Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bowling Tournament - Closed 2009

And so , the day came , the long-awaited ( hmm , not exactly ) tournament day . Yeah , I practiced quite hard for it , 4 games each day since the last two days . I think my fingers are swollen already . Right now my whole body is aching man , especially my left leg and my right hand fingers . Left leg supports the whole body weight when u lay the ball , and yeah , since I play hook shot , so it's fingertips hold on the 14-pound ball , considering it's the third day straight I've been clinging on to it , little wonders that it's quite swollen . But it's normal for it to happen .

My AJK shirt

As early as 930 am , I left home with my team for the lanes . My team , I named it TripleX ( XD ) consists of me , Hisyam , Firli and Syafiq .

After all the registration are settled , we were handed a "surprise" , our team were crossing lanes with a team of lecturers !!! what theee ... that is soooo not cool . Nevertheless , we played our game , trying to stay focus . They weren't bad at all , don't play-play owh , their group name is after all "WOLVERINE" , HAHAHAHAH .

The game goes like this :-

1st game highlights -
Started quite brightly , me and my team , Syafiq , broke his own personal record . He got 212 , it was the 2nd highest per game for this tournament . Just beaten by 3 pins by another guy . He managed 7 strikes woi , hebat tak??hahahah.

2nd game highlights-
Slight decrease in the overall points for team . By the end of this round ,an announcement was made , our team was ranked 6th midway through the competition . Everyone was getting hyped up by that .

3rd game highlights-
Not the best round for the day , worst overall score is from this round , I did't perform good la for this round , Im disappointed la ....

4rd game highlights -
This game was also a letdown for me , but for the team , they managed to cover it up for me , thankfully . I was really tired by then , left leg aching , fingers swollen , everything was at the breaking point la to explain it in the extreme.hehe.In short , they saved my @ss , hahahah.

Overall , we recorded 1955 pinfalls from 16 games . I would say it's not bad but there is always room for improvement .Eventually we were no.8 from 14 teams . Congrats to Shafiq in making through the masters level , though you missed out on winning it , but you did your best , you make the team proud . Long Live TRIPLE X!!! yehahhhhh

me , firli , hisyam , syafiq

ha,ni training partner aku , haha , sama2 menang ,bagus!

may this be the first of many!!!

Oh , I want to mention on someone's birthday here too!! It's CKL's birthday today , so let's all wish him a good birthday eh??

Mr Loong , bole kahwin sudaaaaaa :P

That's all for now , Im tired !!!

Over and Out!

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c!k baBy said...

training cam nak rak.
sekali jek tak dapat no 1.
hee :D