Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Payback Post

Ok here comes a post , I expect this to be quite a long one regarding what's going on , what happened and what's going to happen , it won't be in order la , but who cares rite..?


This is one of the bookmarks of my firefox. Why ? because it provides me with fresh mangas , even the old ones too ! I just love this site , I usually read naruto chapters from here . Ever since I gave up on watching the anime on youtube , I've been holding on to onemanga :D . A few of the mangas I read here are like : -

-GS Mikami
-Samurai X

and some other mangas that I may or may not have finished reading . Works really well to kill off some time when you really have nothing to do . But for me , my routine time for this site is usually friday afternoon, where a new naruto chapter is published :P


Okay now , I will have to admit , I never liked facebook at first glance , it was so messy , applications here and there , I was like WTF man , I'm so gonna stick with friendster . But ... slowly , everybody diverted to facebook , hell , even my housemates are on facebooks everyday !! How am I suppose to resist the temptations to go deeper with facebook then ? nobody's playing friendster anymore , might as well use facebook .

That move proves to be a clever one , and also , a bad-habit-in-the-making one . Nowadays , I'm so addicted to it that the moment I have access to internet , facebook is one of the few webs I would open first . It's contagious man , and to think I never wanted to use this thing. A quiz on facebook which I took says that I am 79% addicted to facebook . LOL .

Well , it's usual to have pros and cons on one thing . I guess , the pros outweights the cons just slightly . I was able to find really old friends , primary friends wei , so long never seen also . Just recently , I found an old friend Miss F . The process of remembering the old times is actually quite fun and that's basically what we did , and had fun ! Apparently she's studying in Australia now , best of luck to her , chatting with her is really fun :P .

Facebook applications . Some are really good , some are dumb , and some are just downright annoying . Well , but the integration of facebook apps , the users , is such that everybody connects , which makes it really social , 2 persons might be arguing with each other, then comes in the 3rd person ,in comes the 4th and the 5th , then we have a party . LOL .

Actually , aside from getting the old and new friends back , there are a few applications that is already stucked in my routine online-ing . While others play barn buddy , farmville , or mafia wars , I am actually hooked on to Premier Football and Premier Football Street . It's freakingly addictive .Every morning I wake up , I'll check on my player XD gahh , this game is really getting me good .

PFS Players : Attack FC

sample result

PF team : FC RooneyMancunia

sample result

yeah , quite a number of my friends uses this application , which makes the fight even more fun cause you wana beat each other :D

New Moon

You can just sense it right , the coming of the New Moon , most have been waiting ever since Twilight hit the cinemas . And yes , now its just a week away , the fever is everywhere then LOL . Well , while everybody's been goo goo gaa gaa with Edward Cullen aka Mr vampire or Jacob aka Mr werewolf ,

I'd rather have Alice Cullen to myself ! hahaha , whatever it is , guess I'll be watching this movie since I was quite attracted by the 1st sequel .

MUET & exams

As for my finals and MUET , weeeeellllll , I wouldn't say it was easy , but most of it I think I was able to handle OK . Had 5 Finals , with MUET added it wuld be 6 . I was rather disappointed with my MUET , because in the speaking test I think I got too excited , that I felt that I din't do so well , it's that sucky feeling ARGH! Nonetheless I took my revenge against listening reading and writing components of it .I would hope for Band 5 , if it isn't too much , Band 6 seems reachless .

The other 5 papers :-
Fluid Power - coursework wasn't that good , finals was so-so
Manufacturing process - coursework was good , final was OK
Machine Element design - stinkin coursework marks , @%#%@!$% finals!!!!
Control system - I think coursework is good , finals was cool~
Automotive - rock on ! this is the best subject I've taken I'm so gonna score~!

New MU Jerseys

just got these a few hours ago , am so gonna wear it this saturday to officiate it :)


people are taking SPM now rite? I would like to wish them all good luck!


People who play DotA would know of this program called GaRena . It's actually a platform of games , where you can connect multiplayers for games like CS , COD and so on.Well , fortunately, I get know about it too , and for what else , my obsession of the zombie-killing game . LEFT4DEAD , oh and also the soon-to-be-played LEFT4DEAD2.

I have been killing zombies in LEFT4DEAD ever since the start of the year , a friend introduced this wonderful game to me . At first , it was really scary to play as it was a complete unknown to me , plus all the sudden appearance of zombies , witches crying , tank rampaging , hunter pouncing , boomer booming and smoker choking with the ever so eerie music effects , I'd rather not play it when I'm alone . Well , that was last time .

Now , this game is played just for the fun of it , and the fun reaches the max when you play versus mode with your friends . Be prepared for a wave of foul words and curses XD happens all the time !

Well , in garena , which is played online , I have tried to play co-op , versus , and even survival modes . Of the three , survival mode is the best . Gathered alongside my trusted teammates , after a few months of playing , we finally managed to get the gold medal of 10 minutes of survival . I did post the galleries in my FB account .

When I play , I would always try to use this Zoey character , I don't know why but I just love her so much!!

As for the next big thing

well , I'm currently still waiting for it to be available to play, impatiently XD , gahhhh , this is too much !!! I need it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

NEOPETSBelieve it or not , I am playing back the old game neopets , just like I did with Gunbound and Maplestory , but it's been a while since I touch the last two . Just recently , I don't know what struck me ( maybe it was the facebook games) , I wanted to play neopets so much again !

But , the stinkin neopets changed the login system . Not only that I initially forgot my password and went through everything to recover it , I have to remember the fake Birthdate I put when I first registered for the game , if not , say bye bye to my old account , which is a definite NO-NO . I am taking back what's mine , and I don't care if I have to endure longer just to achieve it .

Meanwhile , I did create a newer account , just to soften the pain , and to play the games , what the heck , I love the games , especially the card game Cheat! , only an hours play I got myself a Champion's trophy :D


Right , for someone who is football crazy like , is sure to own a football game . Nowadays it is either FIFA or PES , and I chose the latter , because I think it edges FIFA in terms of gameplay .
Been playing around with it , haven't yet explored it fully . Well if you're talking about PES 6 then I will proudly show you a picture of mine that makes this face beam from ear to ear .

I love this game !


In terms of sport , generally this body is deteriorating , I haven't been involved in sports regularly and it showing the effects very vividly .

Bowling - I can't have the ever-so-important consistency to to a hook ball
Pool - I've lost my touch , I need to play regularly to regain the magic !
Basketball - SAD , I've basically lost my Hook Shot accuracy , maybe from 80% to 30% , aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , this is so bad , but my jump shot is getting better (0.o)
Futsal - the usual , normal me , I guess there's no real progress here


umm , supposedly I was gonna go visit my classmates house all over peninsular , well shit happens , I have just went to one of them , Johor and Melaka trip most probably cancelled . Possibilities for Putrajaya and KL people are open though , still waiting for them to report in.

Other than that , there has been a plan , to go to an island , either Mabul or Sipadan , I wonder if it would materialised?

Man , holidays is what I want so bad during my lecture weeks . I can do whatever I want , yeahh , feels great !

Should be meeting up some old schoolmates and hang out. Looking forward to it.

November Babies

I noticed that there are a lot of November babies , I have always known only 2 other than me , haha . So here goes , HAPPY BIRTHDAY to

yiik yew
wei shiong
zhen jia

regardless of the past or the soon to be :)

Well I told you it would be a long post , may have bored you eh , so why not try to watch the video below to lighten up ! :D

Over and out!

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