Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The final week of semester 5

What else??? Assignments la! I am grateful enough for the fact that our classes ended earlier than scheduled . The number of assignments and lab reports this semester is just amazing . Let alone the timing of it , FAN-TAS-TIC .

I have shot down quite a lot of assignments along the way , with some tests in between , which some have inflicted some damages to my "HP" , lol , no matter , I knew I had to go on .

There are left 2 more assignments that I have to submit in the next few days , and damn how frustrated I am , I wanted to go back KL earlier , but I'm afraid these stinkin' assignments are gonna hold me down for a while .

Shucks ...

Coming right up , I have MUET to tackle down , so people , wish me luck :D

Over and Out

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