Saturday, July 25, 2009

surprise and another another

Ok , our campus have just been closed down because of the H1N1 virus , supposedly the campus will reopen on the 29th of July .

But surprise surprise , Mr VC made a shocker , putting out a pekeliling to make next week as the mid-term holiday . The board made a decision and announced it on last Friday . Talk about taking advantage of the situation . Or is it actually the right decision ? It remains to be seen .

Studies have just started about a week and a half , barely made through the introductions , and here we are , holidaying again , lol .

Funny , you always get what you don't ask for , but for everything you ask for you might never even get it . How ironic . I guess it's just people like me being ungrateful sometimes .

So then , I'll be spending the next 9 days in KL . Who wants to go out? let's go have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


buEar said...

uitm shah alam is closed down too... seems like students of uitm shud take extra care of 'emselves...

take care lan!!!

Lan said...

will do buearrr