Wednesday, March 18, 2009

vic's bday

Latest picture with Victor ( middle top)

Today(18/3) is the day where an old friend of mine turns 20 and perfectly eligible to drive a girl around in town since he just received his CDL a week ago . *provided the "home JPJ " gives you the green light la Victor !!! heheheh XD "

Just to lengthen this post , I think I would gladly write on the history on how we got to know each other . It all started back then when I was tranferred back to SM ST PATRICK in Tawau from SMK VICTORIA in KL . And yeah , everything was quite new for me , I have to admit I was a bit lost as I was thrown into different environment . Back in KL the school was a an all-boys school , exceptions to the Form 6 la . And yeah you know , this time round I was mixing with boys and girls again , and the truth is , although I was quite uncomfortable at first , it was all cool again a few weeks after that , I love it very very much compared to school life in KL .

I remember , coming back to schooling in Tawau , I knew I would meet up with some old familiar faces , and yes , there was TKP lo , at first look we knew each other , although it was just a plain "hi " .The first day of class, I placed myself in the middle row, the front one !
I felt weird . I was like a new guy in town and nobody really knew me after I went missing just like that 2 years back .

Then the class teacher came , Cikgu Jaitun Banggu . yeah I remember her , she seems to remember my dad's name , and therefore knows my sister ( sister was her pupil ) , and which in turns made her paid a little more attention to me as I was new in class .

She rearranged the whole class and I , as a result of being among the few tall guy ( at that time la) , I was placed at the furthest row at the back.Lemme see if I can still remember the arrangement for my buddies in the same row with me :-

Isaac | Soon | Ket | Su | Me | Victor | Khai | Shang
King | Voon | Chun | Cheng |___ | Tan | Loong | Zu

Oh yeah I do remember , hahahaha .

This is where I get to know this Victor Tan , he , along with a few more like TKP , Tim the shen , GJ , Jeannette Wong , Pang YF and Evelyn were the first few that approached me during my first few days . So it was like , cool man , they're being friendly to a new guy!

Focusing on Victor , we shared the hobby of listening to musics that time , and every Monday , we would talk about the chart on Sunday . Hahhahaha , hey we even sang to songs together rite??? just to kill some time , or maybe the teacher wasn't in .

In PRS , we own the room on Wednesday , hahaha , funny la thinking about it now . Jaga petang was more like relaxing in the afternoon , nobody really came for help right Vic :P .
We just listen to Radio 4 . Ah , I remember Avril's My happy Ending was booming , very popular that time .Got radio ma in the room , XD !!!

In academics , you always like to compare with me one la , and there's only one subject that I will always lose to u I think , and it's Geography , I really suck at it !!! But as for History , I'm the king la Vic!! hehehehe , We also fight with the English subject , we were in the TKP , GJ , Tim the shen league ba Victor , we top 5 one ma . Puan Agnes really sayang us oneee :P

And the following years , Form 4 and 5 , we sat in about the same territory again , so we were able to talk and stay connected lor until now . Covalent bonding ah Victor ? dun play2 oh? later 133 kill u , denda u 200x , hahahah .

Last but not least , wish u a good 20th birthday , think you went to Promende Hotel with your family right? Don't play2 with Tawau girls ah , they don't go krazy without me one . hehehe , ok then

Friendly Reminder : Don't Drink AND Drive ah Victor
A perfect picture of you drunk XD

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