Tuesday, May 12, 2009


And finally , it's my turn to go home , back to home sweet home Tawau~~ Been looking forward to it since few final weeks of lectures . I made it through the semester and also the examination alive . I'm grateful for that , though I am a little worried about my Thermodynamics . Let's just hope no shit happens . Fingers crossed.

And yeah , I had a little post that I did not do . It was a second trip to Sungai Petani , meeting up with Big Sis Jeanny . Ahh , I was quite busy after coming back from that trip , and consequently found myself procrastinating the post until today , and for that very fact , I don't remember what to post on that trip . Maybe a little summary and a few pictures would do ?

One of the candi , cant remember the name

Jean with her pose

another candi

her im-guarding-this-candi pose

A few of the artifacts

I went back KL the next day after my final paper , and reaches KL around 7pm . Then an unexpected scene were to happen , and I , for one , didnt know anything about it , and got scolded for free -.- " .

It happens that , I was supposed to catch up with my sister and her fiance at KLCC and watch the movie Wolverine . Since I couldn't make it , they went in without me ( I STILL HAVENT WATCH IT, DANGGG) . so , I made my way to Burger King just to kill the other hour and a half to wait for them , and was convinced that I texted them about it before doing so.

Little did I know about it , the signal was poor there , the message wasn't sent .

So there I was , dilly-dallying for about 2 hours , wondering why they havn't call me , still , I didn't realize the fact that the sms wasn't sent!

It was fate that I opened my ebuddy chatting with my phone through the wifi provided there ( It was KFC's ) . Surprise surprise

" Alif : Kakak kau risau kau x sampai2 lagi .. "

I was like , " huh? "

I check message then to reconfirm the message .




Turns out they have been calling my friends asking my whereabouts as they couldnt reach me . I pulak , taktau apa2 (=.=)

Then I came out of BK and call them , explain the whole thing and they were there already no longer than 2 minutes . FACE THE MUSIC ... (T.T)

Went back home after that and enjoyed the start of my holiday , yeahhhhhhhhh..

It wasn't pretty though . The first few days was horrible . I was sick , a combo of flu and fever , lasted for 4 days , currently still coughing . Stayed at home most of the times la . Luckily got football match to watch in between , happy la jugak aku .

Oh , we went for bowling and pool also . Didn't do well in both of it la , can I use the sick excuse ?? :P

On Monday , I actually felt abit better , so I decided to pay Victor a visit . But it wasn't all that pretty either , I was waiting for a taxi to show up , it took me 2 hours! then one show up , and asked for RM20 , bummer!

Didn't care that much actually , and went off to Sunway Pyramid anyways . Had the routine lunch-game-lepak thingy . Ahh , feels good to do this after a long while . Went lunch at Mr Teppanyaki , searched about at the game shop , and shoot some bad guys at the arcade . After that it was food buying session , Victor with his usual Jusco pizza , as for me , I opted to try the famous J.CO . Hmm , not bad la , but I still can't see the difference betweern Nash , Big Apple and J.CO .

Tuesday was all about staying home , and packing . At night only I went out with Ali to play some bowling and pool . it was fun , for sure! After that , it was back to the packings again . I'll be carrying a lot of stuffs , all of them are my sister's wedding items . hope there's no problem with it la .

So , I'll be in Tawau practically another 26 hours , here are some of my objectives during this semester break : -

1. Play pool and beat Bazli , Fred and etc
2. Play bowling in KK , beat anyone who wants to challenge( I'll try )
3. Go for my Sarawak trip
4. Finish the so-called mission given by the soon to be raja sehari sister
5.Play badminton with lilin , tkp , bazli and so on
6. go for jogs at the temple every evening ( I have to do this , come on!!)
7. Watch MU beat Barcelona silly for UEFA CL Final :D
8. Go KK and kacau Serena? and badminton with her!!!!!!
9. Go for a road trip to semporna perhaps with my friends?
10. deal with the never finish business with both the cars ... sigh

11. Florentine choc moist cake~~~

All in all , I just wanna have a peaceful holiday .
That's all for now

Over and Out


@dR3h said...

nombor 11 tu mesti ada time aku d sana aa..

Lan said...

ada kotak nya sama pisau plastiknya tu aku kasi kau yaaa