Wednesday, March 18, 2009

16 Facts About Sleeping

I have been reading this from the net , just thought I should share it ( actually want to post something on the blog de , cari alasan sajaaa XD)

Fact #1

Chronic snoring can be treated by uvulopalatopharyngoplasty, a surgical procedure that tightens the tissues of the soft palate and throat. But , there are possible side effects like changes in your voice frequency.

Fact #2

Another way to fix snoring is by injecting a chemical solution onto the palate to harden the soft tissues , which the process is called snoroplasty .

Fact #3

The traditional practice that is believed to help a person to fall asleep - the sheep counting , is actually a no-no . A recent study by Oxford University researchers concluded that this method is ineffective and that the this mental activity is so boring that it forces other problems and concerns to surface , which in the end doesn't solve your problem of sleeping.

Fact #4

Mattresses have an average life span of eight to 10 years. They grow some nasty stuff in that time. A study has linked mattress bacteria to sudden infant death syndrome(SIDS) too .

Fact #5

An adult bed bug can survive up to one year without food .

Fact #6

The number of adults aged 20 -44 asking for prescriptions of sleeping pills have rose double in the last 4 years .

Fact #7

A lot of car crashes are caused by drowsiness , and that talking on the cell phones increase therate of accidents by 6 percent . So , better not call anyone when you are driving when you are tired .

Fact #8

You wake up at 5.30 am in the morning although you set your alarm to 6 am . This happens because of the internal clock inside your body . It is triggered by a stress hormone called adrenocorticotropin , which enables some people to wake up naturally at the time they desire.

Fact #9

A six-year study of a million adults showed that people who get only six to seven hours of sleep a night have a lower death rate than those who get eight hours.

Fact #10

In 1964, 17-year-old Randy Gardner stayed awake for 264 hours and 12 minutes, the officially recognized world record. He then slept for 15 hours -- not a record, but not bad.

Fact #11

The European Union launched a campaign on eliminating siestas , or better known as afternoon naps .

Fact #12

The idea that it is dangerous to wake a sleepwalker is a myth.

Fact #13

Whales and dolphins can literally fall half asleep. Their brain hemispheres alternate sleeping, so the animals can continue to surface and breathe.

Fact #14

Dreaming is related to bursts of electrical activity that blow through the brain stem every 90 minutes during REM* sleep. Over a lifetime, an average person spends more than six years dreaming, clocking more than 136,000 dreams in all.
*a stage of sleep that recurs several times during the night and is marked by dreaming, rapid eye movements under closed lids, and elevated pulse rate and brain activity

Fact #15

Nobody knows why we dream.

Fact #16

Somniphobia is the fear of sleep.

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