Thursday, July 30, 2009

The "FORCED" holiday

ha , it's Friday already . The mid term holiday is gonna finish soon . Bummer . Ok then , let's just recap what has been done and will be done during the holidays .

What has been done
1. The first thing that we did was cleaning the house . LOL
2. Visited the aunties and uncles in Cheras , had a really stuffing meal ,ughhhhh
3. Went to Jalan Masjid India to eat at the Mansion , just like ol times ( sister's request )
4. Bought Saidina . XD
5. Officiated the Saidina game , I won the first game , and lost the second ! hahahaha
6. Drove around the Bandar Kinrara area ( well some parts of it only ) with sister's manual Proton Wira
7 . Drove to Sunway Pyramid alone and successfully arrived on the first try . ( Damn the jams in KL are horrible , manual car some more ! )
8 . Met with Victor , competed in a pool match (won 4-1) , played Left4Dead in a cybercafe in SS15 ( that place so hard to find parking weyh ) which I won also . It was fun!
9. Got lost halfway on the way back , lol ! Luckily found a signboard which saved me , hahahahah
10. Downloading all sorts of updates for my football games , it takes so looooong .
11. Explored about this laptop , only after 3 years using it . LOL ( teruk betul )
12. Did my assignment for Manufacturing Process
13. Watch football matches of Manchester United ( Disappointed in the Audi Cup final ) , impressed with Valencia and Owen so far .
14. Wished my school teacher her birthday . ( In co-operation with Mr Tim , got a funny reply from her LOL )
15. Read the latest Naruto chapter.

That goes until Friday which is today . What's to come is : -

1. Bowling tournament ( sister's office organize one , I sibuk2 saja mau masuk main , bukan hebat pun ! hahhaha )
2. Maybe a lil bit of practice before the tournament?
3. Another few more rounds of Saidina perhaps
4. Carrom anyone?
5. Head back to Penang ( gosh , I am so lazy after all this holiday )

I dont know why , but somehow I think I am getting lazy in writing posts for blogs eh? Oh well , what to do , memang lazy is my habit already . That's all for now , if the bowling thingy goes interesting then I'll post about it :)

Till Then

Over and Out!

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