Friday, February 27, 2009

The end of the "P"

Time moves on so, so fast , in the blink of an eye , and hey ! It's already 2 years!!! 2 years since I went and get my drivers license . And now , I am proudly announcing that I hold a


wahahahah , no need for any P stickers on my car thennnn :D

Actually I've been waiting for a week already , eager for it you might say , hehe . Well the JPJ letter came out 2 months ago , quite an early reminder oh .

So , this housemate of mine , happens to want to change to CDL also , but his finishes 2 weeks later than mine . We both went to the JPJ , and guess what , I was the only who came out with a CDL!!! woohooooooo , too bad buddy , you just have to waitttt . :P

Ok then , that's enough about the license , I don't actually own a car to show off my driving skills like everybody else , at least not in Penang . Guess I would still to wait another year at least for my own car ?? Hmmm ...

Well , I think that's about it for this post , it's getting late . I gotta get some sleep . Its the closed bowling tournament tomorrow .

And so ,


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