Sunday, June 14, 2009

update in KK

Exam result was out . And I was grateful yet disappointed at the same time . Results for sem 4 is 3.51 , which makes me barely qualify for the dean's list . But then , at the same time , I hate the fact that it did nothing to boost my CGPA , it's the same as last semester - 3.48 . Last semester GPA really did the damage man , luckily semester 1's GPA was able to counter it for me .

Great , results out , means we'll be back to sem 5 in no time . Can U believe that , JUST GREAT . I had to go to Bank Islam then in another few weeks , to pay the stinking fees , and have to wait probably 2-3 hours in the bank just for that .

Ah well , let's just throw it away now , and concentrate on my holidays . Currently in KK now , at my sister's place .

What have I been doing .. Hm .. Play games , bowling ( which was not fun because I din't bring my own ball) , went to my Aunt's Family Day , went to Centerpoint , One Borneo's New York New York ( dinner with Serena ) . I guess that's about it .

Flight to Kuching will be on Monday evening .Will be going there with Tim. So , till then , I shall update .



Syazwann Al-Qwantani said...

wo!dekan seh~hebat a ko..congrats!

Lan said...

hahaah , weh syazwana , ko ape citer?

dNsMs said...

apa ko buat p Kuching? ole2 aku mau!
n CONGRATS la jadi dean's list.. next sem kasi 4flat.. =)

Lan said...

hahaha , senang la mau cakap , apa ole2 kau mau ? kucing??hahahah

Evelyn said...

woi... dtg kk pun ndak cari aq kah???

Lan said...

ai na , serena ckp ko ndakda??? atau c timothy yg ckp dak dpt contact ba kau