Wednesday, November 25, 2009

" I've gone too far to come back from here ,
But you don't have a clue ,
You don't know what you do ,
To me ... "

Stop This Song ( LoveSick Melody ) - Paramore


Been having nightmares for 2 straight effing days .

Freakin' disturbing ones I tell you .

I hope I won't dream another one tonight


oh by the way , HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITA!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rove Beetle aka "Charlie"

I have been delaying this post ever since the day I went into my dorm when I was in SEMESTER 1 , now I'm already in my 5th!

Everyday , we encounter the terror that is "charlie" , every night we had to have war with them , it's crazy , I'm just grateful that I'm out of the dorm , which is like a nest for them ever since I moved out to student houses .I'm sure Jeanny knows just how lovely these little insects are.

From wikipedia:-

The rove beetles are a large family (Staphylinidae) of beetles, primarily distinguished by their short elytra that leave more than half of their abdomens exposed. With over 46,000 species in thousands of genera, the group is the second largest family of beetles after the Curculionidae (the true weevils). It is an ancient group, with fossil rove beetles known from the Triassic, 200 million years ago.

One well-known species is the Devil's coach horse beetle. For some other species, see List of British rove beetles.

The Paederus species, such as the Nairobi fly, contain a potent toxin in their haemolymph which is highly irritating to the skin. Pederin is highly toxic, more potent than cobra venom.The Rove Beetle is less than 1 cm long. The body is dark orange and the tip of the abdomen, the upper abdomen and the head are black. The upper middle iridescent greenish region of the abdomen are the hard wings (elytra). A pair of transparent wings are neatly folded and hidden under the hard wings. During daytime, the beetle will be seen crawling around swiftly with hidden wings resembling ants. When disturbed it raises the abdomen in a threatening gesture like a scorpion and can fly away. It can also run on water swiftly !


The Rove beetle is increasingly common in Malaysia. Their bodies contain the toxin paederin (hence Paederous dermatitis) that causes burns on human skin whenever they are crushed. Interestingly the beetles were used to burn off warts in the past. It starts off with some erythema/redness and then with patches of ulceration where the beetle has been crushed

The haemolymph in the beetle’s entire body (except the wings) contains the most poisonous animal contact toxin in the world called ‘pederin’ (C24 H43 O9 N) named in 1953. It is 12 times more poisonous than cobra venom ! Dried and stored rove beetle for 8 years still retained it’s toxicity ! Contact collision with the beetle while travelling or sleeping, crushing it on the body or smearing with soiled fingers can cause conjunctivitis and severe dermatitis known as dermatitis linearis, paederus (rove beetle /staphylinidae) dermatitis, whiplash dermatitis etc.

Pictures when the insects haemolymph come in contact with your skin ,

I have also experienced this rash , man it was hell , ughhh , I'd rather not remember it back . Usually a scar will be left on your skin once it dries up , there's a product called bio-oil that can smoothen your skin back or rather sinks the scar . Tried it , satisfactory .

Of all the charlies , this has got to be the ones I hate the most !

Over and out

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Payback Post

Ok here comes a post , I expect this to be quite a long one regarding what's going on , what happened and what's going to happen , it won't be in order la , but who cares rite..?


This is one of the bookmarks of my firefox. Why ? because it provides me with fresh mangas , even the old ones too ! I just love this site , I usually read naruto chapters from here . Ever since I gave up on watching the anime on youtube , I've been holding on to onemanga :D . A few of the mangas I read here are like : -

-GS Mikami
-Samurai X

and some other mangas that I may or may not have finished reading . Works really well to kill off some time when you really have nothing to do . But for me , my routine time for this site is usually friday afternoon, where a new naruto chapter is published :P


Okay now , I will have to admit , I never liked facebook at first glance , it was so messy , applications here and there , I was like WTF man , I'm so gonna stick with friendster . But ... slowly , everybody diverted to facebook , hell , even my housemates are on facebooks everyday !! How am I suppose to resist the temptations to go deeper with facebook then ? nobody's playing friendster anymore , might as well use facebook .

That move proves to be a clever one , and also , a bad-habit-in-the-making one . Nowadays , I'm so addicted to it that the moment I have access to internet , facebook is one of the few webs I would open first . It's contagious man , and to think I never wanted to use this thing. A quiz on facebook which I took says that I am 79% addicted to facebook . LOL .

Well , it's usual to have pros and cons on one thing . I guess , the pros outweights the cons just slightly . I was able to find really old friends , primary friends wei , so long never seen also . Just recently , I found an old friend Miss F . The process of remembering the old times is actually quite fun and that's basically what we did , and had fun ! Apparently she's studying in Australia now , best of luck to her , chatting with her is really fun :P .

Facebook applications . Some are really good , some are dumb , and some are just downright annoying . Well , but the integration of facebook apps , the users , is such that everybody connects , which makes it really social , 2 persons might be arguing with each other, then comes in the 3rd person ,in comes the 4th and the 5th , then we have a party . LOL .

Actually , aside from getting the old and new friends back , there are a few applications that is already stucked in my routine online-ing . While others play barn buddy , farmville , or mafia wars , I am actually hooked on to Premier Football and Premier Football Street . It's freakingly addictive .Every morning I wake up , I'll check on my player XD gahh , this game is really getting me good .

PFS Players : Attack FC

sample result

PF team : FC RooneyMancunia

sample result

yeah , quite a number of my friends uses this application , which makes the fight even more fun cause you wana beat each other :D

New Moon

You can just sense it right , the coming of the New Moon , most have been waiting ever since Twilight hit the cinemas . And yes , now its just a week away , the fever is everywhere then LOL . Well , while everybody's been goo goo gaa gaa with Edward Cullen aka Mr vampire or Jacob aka Mr werewolf ,

I'd rather have Alice Cullen to myself ! hahaha , whatever it is , guess I'll be watching this movie since I was quite attracted by the 1st sequel .

MUET & exams

As for my finals and MUET , weeeeellllll , I wouldn't say it was easy , but most of it I think I was able to handle OK . Had 5 Finals , with MUET added it wuld be 6 . I was rather disappointed with my MUET , because in the speaking test I think I got too excited , that I felt that I din't do so well , it's that sucky feeling ARGH! Nonetheless I took my revenge against listening reading and writing components of it .I would hope for Band 5 , if it isn't too much , Band 6 seems reachless .

The other 5 papers :-
Fluid Power - coursework wasn't that good , finals was so-so
Manufacturing process - coursework was good , final was OK
Machine Element design - stinkin coursework marks , @%#%@!$% finals!!!!
Control system - I think coursework is good , finals was cool~
Automotive - rock on ! this is the best subject I've taken I'm so gonna score~!

New MU Jerseys

just got these a few hours ago , am so gonna wear it this saturday to officiate it :)


people are taking SPM now rite? I would like to wish them all good luck!


People who play DotA would know of this program called GaRena . It's actually a platform of games , where you can connect multiplayers for games like CS , COD and so on.Well , fortunately, I get know about it too , and for what else , my obsession of the zombie-killing game . LEFT4DEAD , oh and also the soon-to-be-played LEFT4DEAD2.

I have been killing zombies in LEFT4DEAD ever since the start of the year , a friend introduced this wonderful game to me . At first , it was really scary to play as it was a complete unknown to me , plus all the sudden appearance of zombies , witches crying , tank rampaging , hunter pouncing , boomer booming and smoker choking with the ever so eerie music effects , I'd rather not play it when I'm alone . Well , that was last time .

Now , this game is played just for the fun of it , and the fun reaches the max when you play versus mode with your friends . Be prepared for a wave of foul words and curses XD happens all the time !

Well , in garena , which is played online , I have tried to play co-op , versus , and even survival modes . Of the three , survival mode is the best . Gathered alongside my trusted teammates , after a few months of playing , we finally managed to get the gold medal of 10 minutes of survival . I did post the galleries in my FB account .

When I play , I would always try to use this Zoey character , I don't know why but I just love her so much!!

As for the next big thing

well , I'm currently still waiting for it to be available to play, impatiently XD , gahhhh , this is too much !!! I need it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

NEOPETSBelieve it or not , I am playing back the old game neopets , just like I did with Gunbound and Maplestory , but it's been a while since I touch the last two . Just recently , I don't know what struck me ( maybe it was the facebook games) , I wanted to play neopets so much again !

But , the stinkin neopets changed the login system . Not only that I initially forgot my password and went through everything to recover it , I have to remember the fake Birthdate I put when I first registered for the game , if not , say bye bye to my old account , which is a definite NO-NO . I am taking back what's mine , and I don't care if I have to endure longer just to achieve it .

Meanwhile , I did create a newer account , just to soften the pain , and to play the games , what the heck , I love the games , especially the card game Cheat! , only an hours play I got myself a Champion's trophy :D


Right , for someone who is football crazy like , is sure to own a football game . Nowadays it is either FIFA or PES , and I chose the latter , because I think it edges FIFA in terms of gameplay .
Been playing around with it , haven't yet explored it fully . Well if you're talking about PES 6 then I will proudly show you a picture of mine that makes this face beam from ear to ear .

I love this game !


In terms of sport , generally this body is deteriorating , I haven't been involved in sports regularly and it showing the effects very vividly .

Bowling - I can't have the ever-so-important consistency to to a hook ball
Pool - I've lost my touch , I need to play regularly to regain the magic !
Basketball - SAD , I've basically lost my Hook Shot accuracy , maybe from 80% to 30% , aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , this is so bad , but my jump shot is getting better (0.o)
Futsal - the usual , normal me , I guess there's no real progress here


umm , supposedly I was gonna go visit my classmates house all over peninsular , well shit happens , I have just went to one of them , Johor and Melaka trip most probably cancelled . Possibilities for Putrajaya and KL people are open though , still waiting for them to report in.

Other than that , there has been a plan , to go to an island , either Mabul or Sipadan , I wonder if it would materialised?

Man , holidays is what I want so bad during my lecture weeks . I can do whatever I want , yeahh , feels great !

Should be meeting up some old schoolmates and hang out. Looking forward to it.

November Babies

I noticed that there are a lot of November babies , I have always known only 2 other than me , haha . So here goes , HAPPY BIRTHDAY to

yiik yew
wei shiong
zhen jia

regardless of the past or the soon to be :)

Well I told you it would be a long post , may have bored you eh , so why not try to watch the video below to lighten up ! :D

Over and out!

Dear Blog

Im sorry , for neglecting u so long , but I have my reasons, so please wait , I will update soon , don't cry ok ? :D