Friday, January 8, 2010

The old shen a.k.a. Timothy

File photo : The used-to-be young Tim , and the still young me XD

Dude , you know how this is gonna sound like .

I don't care if you like it or not ,

If you're trying to buy some time to deny it ,

Or even your futile attempts to defy the age that is yours ,

Face it then ,

I'll help you realize the fact that you are ,

no excuses,

definitely ,

21 YEARS OLD !!!!

awww , did I make it sound so bad for you timmy boy , ok la

Epi befday Mr Timothy , you are now 21 years YOUNG :P

Well , I'm sorry to say that there won't be any presents for you , it has been awhile since I gave you a birthday present eh? Do you remember? Hahaha

But there is an option , if you want something , let's say like Milo Ais , come down over , I'll buy you one or two glasses . LOL ( note:offer expiry date is 10/01/10 )

Well then , I hope you have a wonderful birthday there , with your gf Tina and your bed .

Just one thing , update blog plzzzzz , hehehe

Okla shen , Happy birthday !

You are now



See you soon , like in a years time ? haha


Timothy said...

lol...young huh...dun worry ur joining the club in less than a year. ahahaha. hmm 10/01/10 american time or malaysian? ahahahaha lets postpone till 10/01/13

thanx maharaja, u take care n talk to you soon!

Lan said...

noooo , it will a long time til that happenssss :D , american time , malaysian time whatever , if u come then there's milo ais , lol . 2013 ah u back again?wth so long lol

LiLiN said...

lan, milo ais will be out of date by then. XD

hey timmmmm!!!
happy birthday brother!! =)

a very sweet post by mao mao

miss u guys!

Lan said...

thats the point la , he needs to come now if he wants it lol :P

Victor Tan said...

eh, I think he'll be here in 2 more years time. He'll be very tall by that time, you see.