Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updates ...

Okay then , a delayed post , by a week , could have posted it last week , but I lost my mood on posting it , so to make it up , I'll add more stuffs to make it looooooongerrr :P

Last week , I had my study week , and I went back to KL , with a few objectives in mind . But overall the theme is none other than FOOD . hehe ... Oh , make that japanese food to be precise .

Went back by bus saturday noon , particularly because I had a sucky programming test that morning which delayed my trip back . But I got through it , wasted a few hours at home and went off to the bus station to take my bus in Butterworth .

After 4 to 5 hours later , I found myself in KL already , ah yes , the familiar KL roads , and the same disease it carried for so long - TRAFFIC JAMS!

I carried my stuffs , and waited for my sis and Ali to come and fetch me at Pudu bus station .
Moments later they were there already , and we head off straight to a restaurant , why?


what else? MU vs Sunderland ma that night , but it wasnt so entertaining , quite a poor performance I would say , but then that boy Kiko Macheda popped again with the winner . Unbelieveable!

Sunday was all about buying stuffs for my sisters's coming wedding .But before that , we went to the Jusco at Keramat , relatively new ,

opened early this year ( just like the place Jun went in her post ) , searched and walked about the place , and decided to have brunch at Madam Lim's place , food was nice , not bad la ,

The super delicious Longan drink

They bully me to finish all the leftovers T.T
I thought the structure was built nicely , with a garden at the center , nice planning!

This #@@# guy smoked at a non-smoking place

We then headed to Masjid India area to search for the stuffs , my stuffs first , because I was the VIP , hehe .

Macam VIP kan?? :D

Within an hour , we found the suitable accesories for me to wear on the occasion , and I'm glad about it - I never liked shopping for long hours . It's so booooooring! and tiring!

Next on the agenda was a Sushi eating feast at Sushi King. They had a RM2 promotion offer off the the kaiten belt . Too good to resist , must go!

Had to go through a lot of transports until I can reach there . First was taxi , then LRT , actually have to take MONOREL also after that , but I opted to walk instead . After all , it was my territory , back then I always walked myself along the road after school , haha .

Didn't change much though

I went there with Skk a.k.a. Makcik Kee . The place was Sushi King @ Low Yat . Woah , full house lo that place , like never before seen , haha . Waited for that makcik to come then we went in . EATTTTTT!!!



By the way , the right hand side is the plates of sushies eaten by makcik and not me , I had my "diet" that day . hahahah

Next on the list was a japanese buffet dinner at JOGOYA . This restaurant is not bad at all , they have quite a variety of sushi , sashimi , dim sum , fruits , all sorts of seafood , cakes , cookies , ice-creams etc etc . Normally , it's RM88 nett per head , but makcik kee gave me a voucher with an offer of buy 1 free 1 , indirectly this means , bring 2 person , cut the price by half :D , so it was good la , quite satisfying .

I had already booked for a table of 4 , but in the end it was only 2 that came , me and Victor. Too bad for those who didn't come though , it was worth the money . And as for the pictures:

The mango and coconut pudding

Haagen-Daaz corner


Victor + Thailand Coconut ( really really sedap)

The sudden surge of people as we were heading out of the restaurant


Junction near the MONOREL station , Vic wanted to take a photo of the billboards , so did I

After all that , we took the monorel back to KL sentral , I had to show Victor the way back home , and I have to go home myself .

Useful Train Routes

At the end of the day , I was rather happy as I managed to make the dinner happen at least, but the only downside of the day wasn't this

It was this , the unused voucher which left me fuming the whole day ....

Finished with all my objectives , it's all about studying and revisions after that , after all it is what they call " study week " . I stayed home for 4- 5 days , studying ... wittttthhh a little gaming , TV and etc , hehehehe .

The week then came to an end , and I had to go back to Penang .

Went back with my housemate with his Kelisa

The wacky Subhan

Upon arrival , all the others were there already , the house was a big mess , AS EXPECTED


one sudden statement made me laugh though

"Putih giler ko Lan , kau tak keluar rumah ker? "

Alep asked ,

"Yer ah , dah 5 hari tak kluar rumah ni , LOL "

I replied with a smile

Then everyone LOL-ed together , ahahah .

I unpacked my stuffs , had my lunch and I found myself in slumberland for 3 hours.Was tired la , woke up at 6 and had a 4 hour trip in a car , whaddayaexpect ???

I actually have been trying to build my body to a reasonable figure , I felt like I am a little fat . And so , I have started jogging , on that evening , moreover , I did sit-ups and carried the dumbell . I really wanna build my body lahh ..

The Dumbell

At night , went to the Jusco near our house pulak . I wanted to buy a basketball ,because I had a sudden urge to play basketball again after so long leaving it behind, and so I got 1

Got it for RM60 , not bad la

No time to lose now , it was already 10pm , had to rush home , do some final revisions and go to sleep . Exam 1st paper the next day.

The exam went rather okay I THINK , the questions were challenging enough to make me use the full 3 hours given , crazyyyyyyy .

Had my basketball game afterwards , but sadly , it's not the same la .

I missed the time where I can play basketball happily with a group of guys , for long hours , and I do mean happily . I just can't seem to enjoy playing basketball anymore . Guess I need to find the team chemistry again?

As for today , housemates decided to go for a walk in Penang . Where? KOMTAR la

This is actually the first time I went into Komtar after a year of absence ! haha , and we happily walked around every floor , went it every shop we can just to mess around , haha .

In the end , what I bought was these

USB Vacuum


Now hold your horses , stop that thought , this ain't no liquor , it's only sparkling water , and it's tasty too , YUMMMMM . :P

And now for random stuffs

I've found a new band , Hey Monday they call themselves

Their music is good , their single "Homecoming" caught my attention . They have that Paramore vibe about them , and so if you like Paramore , you might wanna try them .

Ahh , ok then , I have another exam coming up in two days , so then catch y'all later!!

Over and out


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bace blog kau ni wat aku terase lapo la.

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woi,,suke2 je kutuk aku eh,bkn ak suh buang ke gamba 2,buruk siot???!..da a tpu,sparkling yg purple xsdp!haha,jaht la ko lan