Tuesday, February 3, 2009

CNY 09 holiday

Ok then , I guess I'm not so free to this loooooong post , but I will do it anyways . As it is a long post , I would like to post it day-by-day events , suits me and everyone better right?And here goes ...

I was home alone in Penang . I didn't sleep through the night due to the fact that I can't seem to be alerted by my alarm clock yet . Not taking any chances then . Luckily that night got football , ada la juga aktiviti sementara packing my stuffs . What's more , with my team winning , I was happier and didn't really feel lke sleeping anymore . But as time went by , I did dozed off for half an hour , hahahah ... Once I woke up terus pergi mandi .. takut ba miss flight !

I went out fairly early , about 6.30 am . After Subuh prayers , I made my way to the bus stop . It took about 20-25 minutes for the bus to come , I was like , all by myself at the bus stop , and my head kept on falling down , mengantuk!! The bus came and about 7 am , I was already at the jetty . I hurried to the ferry counter to buy my ticket and there I was on the ferry . Snapped a few photos out of boredom . hahaha

the seats

still dark that time

view from front on Penang Island

slowly it gets brighter ( Penang bridge there!)


the ferry that went to the opposite direction

this ferry also carry cars

30 minutes later I arrived the jetty on the other side . What's next was a pain-in-the-ass-dont-use-meter-taxi-ride to Penang Airport - RM30 la weyh .. What to do .. If from my house terus naik taxi would have been rm60 . Nuts!!!

And so I sampaila airport , still early I guess . Here I saw Aiman , Bazli's lil brother . Hoho .. dia curi2 balik ni ... In short , I just wasted time until my flight and hurried back to Sabah .
Upon arriving , I saw another familiar face , it was LYC's friend , shenesse they call her . But she doesn't recognize me , neither do I know her that well , so I didn't really approached her , we were both waiting for out respective cars to come and fetch us .

Moments later , big sis pun sampai . Fetched me back home , fed me with soto and nasi goreng as I prepared to go to sleep , haha~ 6pm then I wake up , we went for dinner , me , my sis and her husband . It somewhere in Tanjung Aru . Can't remember the name .. hmm...

Balik rumah , played game while watching football . Oh! There was a Liverpool match , interesting , brother-in-law is a Liverpool fan , its funny seeing him screaming when his team didn't take their chances , the game ended a draw , I laughed at him , he wasn't happy ,hahahahahha , MU lagi hebat la weyyy .


And so , its Chinese New Year . And yeah , with all the gongs and booms , who would forget about it , the morning was so noisy I had to just sleep through it until about 10 pm , no choice but to wake up edi .

Today we went to 1 Borneo for lunch and fun . Ate at Rasamas , poor service , not so delicious food , what to do . Continued our walk , to our main objective , which was bowling!! , hehe ... Didn't do well la that day , finished 2nd , B.I.L was good his spinner , kalah by 30 pins I think . Wanted to play pool but was full house , turns out we played the arcade basketball game , which was very addictive . Sadly didn't manage to break my record of 375 again , kurang anggota ba ..hahahah ...

Up next was movie , Underworld : Rise of The Lycans . Interesting movie with an interesting plot : forbidden love . Of late there's quite a few movies with this plot , which I am really interested to blog on , maybe some time later . Straight after movie , we went back home , I packed my things and made way for my plane back to TAWAU!!!

An hour later I was already back in town .. yo homies!! IM BACKKKK!! :D

My relatives picked me up from the airport . Actually , I already have an activity that night . Yamcha with my exclassmates . Sampai saja rumah , simpan beg terus keluar lagi , oh and I did invited and fetch MR Victor to follow me to Tic-Tac-Toe . Here 's a video to show who was there ...

After that , we went separate ways , some went home , some when to khh's house , while I decided me n Vic should go to Jacqueline's house . I've never been there before and I'm not gonna let this chance go by again . :) After that , we balik loooo!!!


2nd day of cny , things was supposed to kick-off at bear's house initially , but then , gj called and say he wasnt home , and so we gathered at PZS first . When I arrive , I could see a certain Victor already there as I made my cut-park inside next to GJ's Vios , hahahah , the girls liked my driving style comparesd to Gj's , I can't help but laughed . HAHAHAHAH...

We had a second try on bear's house but to no avail , he still isn't back home yet from temple. And by then I got a call to go and take my JEEP . I dropped Victor off so he could follow GJ's car while I make my way to take the other Jeep.

Next stop - Liau's house , which also wasn't meant to be , same thing happen, even before I can arrive , I was fetching BIG WORM Michelle from her house , GJ called and say Liau not at home , againnnnn .. sweatttt

So we made our way to FFY's place , this time no mistake , dapat masuk suda , banyak juga la orang datang . We arrived first , followed by CKL , then the GJ group came . In we go , to bai nian!!

Not long after , TKP arrived with Liau and also the other girls . We stayed for like 30 minutes at FFY's place . Then we continued to cikgu WFL punya rumah . Ramai orang la her house , susah parking oh!!Luckily I was driving my Jeep , GJ buat hal pulak ,haha , funny la that time ...

Scenes at wfl's place

WFL the mahaguru XD

5 Berlian dudes

Yi also wan in , masuk sajalaaaa

Group photo

After that , then only we go to Liau's place , after his place cikgu 133 punya rumah . Wahh , she still like that , never change one her .. 0.0

U can feel the aura emitting from her can you?

And so , the was wrapped up for bai nians , her house was the last for the day .

As I was going back , it just occur to me that I have never been to GJ's house for nearly 2 years , and never have I met her little sister , and so I told him I wanted to come , he said OK , so I had to sent 2 guys back 1st before I can come , the same goes for him .

There , the surprisingly ultra-friendly sis of his (I expected her to be scared of me)

It just happens that kids love me , its a proven fact I tell you , and I can't really say I'm proud of it .

At night , WORM BOSS a.k.a Shim Shin Yee asked us to come , and oh wow! she was serving lamb chopsss , walaowehhh , makan la sampai kenyang !!

Today I woke up early once again to send the Jeep for PUSPAKOM , and I had to take a cab back because I had to leave it there . Went back home , took my Saga , sent my cousin to town , then only I went to GJ's house . Guess who arrived earlier than me , just like the ol times , it was Victor who came first . Then slowly , they came , starting with Shim Shin Yee , Jasper , Lucas and finally Debrianty.

group photo at his place

Next stop was either Rita or Shia B G ' place , I negotiated with both of them : -

sms to rita : Hey bos , can I come lambat sikit ?

sms to shia : Can I come in another 30 minutes k?



Shia : can

Obviously I had to rush to Rita's then , haha ... but got disappointed by her , no cake wa... cis betull .. Hung out there for awhile only , they were also goin somewhere edi after that , and so me and Victor made way to Shia's place pulak .

I met a primary school friend there , cool , he hasn't change so much , yeah sure , the hair color change , normal stuff la .

Next stop , vice worm's place aka Michelle Chok , oh yeah , the dog is still there , nasty big dog , haha... Again disappointed because I asked her to prepare dim sum , tak ada juga .. But she fixed it by giving me cake instead , good enuf for me :D

group photo at mccj's

they both requested for this :)

Finish with bai nian for that afternoon , I went to town to fetch back my cousin . Had a rest and got ready for the triplets birthday . By 7pm , I was already on the move .

Grand party as always , ramai orang datang , haha , of course la , triplets birthday ma , CNY some more !!

Birthday boys ( and the future -in-law) hahahah XD

the good ol gang

all eyes on the cam~!

tunggu kambing

Mini 5B reunion

Massive group photo

Ahha , after everyone went back , we had a little fun ourselves . Truth be told , this is the first time ever I sing karaoke in front of somebody , but it just happen , I just enjoyed singing with them , although some I admit are out of tune . There are videos of it , but I wont be uploading them!!!

There , we sang quite alot that night


Woke up late today , things started off at about 12 plus like that at Fanny's . She also didnt change much , still fun to joke around with , and best of all she remembers me , nice teacher :D No pictures was taken with her , she was quite busy and we were a bit on a rush .

Me and Teo , we went to town for lunch at Oasis , and had our manly talk there . Hey I never expected we had the chance to do that , but it's good that we did , alright Teo? Manly talks with sort of made me feel a lil better :)

Next on the agenda was badminton , we hurried to fetch our equipments from our respective houses and fetch YCY . There we go , lets play!!

Great fun playing badminton with them . Enjoyed it a lot , hey we should do this more often la .

At night , played pool Fred , good game , I dominated the hour, haha,sorry la Fred , was lucky la that day .

I actually have already planned not to go for anymore bai nian , as I have yet to touch my homeworks . And so , I got on to my hw and do it until it was time for Friday prayers , went for it and suddenly got an sms from Fred , saying that YYY was opening house . Fine , we go la , bukan selalu juga jumpa budak tu . But before that , we went to Jason Chin house first , since he also had an open house , informations gained from KCY .

As soon as I stepped down from my Saga , baru one buka pintu mau tutup ..


oh my , he can see me here????I mean he was inside , but he can notice me so far away , what the ... scary jason chin . We went over to chat with him awhile and then helped ourselves with the food as he asked us to do. He was quite occupied with all the guests coming to his house . Fair enough . We went straight for YYY house . I spent half an hour there then ciao already , got work to do .

At night , I took LYC out for dinner at Marco Polo buffet . I had my objectives for this dinner, and I guess I am quite satisfied as to how the dinner turned out . Oi LYC , suruh kau makan banyak2 xmau , makan lebih maa....

After that it was pool time again,this time with cousin and Fred , knockout pool game , interesting battle , which I won with the score 4-2-1 .

Saturday , I really wanted to finish my hw that day , I continued doing it , sampaila afternoon , KCY asked to play basketball . Feeling so bored and tired of doing lab reports , I decided to go , albeit it was cloudy edi . We gambled our chances , and it didn't rain at all , we had a good game of basketball instead with a group of junior by 2 years of ours .

Moments later , teo also arrived at PZS , well he was all about BURGER , hahahaha... fine fine , we went to the burger stall at fuji , had a decent meal there . Great hanging spot , was made a gathering place during our form 5 days .

That night , relative got anniversary party lagi, waaa, I have eaten so much that night . I also went for pool again that night with my cousins . Great fun :D

It was time to go back , I had to send the jeep back for someone to take care of it . By 12pm , I was ready , just wasted my time onlining and playing my game . By 430pm , already at airport lo , bosan gila . Saw a few friends there la , but all different flights la , I took MAS ma that day .

Flight actually delayed an hour ,arrived KL an hour late , the same goes for the Penang flight , aduii , habisla jugak ... and so I hung out at Burger King , online-ed for half an hour , eating the BK mushroom swiss , nice burger . No sooner later I was off to Penang .

delay arghhhh!!!

I guess that's it , Overall , I think that the trip back was good . But yeah , here comes the pain man , its 10 lecture weeks and a month of exam that separates me from sem break now , cmon , I have to do well this semester , YAHHHH!!!

Over and out

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