Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm no guitar hero but my frets' on fire !! + RAYA 09 + sambung belajar

yo dear bloggers and readers!!! It's been awhile , a long while!!! And that blogging feeling has finally come back , be grateful everyone ! ( lol , as if people are even expecting a new post from me )

Have been deserting this blog for about 6 weeks already , well for the first month it was the fasting month , so I am actually using that as an excuse to not blog , lol . Actually nothing to blog also la those days . Then I was off back to Tawau to celebrate raya with families back home .

A little review on this year's Raya celebration ..?

Well basically on a personal note , it's quite dull and gloomy , for me . This year it's the 2nd year I spent the raya festival without my parents , with the 1st one only . Naturally the side effects are still there . You know it's different . It's never gonna be the same . The best part of raya , for me , is no longer there .

Here's what it's like , a group of my late mother's family side , big eh? this is not even a version of it yet . Some have already gone back or elsewhere . Spot me if you can .

In my small family , these are my 2 in-laws , middle one is middle sis's , right one is elder's , LOL.

I was really really busy or maybe just plain lazy to go around during raya , as a result , I din't really get to visit many of my old friends . I only managed to go to a few of them houses and the others are all family houses . Pergi rumah orang pun takda , gambar lagi la sikit , hahahahah .

This is a picture during the open house at my grandma's . All of them are my cousins .

My other activities back home during the holidays were playing pool , futsal , saidina , oh and getting to eat caramel from makcik kee ( finally , mau lagi) , and not to forget changing the jeep tire under the rain , it was a goodbye gift from my jeep la , hahha . All these and of course the non stop eat-ings la .

Things that changed after the holidays :-

1) I finally learnt how to make kek batik from one of the best makers in the family , heheh . ( although i have to admit if i were to do a practical now mungkin lupa2 atau tak jadi kek , lol)

2) I'm guitar-game-crazy already . All this because the guys back at grandma's keep on playing guitar hero . From the cousins to the uncle , ambik gitar , KRENG KRENG KRENGGGG !!! hAHA , aku ni infected la sekarang ni . Aku beli Guitar hero punya game , tapi laptopku xbole support . GUITAR HERO 3 pula masi downloading , surf punya suf internet , jumpa satu game macam guitar hero - FRETS ON FIRE . habis , aku beli keyboard baru cucuk usb , jadi la "guitar" keyboard ni.

Lepas tu , balik la ke Penang , sambung belajar .


There was an agreement to go for a Sushi King with my friends , them who havn't tried sushi before . So off we went for it at Juru Autocity Sushi King .

Me and Capiq

Din & Yun

The results from their first ever experience was positive , LOL . Great then , more people can teman me eat sushi after this !

Would u believe if I say I ate this much?


Ah , that should be all for now , housemate culinary baru balik bawa sushi , mau makan dulu , byeee

Over & Out!


Timothy said...

haha i was waiting!!! if that makes u happy. lolz. n yes i spotted u with purple outfit sitting down. wahahaha.

and 1 more thing....saya mahu kuih lan!!!!! n jealous tak de caramel.....ish ish.

btw dude....u look like u need a shave. wahahahaha

Lan said...

oh?? hahaha , no kuih , and also no caramel for u one de la , i just shaved 2 days ago lol

LiLiN said...

i spot u too!!!
big family u got there.
so cool. :)

selamat hari raya mao mao! =)

Lan said...

thanxxx :D

Jeannette Wong said...

boss. kuih. thanks.

Lan said...

come la jeanny , still got a few types left here, hehe

Timothy said...

cis....sexist...kenapa jean boleh ade kuih saya tak boleh...jealousnye......

Lan said...

lol , unless u teleport , memang xboleh bagi u , jean kan dekat :P

SUBHAN said...

. ""Naturally the side effects are still there . You know it's different . It's never gonna be the same . The best part of raya , for me , is no longer there .""

sedey dow ak lan bace ayat ko nih..tsk,,tsk