Sunday, April 5, 2009

As it comes to an End

Have a look at your calendar now....



Does it bring any significance to you?

Well it does to me , I am almost there in completing my 4th semester thus completing my 2nd year in Diploma . Thus come into picture the 3rd and which is the final year of the programme.

More often than not , it bothers me to think , and think hard . Theoretically , the final weeks ARE SUPPOSED to be free enough , considering the silibus plans and all the required works have all been done and dusted . But no , this has never happened , and I could say it would never happen .

Throughout my time in this programme , the greatest burden and problems attacks you at the very last 2 or 3 weeks . All sorts of assignments , tests and quizzes , presentation and of the same families will rise and overwhelm you .

It's dreadful. I have to admit.

2 weeks ago , it was still acceptable , last week , it's like the thing is shifting from gear 1 , straight to gear 3 . They come bombard you with more than 1 test and quizzes . Moreover , come the final week , where everything is very much rushed and rushed .

As I am entering the final week of lecture , I would first have to solve the mind-cracking coding for my program presentation , then what's waiting at the end of the line before the so-called study week? Two tests , back-to-back to make it more "delicious" .

As a student , someone who studies , you would always , and always complain on these stuffs . But have it ever occured to you , pondering yourself :

" Do I even have a RIGHT to complain ? "

Yes you do , and No you don't .

Well they say it's all in the mind on how you handle these things . And so , carry yourself with what you truly believe , just carry on .

Leaving that aside , I have been watching this video entitled " THE ARRIVALS " , it is a series of short movies , made by a group of people who has made their research , with the proof from the Al-Quran , the Bible and Torah .

Basically it is a video researching on the system of antichrist( dajjal ) , on how a group of people ( the zionist and the illuminatis ) are planning and carrying out their plans on preparing the arrival of the antichrist ( dajjal ) .

I would recommend all of you to watch it , you can watch these videos from youtube . Just type " the arrivals " in the search pane in youtube . Or if you would like to , you can ask for the video from me . It's about 10 minutes for each movie , with 50 series altogether .

And so , I guess that's it for this post , will be back again very soon ( I hope ) .

Over and Out!

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