Thursday, January 1, 2009


well well , its the turn of the new year!! Its now 2009 , no longer 2008,therefore , we would have to try our best not to write the dates with 08' anymore , I know it's gonna be hard , but we got to get used to it sooner or later right? heheheh

As usual , the norm of New Year's Eve , everybody would be out to celebrate , and countdown all those stuffs . Sure it's fun , but for this year , I actually decided not to go out for countdowns or parties ."Why?" You might ask ... Well , basically I arrived home from campus in the evening.Considering it is New Year's Eve whereby most of the grand activities are on the island , and with ever-so-reliable instinct that it's gonna be jammed up just to go there (2 hours to and 2 hours fro on the Penang bridge) , I'd say nuh-uh , forget it .

Instead I celebrated it at home , in a less moderate way u might say . I stayed home, played my laptop , an hour before midnight you could already hear firecrackers . At the stroke of midnight , an incessant flow of firecrackers then flew up the sky as me and my roommate enjoyed it , maybe just for awhile , and then we were back onto what we were doing before . Interesting? Unenthusiastic?

Here's what it is actually , we had planned a trip to a place on 1st of January , and that , ultimately is why I preferred to sleep early the night before.

Destination - Sedim Recreation & Resort

Things started off with the canopy walk , the Tree-Top Walk they call it

the entrance

the fancy signboard just near to the ticket booth

well, it's not free actually , it's rm10 per entry , and ipt students get 40% discount if they can prove they're students

Its actually like 30-40 minutes walk I guess , with some photo stops probably 1 hour plus to finish one whole circle of it .

And so .. The pictures during the walk

a part of the river where we can take a dip in (it's freakin cold in there)

The front parts of the walk

That's me and my friend

They have height scales , this one says 18000metres

midway through

highest point : 26050 metres

we finished a whole round then we went for the swim , or bath or whatever it is,hehehe...

There's not really a lot of pictures because I was scared camera would fall into the water .. hahahaha, oh well , we don't have cameraman ma...

The only photo

And so , that's that .. Still planning the destination of the next trip . Gonna utilize my free time!!

Over and Out!


Ina said...

alim jgk kau lan. mandi pun pakai baju..malu tunjuk kemachoan ka tu ?? hihi

Lan said...

hahahhaa,dakda body yg bole ditunjuk jugakk..hahahahha,ada budak2 kelas perempuan , malu la,lagipun air sejuk , pakai la baju