Monday, August 3, 2009

MPSG bowling

Heyy , what's up ? I am now back in Penang already , and I don't like it ! lol

Well now , let's add on to the earlier post on the bowling thingy and also some extras .

Bowling on Saturday went quite well , and I am quite proud of my achievements .Actually , on individual terms , I did not win la , but for teams , which I was put into (ALPHA) , won second place only .

Being that I never touched bowling for 2 months already , the results was considerably good I would say . I even reach a new highest record for myself using only houseball .

There , the F with the 155 score :D

Sadly , for the individuals I fell short from the top 3 . I was 20 pins away from the 3rd best bowler , I made only the fourth place for overall pinfall(392) in 3 games .

The pictures quite blur la , alamak

As for the prize , they gave out mugs . I wanted a trophy la , aihh

Fair enough , I'll try again next year

Oh and the extras

to my eldest sister

how do you like this clock ? read the model name :P

mau ka?

And the other one ,

is a quote I found in the toilet last time I went to Sunway Pyramid :-


Over and Out


@dR3h said...

aiiiiiiiii.. ada ka.. hahaha.. aku amik gambar sign ciggie tu aa.. aku mo kasi jadi profile picture :P

Lan said...

heheheh , adakaaaa

Syazwann Al-Qwantani said...

boling? bila nak main ni haha!

Lan said...

ko ah megat , aku tunggu ko je angkut akuuu , heheheheh