Monday, June 15, 2009

Update In Kuching

And they say : No Pain , No Gain

I'm not sure whether that can be categorized as the situation I faced a few hours ago .

So there I was in KK airport , coming at a reasonable time to check in , only to find that a lot of people were still in line . And guess what ? System down - which could only mean system offline la . As a result , we had to line up for about 90 minutes JUST to check in .

By the time we were in front of the counter ( FINALLY ) we were already 20 minutes off from the scheduled time of flight.

We made our way straight to the plane as told , only to wait for another half an hour before the flight really took off .

In flight pulak , reli hungry edi ba , 6.30pm already , wana have nasi lemak as dinner . Manatau when they came they say no more food . Crap la !

After an hour and 25 minutes flight , we then arrived at the Kuching airport . At first glance , I thought it had similarities with KLIA . Oh , and a lil bit like penang's airport too . Went down the plane , clear off the immigration and made our way out .

Tim's uncle was fetching us . He was kind enough to show us around too , and some advices and little stories about Kuching .

We dropped our bags and checked in into Tune Hotel . Straight after we went for the long awaited dinner . Oh it was worth the wait though .

We ate some really good food at a food court called the "Topspot" . Wooo , we were so hungry we ate so much . What to do , you're hungry and you have got food right in front of you , makanla ba . It was oyster ( was it?) , black pepper chicken , sambal sotong , kangkung belacan . Enjoyed it very much .

Back at the hotel , resting and planning for the trips to go . Until then ....


LiLiN said...

air asia kah tu? XD

Lan said...

airasia laaaa , hahahaha