Friday, March 27, 2009

House flooded

Apparently , since yesterday I believe , my house in Tawau has been hit by a flood , call it a flash flood if you want although it wouldn't sound right . It turns out that the river have over-flowed , and from what I heard from a friend , the water level was so bad that it reached his hips . Seriously that's high!He's like 180 cm , so if it was me must have been until my stomach edi . Poor house , hopefully nothing was spoilt because of the water seeping into the house . Nobody is actually there for the house , elder sister is staying in KK , middle sis in KL , and me , I am studying in Penang . and so you see , the house is isolated , so kesiannnn , I love the house so much you know!!

I think my big sister should have arrived the house already just to check things out , she is anyway the nearest and fastest to arrive Tawau if needed . Hope nothing really bad happen to my house la , I want to have my semester break already , and I really really want to stay home alone there , I really wannaaaaaa ...

Neighbours from the sorrounding tamans? How are your houses? Taman Sunny ? Taman Emas? Maju Jaya? Xin Ann???


Cayenne said...

aah. my house still alive! =P

@dR3h said...

sdh aku call si mina tadi.. ingatkan mo balik bisuk pagi tapi si mina cakap ndak jgk teruk.. abis sdh dia kasi bersih dalam rumah.. yg belumpur, bhg dapur, tandas d bawah sama ruang tamu yg dekat pintu.. bilikku ndak masuk air pun so ertinya ndak la tinggi pun air tu naik.. kerusi pun dia cakap ndak kotor.. carpet jak yg belumpur sebab air masuk dari pintu depan.. nasib jgk la rumah kita tu ada tinggi sikit.. 2 steps higher dari ruma2 sblh.. so jangan risau la..