Thursday, January 8, 2009

2nd week of 4th semester *updated*

So far , this semester has been going quite smooth for me , apart from the fact that it's gonna be one hell of a semester this time round. Let's see , as a mechanical engineering student , I will have to go through core subjects that are freaking hard this semester , such as Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics . Not forgetting Calculus , Computer Concept and to top that , a subject I really hate , which is Basic Electrical Engineering . It's like , crap man , I gone through the chemical part of engineering in semester 1 , the civil part of it in last semester and now the electric???? Gimme a break!!!

Preparations for study is in progress , books are all ready to be used , introduction for each subjects have but been carried out , it's just me that's not turned on yet . But I gotta admit , a few refresher of calculus really intrigued me and stirred the excitement of doing it , I mean , it's calculus man! I gotta do this sh!t and solve it!!!!It's gonna be real nice feeling when I am able to solve it . But well , calculus is a hard subject anyways , I shouldn't get carried away , should go slow and steady . What I need is basically consistency in my academics , and I sure hope I can do that .

Recently , I went to some places in Penang Island la , considering the fact that it was still quite free, lessons were just starting and all . Me and my classmates went Bukit Jambul Mall , or whatever its name was , can't remember . Played bowling and pool . Had to admit that the quality of the place was below par . No fun at all basically , just that we had to kill some time . Why? Because we were waiting for sunset and watching it at Batu Feringghi , or perhaps I thought so . We spend a few hours there buying stuffs and all then took off , it was quite tiring actually , still had the fatigue from the Sedim trip I guess :P

The restaurant's roof and the sea view

nice huh?

gambar macho!

Current issues , focusing on killing of Palestinians by Israel ... shame shame , why are they still waging war at a time like this? Kepala otak purba betul .. Sudahla , malas mau komen benda ni ... Stop the innocent killing!!!

Oh by the way , somebody just turned 20 today , its Timmy aka Shen aka Anak Radaha , hehheheheh. Happy birthday timmy boyyyy!! Nanti la kau balik Tawau aku belanja burger atau sate , kalau kau ingat mau tuntut la, hehehe...

As it is , I am planning to go to Sungai Petani on Saturday , to meet up with Jeanny . Its Jeannette Wong , not a new girlfriend or some other Jeanny girl . I hope I don't get lost on the way there and have a great time on the visit . Looking forward for it :D

And just a few days before the trip , I went for bowling with my friend , trying get the hang of it . Turns out I got back the throwing style but I still lack consistency.. oh what the heck , just 2 strikes and 5 spares out of 3 games .

Here are some videos of it , but of course only the good ones are published :D

Over and Out

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