Sunday, July 12, 2009

update in penang

The fifth semester started a week ago , and here I am in Penang , on my 1st weekend here . Well actually there was already assignment given in the first week , how annoying . But , I have managed to finish it .

The first week was kinda ok , classes are short and yeah , still carefree . But as usual , a lot of registrations to do , cleaning the house ,shopping, et cetera .

Well , it's funny , after awhile I didn't blog , it feels like I don't know what to write here . Weird.
This is bad , I gotta brush it up for my MUET .

ah well , I guess it can't be helped .

I'll update again next time .

1 comment:

GREy K : SUBHAN said...

ishh...besok ak cls pkul bape yee?oopppss lupe lah...xde cls...ngehehe