changed . They were the same guys that cut my late father's and my hair. They were all discussing about the FIFA WC , in their mother-tongue of course . There this one customer talking with them too .

"How can la this North Korea can lose 7-0 to Portugal , not logical ! "

then the barber replied :

"Aiya , the match was bought la , North Korea need the money ma , North Korea never play this bad one ."

I smiled listening to their conversation.

Sure , 7-0 is overwhelming , but it happens la , people bantai u until 4-0 already , of course lazy to defend already la .Result? More goals come in la obviously -.-

Soon it was my turn . Had my haircut . And uh , I think .. I have a little regret here . Welcome back , the "jambu" face of mine . I havn't been like this for so long, I myself tak biasa LOL .

I headed to the hospital next, for my blood test . Tested my blood pressure , er , it was above average? I guess I hurried too much , heartbeat was high :/ . I have a family history of heart diseases , that's why I'm doing regular checkups maybe twice a year .The aunty then tell me to go back first , they will check the result of the blood test , if high in cholesterol , then ... further consultation by doctors are to come . The way she said it , is kinda ,

scary .

I went straight back home after that . I need my sleep again . I haven't been sleeping good la lately , been thinking too much I guess .

Over and Out

P.s : thanks timmy boy for the little chat , but please stop thinking the same way as me , its so gay-ish -.-"


Got a lot to dream again ,

take me where I've never been ...

Monday, June 21, 2010

It finally happened ! -.-"

Guess what , I have been here for 3 weeks plus , and I was quite impressed with it .

But it just had to happen. This is Tawau anyway , haha .

I was supposed to have a blood test early morning , but my aunt cancelled it , postponed to tomorrow . So there I was , waking up early with exactly NOTHING to do , LOL , what a situation to be in .

Then suddenly ,


OMG ! mati karan -.-"

reluctantly , i went back to sleep lol , when I woke up it was already on .

I just hope it doesn't happen at night , or Im gonna have trouble sleeping . Sudalah tinggal sendiri tu , watchaaa !

7 days left in tawau , adeh ...

Over and Out

when you call me , I'll be there :)

Okay lala , here's the trick .

I'm not saying that everything that I'm about to tell you will bring you definite success , but at least it's definitely heading towards that direction . Aku ni bukannya genius pun dulu di sekolah ,ndak juga aku cakap aku ni pandai betul,tapi alhamdullillah spm aku result bagus jugala.(Walaupun Biologi aku kasi rosak oh , kalau ndak straight A suda ughhh T.T) tapi aku mix around dengan semua group in classes , melayu cina india . By doing so , you can absorb the way they study.Terutamanya yang skor2 tu .

You can try study groups , a small one , probably a group of 3 . I never understood this idea though, kalau suda study group ni main jak la aku , apa lagi geng2 study group semua gila2 , ndak belajar pun -.- . Mesti pandai pilih partner la .

Usually , memang mau beli banyak buku past year questions . Buat jangan xbuat . Suratkhabar tu pun ada juga tu , buat buat buattttttt . Subjek macam sejarah , maths , add maths , fizik ni semua have to practice .

Normal la , kena assign time untuk belajar setiap hari for how many hours so and so . Aku dulu kdg2 skip schedule jugak , pemalas :D

Lala ambil tuition? I like the idea of having tuition la , tapi kadang2 penat jugak .

I see your command of english is not that bad , actually its quite good , that's part of the reason why I like your blog :D patut paper bahasa bole kuasai la kan

other than that , kena bersukan laaaa , mari badminton sama aku lagi sekali sebelum aku balikkkkk hahahahah :D . And importantly doa kepada Allah , minta la sama Dia supaya senang absorb apa yang dipelajari , sembahyang , baca al-Quran gitu2 semua .

Sampai hati ba kasi inactivate facebook , hahah , xpala aku faham jugak ,dulu2 arwah bapa aku sembunyi tu modem, hahaha , kena paksa ba xboleh online,bagus kamu anjakan paradigma kan , mau stop sendiri . aii , bosan la aku lepas niii

My late father use to always remind me : " There is no shortcut to success , all you can do is study hard and study smart " So there you go , kerja keras la , make your parents proud .

Cukupla , aku ni xpandai bagi nasihat , hahaha , mcm apa sjak berceramah hahaha

hei bulat , i think this may be useful to u too :D

kalau terlebih cakap , salah silap , lebih kurang , ada yang terasa , aku minta maaf dulu

aku cuma bagi suggestion orait

remember , when you call me , I'll be there

Over and Out

Sunday, June 20, 2010

dan begitulah ceritanya ....

Musim cuti telah pun berakhir , semua orang pun baliklah ke "medan perang" masing2 . Kebanyakan budak sekolah pun mengeluh " aih , buka sekolah suda!" Aku pulak kebosanan la dorang balik sekolah sudah LOL . Okay , kembali kepada rutin hidup yang bosan la kalau begini -.-

Surat tawaran ke UiTM Shah Alam telah diterima . Perasaan? Suka ada , duka pun ada . Suka la berjaya mendapat tempat untuk sambung belajar , dukalah kerana sekali lagi perlu meninggalkan kampung halaman dan segala isinya yang amat ku hargai.Kali ini , ia merupakan satu cabaran yang tahapnya telah ditingkatkan.

Aku berasa kurang senang . Seriously.

Tidak tahulah ,sebenarnya keadaan semakin kabur bagiku . Di manakah berdirinya aku selepas ini? Aku masih belum mempunyai jawapan tersebut .

Masa suntuk.

Aku hanya tinggal 10 hari saja di Tawau ini . Semoga aku dapat memanfaatkan sebaiknya.

Over and Out

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Although you are no longer around ,

but deep inside ,

you are still


my idol then ,

now ,

and forever .

Happy Father's Day pa'

miss you lots


Friday, June 18, 2010


... And the scars

reminds us

that the past

is real ....

I feel like a hero ....

And you're my heeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrooiineeeeeeeeeeeee~~

Yeah that was one of the song I listened to when I was trapped in a traffic jam in town . I went to settle all the water and electric bills after my friday prayers .

Guess what? I saw a sign saying "Secret Recipe OPENING SOON " , that means finally something new will open in Tawau , might be a just a little hint that soon , a certain McDonalds will open in Tawau maybe? Who knows?When it does , someone's gotta treat me a Quarter Pounder meal, as promised haha :D

Aside from that , it's been bothering me . It seems that I'm losing my big appetite lately . Like really , what is happening with my body?I am considered to be the "tong" where all the leftovers go man . I'm hungry but I just don't feel like eating.

But I just had to force myself to eat , and I am a vegetarian for the day . I went to my grandma's place and ate rice and vege only straight after the prayers. Surprisingly it was good!

I watched the game 7 of the NBA finals between LA Lakers and Boston Celtics, it was a good game ! The final minute was so intense because it was only 3 point difference between the two , but still my team hold on and won the title . Ahhh , brings back the memories of my basketballing days in school . Proudly I was one of the twin towers in Berlian ( due to the fact that not many plays basketball in Berlian) . Now I'm just a rusty player , I haven't played for sooooooooooooooooooo lonnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

My hook shot is no more the accurate one , very very rustyyyyy

oh well , what to do.

Over and out

Wednesday, June 16, 2010



what do we have here ??!




Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Love Me or Hate Me , It's Still An Obsession

Love me or hate me , that is the question

If you love me then ,

thank you

If you hate me then ,


ok , I have no idea for a new post yet , Im bored , just had to post something up

So here are two of the many old "amazing" songs I heard before ,

Sure all the swearing is there ,but that's what makes it so catchy,

Well at least for me !


Over and Out


Aku tension hari ni ...

2 days straight suda , celcom broadband ku ni buat hal ...

Apa pun xbole buat

Daydreaming la

Bosan la jugak menekan butang refresh la , reload la

Di rumah sendiri macam orang gila la kalau xbole online ni

Good thing ada speaker , bole la aku blast speaker ni sambil menyan.. opps, bukan bukan , menjerit ( aku xpandai menyanyi ya )

petang tadi main badminton la , cousin ku bawa main tiba2 ,


at night , DMF ajak keluar main pool ,


habis pool pergi minum di highway , tengok Portugal lawan Ivory Coast


whats wrong with this 2010 world cup ? DRAW DRAW DRAW DRAW DRAW

Ronaldo xmampu angkat team

Drogba sengal bukan mau shoot depan gol , pergi pass pulak

Sorry la Brazil , aku rasa aku xtgk match kau malam ni tau , aku bagi can la kau menang 2-0 lawan North Korea .

Kepada peminat2 Brazil , sokong team kamu ni baik2 , kalau draw lagi ..


I hope tomorrow is a better day

Tomorrow , begini la bagus kan


Over and Out

Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm feeling invincible tonight !

Well thats down to the fact that I scored all wins against all 3 of my cousins in pool last night . Sweet 7-0 :D banggala sikit , haritu kalah jak ba ,yang mau menang suda pun bole la pulak seri -.-"

ndaktau la kalau si afiq ada , mungkin kalah la jugak aku satu atau dua kali haha

baru2 ni aku cuti lama la jugak dari blogging ni , tapi dalam bosan2 tu , aku explore sana sini , aku jumpa la satu budak ,si bulat aku panggil dia ( ko tau ko siapa kan :P ) , since dia pamer2 blognya di fb aritu , aku mintala .

Bole tahan tau style blogging dia , the style made me thought " hebat juga style2 blogging gini ni , aku xpernah terfikir mau buat gini , bagus2" walaupun aku xpandai buat la style begitu . My style is always plain and simple , most of the time long and BORING ! hehe

jadi di situlah , timbul suda sikit rasa2 mau blogging balik tu .

main2 fb lagi , tekan sana tekan sini , jumpa lagi satu blog .dengan rasa excitednya , aku membuka blog tersebut . JACKPOT ! lagi satu blog yang menarik .

Blog yang ini lagi banyak la benda dibaca , best2 jugak postnya (enjoy ni membaca haha) . The style of these two blogs are quite similar , i think it would be normal , kawan kan dorang dua ni , haha .

FYI : blog si bulat aku habis baca dalam masa 1jam (ada rehat2 tu , sekejap jak aku bongkar)

blog kedua ni , aku habiskan 1 hari la secara kumulatif ( sebab line aku teruk ba , mati la jugak pakai celcom broadband ni )

Baca punya baca , aku belum berkenal ba sama tuanpunya blog ni .Cubaan untuk menangkap beliau dan bertanya2 agaklah payah kerana beliau sukar dikesan online , haha .

So , yesterday early morning , jam 5 bangun ba suda aku , can't really sleep actually , aku guling atas sofa tu dari jam 12am ...

jam 0127am , aku terbangun , pehhh , apa suda jadi bole terbangun begini awal , cubaan tidur kedua , then i woke up at 3am.

3-4 kali la terbangun . Then at 0457am , I woke up again .Ndakla sambung tidur suda , subuh sudah , tidur pun macam ayam dari tadi .

In my blur state, I switched on the tv ...


oi apakah yang telah berlaku ,


After habis tgk match highlight aku pergila solat subuh . After that switched off all the lights.Mau terang suda kan .

Aku termenung jugakla , punya awal aku bangun xbole tidur balik pulak tu ... Then the idea of washing my saga came into mind , patutnya saturday ba dicuci tu , pemalas punya pasal , call me king of procrastination , okla I went on with the idea to wash the car. It took an hour plus , but in the end was happy to see the car clean again :)

ok here's the real story la , atas2 ni salingan jak , there was a reward of waking up early after all . I get to meet , well not exactly meet , um , chat ? well she put the word " interviewed " in her blog , hahahaa .

ok hantamla , i interviewed tuanpunya blog kedua tu , barula aku tau siapa dia .

From my interview , aku mendapati :-
i) she doesnt dig chatting ( aku masi xpercaya @.@ )
ii)dia ni macam chipsmore
iii)and maybe she loves to sleep ( well who doesn't )

Apparently , tuanpunya blog kedua ni konfius dengan lan dengan haniff , tersenyum la aku . She checked suda , then she asked to confirm ,baru la dia tau , siapa juga lanhaniff niiiiiii :D
( kesian kau , pening ka? )

tuanpunya ni suda tau mau panggil aku apa lepas ni , but I forgot to ask her what do I call her?? panggil lala la , macam best , ok ka tu? ahah

Okla , I think enough la post ni dulu ,too long then nobody would want to read it , sudalah boring kan , hahaa .


over and out

P.S. : I did smiled , in fact your post actually made me laugh haha :D

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm back?

OMG , Im so bored , thankfully I added a few blogs for me to read recently , if not I would have been bored to death .

So , FIFA WC 2010 has kicked off , funny , I know I liked club level football more than national level , but I don't know why I'm not that eager yet to watch . And when I did , it disappointed me like shit . Mr Green fumbled a ball in and let @#@$@! USA get a draw against England . Great...

I have been thinking for a long while now , I wanted to stop , but seems like I wont , it was a 3 months holiday from blogging world , yeah lets put it that way .

Here's the somewhat good news then ? IM BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

lemme think of something to post about la , give me a few days k

Over and Out