Monday, June 29, 2009


I just don't get it .

Why do all the pretty girls

For some that I admire ( the ones that really matters)

Would go on from long elegant beautiful hair

To a short one?

I am still struggling with this question ..




LiLiN said...

what's wrong with having short hair.

it's easier to maintain and it's a nice change after a while, no?

@dR3h said...

ko ckp psl rambut ku ka tu? :P panas ba.. susah mo manage.. hahha

Lan said...

to lilin - I don't like short hair , I don't like it even more when they cut the long one to short .. T.T , unexplainable

to @dR3h - nda laaaaa , kau bertudung , dakpaaa , dak nampak jugaaa , haha

Evelyn said...

lol... sepa jugak tu??

Lan said...

heheh , siapa2 jak yg best aku tgk :D

Cayenne said...

need to change hairstyle once in a while ma. long, straight and black hair will be really boring if that same old hairstyle last for years. i knw u wont agree.. but accept this. girls memang like this. hahahah

Lan said...

U got it , I memang disagree!!!For the two of the usual reasons used to counter as in "need a change once in a while " and " girls memang like that " can't just register to me that easily .

Under some special conditions ,yes , I guess it's inevitable . But other than that , I would like some concrete reasons to justify your need for changes and so on .

So , anybody can/wanna write down a list of reasons for me?

I'll salute to that who can make me say YES to shorter hair ( girls only , don't get the wrong idea XD )

Victor said...

"siapa2 jak yg best aku tgk :D"

OHHHH..i knw who edi eh....keke...

Aiyo....mmg girls like tht one. If they dun change their style, they wun satisfy you one. And u wun be satisfied if you keep seeing the same old girl with the same style ma. Who knws the hair grow back, she will be more attractive. Harder, faster, better, stronger.

Dun wry, I'm facing the same thing too...:)

Lan said...

LOL , victor owh , are u sure ur comments arenot explicit???

Eevee said...

short hair also pretty de mahhh... long hair nanti bangun dari tidur like hantu

Lan said...

lol , hantu punya rambut sampai lantai ma , my ideal long hair is just below the chest area like that . makcik niii

buEar said...

weih!! ntg wrong wit short hair okay...

we girls need a trim once in a while to upkeep our image. plus, usually when people cut from long to short is to allow new hair to grow coz the old one are all dead and dried up.. get it??

unless u wna c ur girl's hair that looks like a broom when tied up, and looks like some kinda fugitive who escaped from the asylum..

so yea.. no problemo wit short hair.. juz accept it!!!

Lan said...

buearrrrr , what a pleasant surprise!!!

lol . Ahh , I've been waiting for answers like yours , you do have a point there , hm.

BUT , i still have problems with those who make drastic changes . LOL

cannot tahan la , really nice chest length hair cut into a boy like hairstyle( which is really shortttt)

how about bit by bit? :D

buEar said...

well.. it varies acc to ppl.. so yeah! (mayb u shud juz ask ur girl...) :P