Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Wave of Obstacles

What a week , its not always , in fact its very rare that I did not want the weekends to come . The fact is , four tests was lining up for me starting from Friday until Sunday . Okay , if
that's not bad enough , 3 days after that there's another killer test .

Things are getting real messy and hectic as I prepare for the barrages of tests facing me , while I was also preparing for the bowling tournament on the 28th feb,also being the AJK of the tournament doesnt make my life any easier . I know I can't actually win yet , although I do have my own target for this tournament this time round . Why? Cause I'm basically much more equipped , and I do hope I can push myself to be on top . My aim is after all to represent my U in bowling end of this year , fingers crossed its gonna happen .

My first ball

Spare ball

The balls!

So then , the availabilty of me blogging now can only mean that I have gone through the obstacles , a few of them if not all , and yes , I can happily say that I have done my tests , and I can answer for most the questions . Feels good eh . But Im not gonna stop here , I still have another paper on wednesday , which really sucks cause I actually wanted to watch football that particular morning . Im gonna watch it ANYWAYSSSSS!!!


What happened today? more like what did I do today ..

After all those tests , me and my housemates decided to loosen up . We went o the island . Eat and little shopping la you might say .

We went off at 5 pm , first stop , Gurney Drive , my , I was really hungry , ordered nasi goreng ayam , still lapar , add-on kerang bakar . Wah , not bad ah the kerang , I wanted to still add-on but decided against it eventually .


Wana go Batu Feringghi ba . And so , off we go ...

Oh , check out this SMART car we saw on the way , really cool !

I never really arrived to BF early before , early as in the sun was still up , of my 2 years in Penang , everytime also I arrived about 9pm edi .Here's a few pictures on the markets there , where its lively at nights .

Pictures were taken during the stalls was still setting up , haha , told u I was early this time .

Had a little shop of stuffs there , and almost an hour after that , balik lo ..

Ahhh.. Darn it my sunday is finishing edi . All because of those tests . Fine then , I shall end this post .

Over and out!

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