Thursday, July 30, 2009

The "FORCED" holiday

ha , it's Friday already . The mid term holiday is gonna finish soon . Bummer . Ok then , let's just recap what has been done and will be done during the holidays .

What has been done
1. The first thing that we did was cleaning the house . LOL
2. Visited the aunties and uncles in Cheras , had a really stuffing meal ,ughhhhh
3. Went to Jalan Masjid India to eat at the Mansion , just like ol times ( sister's request )
4. Bought Saidina . XD
5. Officiated the Saidina game , I won the first game , and lost the second ! hahahaha
6. Drove around the Bandar Kinrara area ( well some parts of it only ) with sister's manual Proton Wira
7 . Drove to Sunway Pyramid alone and successfully arrived on the first try . ( Damn the jams in KL are horrible , manual car some more ! )
8 . Met with Victor , competed in a pool match (won 4-1) , played Left4Dead in a cybercafe in SS15 ( that place so hard to find parking weyh ) which I won also . It was fun!
9. Got lost halfway on the way back , lol ! Luckily found a signboard which saved me , hahahahah
10. Downloading all sorts of updates for my football games , it takes so looooong .
11. Explored about this laptop , only after 3 years using it . LOL ( teruk betul )
12. Did my assignment for Manufacturing Process
13. Watch football matches of Manchester United ( Disappointed in the Audi Cup final ) , impressed with Valencia and Owen so far .
14. Wished my school teacher her birthday . ( In co-operation with Mr Tim , got a funny reply from her LOL )
15. Read the latest Naruto chapter.

That goes until Friday which is today . What's to come is : -

1. Bowling tournament ( sister's office organize one , I sibuk2 saja mau masuk main , bukan hebat pun ! hahhaha )
2. Maybe a lil bit of practice before the tournament?
3. Another few more rounds of Saidina perhaps
4. Carrom anyone?
5. Head back to Penang ( gosh , I am so lazy after all this holiday )

I dont know why , but somehow I think I am getting lazy in writing posts for blogs eh? Oh well , what to do , memang lazy is my habit already . That's all for now , if the bowling thingy goes interesting then I'll post about it :)

Till Then

Over and Out!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

surprise and another another

Ok , our campus have just been closed down because of the H1N1 virus , supposedly the campus will reopen on the 29th of July .

But surprise surprise , Mr VC made a shocker , putting out a pekeliling to make next week as the mid-term holiday . The board made a decision and announced it on last Friday . Talk about taking advantage of the situation . Or is it actually the right decision ? It remains to be seen .

Studies have just started about a week and a half , barely made through the introductions , and here we are , holidaying again , lol .

Funny , you always get what you don't ask for , but for everything you ask for you might never even get it . How ironic . I guess it's just people like me being ungrateful sometimes .

So then , I'll be spending the next 9 days in KL . Who wants to go out? let's go have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Influenza Virus A (H1N1) Positive

Rumours have been circulating for a few days , and it was confirmed later in the afternoon , the quarantined students in Uitm Pulau Pinang was confirmed to have tested positive for the virus .

We were in the middle of a class , then suddenly the lecturer received a call . He annouced that the campus will be closed and that we are asked to go home .

So , here I am , free , but I would not really be happy about this 1 week of holiday , I could have gona back to KL again , but I just came from there like 2 days ago . It's tiring la . Some more , this 1 week of holiday , how do they replace it? Does it indirectly freakin means that no study week already?!!!


Screw this virus!

But now I'll be free for a week , I guess I will just enjoy this holiday then .

Oh well, there's always games and books .

Over and Out

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Manchester United 3 - 2 Malaysian All-Star

And so the waited day came , we , the eager Manchester United's die-hard-fans made our way to the Bukit Jalil Stadium to watch our beloved club play against the national side .

Even at only 12 pm , you can already see people in the United jersey in town . By 3pm , jams was already happening along the way towards the stadium . According to the news , almost 85,000 turned up to watch the match , and I am proud to say I am one of them .

We actually had to walk about 2km just to avoid the jam . Thankfully my sister was free enough to send us off :D

Walk walk


The "Old Trafford" like crowd

About 545pm , the game kicked-off . Everybody was fired up and having fun . The first shot on goal was from Berbatov , and everybody screamed and cheered for it.

It didn't take long for the 1st goal to come . Guess who? It had to be Rooney

No , not this Rooney

It's this one LOL

Moments later the second goal came , Rooney providing the assist , and Nani made no mistakes from 6-yards out . We get to see him do his somersault goal celebration live man , it was superb !

A few minutes before half-time , Amri Yahyah produced a marvellous effort , volleying from far over van der sar . Game on .

Then the same guy , in the second half , equalized for Malaysia , taking full advantage of the error by Ben Foster ( missing a back pass) .

Nani being treated after being tackled


But then , came Owen , to score the winner 5 minutes from time

Owen , after scoring a late winner

We Happy

We had to walk 3-4k m back pulak after the match

penat lo . but it was surely a one nice experience . I wana do it again!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Can't Wait

I am currently in KL now , and I am sure most of you know why .

Manchester United is coming to town!!!!

Another 24 hours I will be in the stadium itself , oh man , I just can't wait any longer....


aku mau jumpa rooneyyyy :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

update in penang

The fifth semester started a week ago , and here I am in Penang , on my 1st weekend here . Well actually there was already assignment given in the first week , how annoying . But , I have managed to finish it .

The first week was kinda ok , classes are short and yeah , still carefree . But as usual , a lot of registrations to do , cleaning the house ,shopping, et cetera .

Well , it's funny , after awhile I didn't blog , it feels like I don't know what to write here . Weird.
This is bad , I gotta brush it up for my MUET .

ah well , I guess it can't be helped .

I'll update again next time .