Saturday, January 10, 2009

A day in Sg. Petani with Jeanny *100% updated*

So then , a few days back I suddenly had this feeling of visiting someone is Sg.Petani . This thought had been lingering in my mind since last semester actually . Then finally came the days that I would actually realised that thought . I decided to really go visit Jeanny , considering I was actually free that weekend , I got approval from boss ( Jeanny ) herself , and I had tuan penasihat timmy boy supporting me to go for the trip. Hahahaha.. And so there I was that very day .

Let's start things off by how I went there , I woke up early , took my bath , had breakfast etc and made a move to the bus station which we people here call it Jetty in Butterworth . The ride from my house to the station basically takes 10-15 minutes depending on the traffic , and it's 30 minutes with the bus , excluding the freaking bus-waiting-time .

Once arriving jetty , I would go and buy the bus ticket , which cost about RM4 . It's Citilink bus, the one I took for Sg. Petani that is . The bus moved at 9.15 am , journey to SP , as I calculated upon arrival , is about 45-50 minutes .

Went down the bus in a completely unknown territory , I wandered around looking her. I see her . I approach slowly ... She saw me - She recognized me!!! WOW>???! hahahahha.. fyi it's already 2 years since we last met la , so I was amazed she could recognize me . Well , it aint hard to recognize her though :P hahahaha ... ( Right Jeanny??? :D )

First stop actually , was toilet for me .. hehehe , with boss being the "tour-guide" , we made our way towards Central Square , the popular hang-out place in SP . hmm.. , considering it was still 10 am ++ , shops were still closed , some just started to open . Ahha , so we look around inside , looking at them shoppers setting up their shops , and followes by sitting down at a bakery .

So , I asked her : " What's the plan boss ? "

Then she would really think hard , I mean really , man it's still in my mind , it was the highlight of my SP trip . I think that the act of her thinking hard is really cute ! never get bored looking at her gesture . HAHAHAAHAHAH (jgn marah bos! ok??? puji ni)

She still couldn't make up her mind on where to bring me , keep on saying that in SP Central Square is the only place to hang-out . She said this was the place she hung out with the whole day the last time someone came to visit - namely Pang Yih Fui . Ahha! Can't do that boss , you have gotta make my trip interesting . I suggested on renting a car , then she go with the cute think-hard look again , :D , lama2 we went to look for a place to rent a car , sadly tak dapat cari la.

Therefore , we decided to take a look at her AIMST campus . It's like 20 minutes from the bus station I guess . She become my tour guide again , jalan la sana , jalan la sini , hehehe , I find that their campus is not so bad , but I gotta say , the same paint all over the campus , I just feel like I'm in a big Indoor swimming pool facility , the structure made me feel so . Oh , their library is quite interesting . Their cafe serve mamak food , Jaya was it? hahaha, I know you "love" em' Jean :P

the central part I guess , with the chiming clock

The girls dorm(her house is there, one of it)

And so we moved on back to Central Square after the cab that she called for arrived to fetch us out . Apparently she couldnt get a car to drive me around , practically because her friends' punya car all manual ... cmon la jean , I still wanna sit in a manual car that you drive , and also don't forget the 2 spagetti u hutang , coz' I won't forget one de o...

I asked again :" What's the plan boss?"

She would make the same gesture again , hahahah XD

So , she decided to bring me to a restaurant called Le Boss , tapi tutup la Saturday & Sunday, her plan rosak , I get to ask the same question , she get to do the face again , hahaha , sorry la jean , I really like it ba .

Looking for a place to eat , she took me to another mall , which is called The Village Mall , which is relatively new . Ahh.. you know what made this trip a really fun and happy one for me? It's because boss get to do all the decision , I just say yes or no . FUN all the way la weyhhh... :P ( It's not bully , I'm supposed to receive a special guest treatment right?? )

She asked : " We have Uncle John Kopitiam , Chicken Rice Shop , and Pizza Hut , help me narrow it down to 2 and I will choose for you "

I made her life a bit easier , a lil bit only by saying : " takmau kopitiam"

So it was between Pizza Hut and Chicken Rice , she had a good thought of it and finally decided to bring me to Pizza Hut .

This short video would tell the story of what happened after we ordered , I mean she ordered the food .. heheh

Too bad I miss the best part of it which was the bill-paying one . She didn't realized I already paid for the bill , she went to the counter

"Bill please..."

The cashier replied "bill?"

"...Kira... " she said again..

At that moment I couldn contain myself already , I was laughing already as I pulled her away from the cashier asking her :

" what bill you looking for?"

HAHAHAHAHAH , aduii , sorry la , no bad intention to make fun of u punya bos .

After that she asked me to teman her cari present for her friend who is moving , and so I followed la ..

Bos , shopping

After she got her stuff , I would then again ask what is the plan ..

This time she would confidently say :

" we had our lunch , now we will go CS play bowling and watch movie if there is a good one "

ahhh , she can stand with her plan already , good good . But what I wanted was the gesture actually , heheheheh...

So we have to take the bus back to CS . While waiting for the bus , ada la ambik gambar sikit , out of desperation one , because phone battery dying lo , tinggal 3% , apa macam?? Ambil sajaaa asalkan ada . That was the only down side of the trip la , phone habis battery .. Ciss!!!

This is the fourth try of SS , hahahah XD

and so the video has arrived, video doesnt tell much of the story there though,have a look!

Finish with bowling , we still had like 20 minutes to the movie , so we went to Kopitiam to have a drink . Then off we go for the movie - SPIRIT

This CG-filled movie is , as she told me earlier is comical , penuh comedy la .. Good enough to make us both laugh in the cinema. Not bad la the movie.

Her housemates then pesan some groceries , so we head down to the supermarket to get the stuffs , and guess who we met up with on the way back?

It was Fazlan , the one studying in UiTM Merbok , oh well , he changed a lot already I think.

Clock shows 615pm , and therefore I would have to go home now , and her too , before it gets dark , I wouldnt want her to be back at night , somemore with those groceries . hahaha...We got on to our respective buses and went home masing2 .

Hey Jean , it was a really nice trip wor, I enjoyed it . Syok jalan2 with u , although it's like the first time with you right ? Don't worry , I'll come again soon :P , you better be ready ah!!! :D

Over and Out

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