Friday, December 25, 2009

I dont know why ...

But I just can't stop it .

Thursday, December 24, 2009

oh my ...

how dreadful , my time in Tawau is almost up .

I don't feel like going back , as usual .

Ugh. Such a pain in the ass .

Arhhh... T.T

Monday, December 21, 2009

amazing ..

Well , I just can't seem to fall asleep! even after the flight , the gaming until 1am . I only managed to doze off for 1 or 2 hours . Here I am then , guess I'll stay awake until the next activity . Smash some cocks baybehhhh

its shuttlecocks ok ... :D

over and out

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Into the final week in Tawau ...

Time sure flies huh , considering I did spend 1/3 of my holiday in KL , the only time left to be spent in Tawau would be dearly minimized , and well , as I have to admit the first few weeks time passes soooo slowwwwlyyyy , it was dreadful . But then come one by one the old schoolmates , suddenly , Tawau is the place to be again .

But by the time most of them came , it was already about a week or 2 before xmas . Fact is I will be going back to KL on 25/12 night . Dang , after all those days in Tawau , I never wanted to go back Penang or KL . I just love this ol' hometown of mine .

I am currently in KK , in my 3rd day here . Another 20 hours I should be back to Tawau already . This time , I am gonna make sure it's less sleeping and more activities . I'll make up for my unofficial reunion absence .Well , it isn't entirely my fault I can't go LOL .

Well then , let the Yamchas , L4D2s , badmintons , crazy times begin !

Monday, December 7, 2009

well ,,,

I can start to notice the defects in this fragile body ...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

" I've gone too far to come back from here ,
But you don't have a clue ,
You don't know what you do ,
To me ... "

Stop This Song ( LoveSick Melody ) - Paramore


Been having nightmares for 2 straight effing days .

Freakin' disturbing ones I tell you .

I hope I won't dream another one tonight


oh by the way , HAPPY BIRTHDAY RITA!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rove Beetle aka "Charlie"

I have been delaying this post ever since the day I went into my dorm when I was in SEMESTER 1 , now I'm already in my 5th!

Everyday , we encounter the terror that is "charlie" , every night we had to have war with them , it's crazy , I'm just grateful that I'm out of the dorm , which is like a nest for them ever since I moved out to student houses .I'm sure Jeanny knows just how lovely these little insects are.

From wikipedia:-

The rove beetles are a large family (Staphylinidae) of beetles, primarily distinguished by their short elytra that leave more than half of their abdomens exposed. With over 46,000 species in thousands of genera, the group is the second largest family of beetles after the Curculionidae (the true weevils). It is an ancient group, with fossil rove beetles known from the Triassic, 200 million years ago.

One well-known species is the Devil's coach horse beetle. For some other species, see List of British rove beetles.

The Paederus species, such as the Nairobi fly, contain a potent toxin in their haemolymph which is highly irritating to the skin. Pederin is highly toxic, more potent than cobra venom.The Rove Beetle is less than 1 cm long. The body is dark orange and the tip of the abdomen, the upper abdomen and the head are black. The upper middle iridescent greenish region of the abdomen are the hard wings (elytra). A pair of transparent wings are neatly folded and hidden under the hard wings. During daytime, the beetle will be seen crawling around swiftly with hidden wings resembling ants. When disturbed it raises the abdomen in a threatening gesture like a scorpion and can fly away. It can also run on water swiftly !


The Rove beetle is increasingly common in Malaysia. Their bodies contain the toxin paederin (hence Paederous dermatitis) that causes burns on human skin whenever they are crushed. Interestingly the beetles were used to burn off warts in the past. It starts off with some erythema/redness and then with patches of ulceration where the beetle has been crushed

The haemolymph in the beetle’s entire body (except the wings) contains the most poisonous animal contact toxin in the world called ‘pederin’ (C24 H43 O9 N) named in 1953. It is 12 times more poisonous than cobra venom ! Dried and stored rove beetle for 8 years still retained it’s toxicity ! Contact collision with the beetle while travelling or sleeping, crushing it on the body or smearing with soiled fingers can cause conjunctivitis and severe dermatitis known as dermatitis linearis, paederus (rove beetle /staphylinidae) dermatitis, whiplash dermatitis etc.

Pictures when the insects haemolymph come in contact with your skin ,

I have also experienced this rash , man it was hell , ughhh , I'd rather not remember it back . Usually a scar will be left on your skin once it dries up , there's a product called bio-oil that can smoothen your skin back or rather sinks the scar . Tried it , satisfactory .

Of all the charlies , this has got to be the ones I hate the most !

Over and out

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Payback Post

Ok here comes a post , I expect this to be quite a long one regarding what's going on , what happened and what's going to happen , it won't be in order la , but who cares rite..?


This is one of the bookmarks of my firefox. Why ? because it provides me with fresh mangas , even the old ones too ! I just love this site , I usually read naruto chapters from here . Ever since I gave up on watching the anime on youtube , I've been holding on to onemanga :D . A few of the mangas I read here are like : -

-GS Mikami
-Samurai X

and some other mangas that I may or may not have finished reading . Works really well to kill off some time when you really have nothing to do . But for me , my routine time for this site is usually friday afternoon, where a new naruto chapter is published :P


Okay now , I will have to admit , I never liked facebook at first glance , it was so messy , applications here and there , I was like WTF man , I'm so gonna stick with friendster . But ... slowly , everybody diverted to facebook , hell , even my housemates are on facebooks everyday !! How am I suppose to resist the temptations to go deeper with facebook then ? nobody's playing friendster anymore , might as well use facebook .

That move proves to be a clever one , and also , a bad-habit-in-the-making one . Nowadays , I'm so addicted to it that the moment I have access to internet , facebook is one of the few webs I would open first . It's contagious man , and to think I never wanted to use this thing. A quiz on facebook which I took says that I am 79% addicted to facebook . LOL .

Well , it's usual to have pros and cons on one thing . I guess , the pros outweights the cons just slightly . I was able to find really old friends , primary friends wei , so long never seen also . Just recently , I found an old friend Miss F . The process of remembering the old times is actually quite fun and that's basically what we did , and had fun ! Apparently she's studying in Australia now , best of luck to her , chatting with her is really fun :P .

Facebook applications . Some are really good , some are dumb , and some are just downright annoying . Well , but the integration of facebook apps , the users , is such that everybody connects , which makes it really social , 2 persons might be arguing with each other, then comes in the 3rd person ,in comes the 4th and the 5th , then we have a party . LOL .

Actually , aside from getting the old and new friends back , there are a few applications that is already stucked in my routine online-ing . While others play barn buddy , farmville , or mafia wars , I am actually hooked on to Premier Football and Premier Football Street . It's freakingly addictive .Every morning I wake up , I'll check on my player XD gahh , this game is really getting me good .

PFS Players : Attack FC

sample result

PF team : FC RooneyMancunia

sample result

yeah , quite a number of my friends uses this application , which makes the fight even more fun cause you wana beat each other :D

New Moon

You can just sense it right , the coming of the New Moon , most have been waiting ever since Twilight hit the cinemas . And yes , now its just a week away , the fever is everywhere then LOL . Well , while everybody's been goo goo gaa gaa with Edward Cullen aka Mr vampire or Jacob aka Mr werewolf ,

I'd rather have Alice Cullen to myself ! hahaha , whatever it is , guess I'll be watching this movie since I was quite attracted by the 1st sequel .

MUET & exams

As for my finals and MUET , weeeeellllll , I wouldn't say it was easy , but most of it I think I was able to handle OK . Had 5 Finals , with MUET added it wuld be 6 . I was rather disappointed with my MUET , because in the speaking test I think I got too excited , that I felt that I din't do so well , it's that sucky feeling ARGH! Nonetheless I took my revenge against listening reading and writing components of it .I would hope for Band 5 , if it isn't too much , Band 6 seems reachless .

The other 5 papers :-
Fluid Power - coursework wasn't that good , finals was so-so
Manufacturing process - coursework was good , final was OK
Machine Element design - stinkin coursework marks , @%#%@!$% finals!!!!
Control system - I think coursework is good , finals was cool~
Automotive - rock on ! this is the best subject I've taken I'm so gonna score~!

New MU Jerseys

just got these a few hours ago , am so gonna wear it this saturday to officiate it :)


people are taking SPM now rite? I would like to wish them all good luck!


People who play DotA would know of this program called GaRena . It's actually a platform of games , where you can connect multiplayers for games like CS , COD and so on.Well , fortunately, I get know about it too , and for what else , my obsession of the zombie-killing game . LEFT4DEAD , oh and also the soon-to-be-played LEFT4DEAD2.

I have been killing zombies in LEFT4DEAD ever since the start of the year , a friend introduced this wonderful game to me . At first , it was really scary to play as it was a complete unknown to me , plus all the sudden appearance of zombies , witches crying , tank rampaging , hunter pouncing , boomer booming and smoker choking with the ever so eerie music effects , I'd rather not play it when I'm alone . Well , that was last time .

Now , this game is played just for the fun of it , and the fun reaches the max when you play versus mode with your friends . Be prepared for a wave of foul words and curses XD happens all the time !

Well , in garena , which is played online , I have tried to play co-op , versus , and even survival modes . Of the three , survival mode is the best . Gathered alongside my trusted teammates , after a few months of playing , we finally managed to get the gold medal of 10 minutes of survival . I did post the galleries in my FB account .

When I play , I would always try to use this Zoey character , I don't know why but I just love her so much!!

As for the next big thing

well , I'm currently still waiting for it to be available to play, impatiently XD , gahhhh , this is too much !!! I need it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

NEOPETSBelieve it or not , I am playing back the old game neopets , just like I did with Gunbound and Maplestory , but it's been a while since I touch the last two . Just recently , I don't know what struck me ( maybe it was the facebook games) , I wanted to play neopets so much again !

But , the stinkin neopets changed the login system . Not only that I initially forgot my password and went through everything to recover it , I have to remember the fake Birthdate I put when I first registered for the game , if not , say bye bye to my old account , which is a definite NO-NO . I am taking back what's mine , and I don't care if I have to endure longer just to achieve it .

Meanwhile , I did create a newer account , just to soften the pain , and to play the games , what the heck , I love the games , especially the card game Cheat! , only an hours play I got myself a Champion's trophy :D


Right , for someone who is football crazy like , is sure to own a football game . Nowadays it is either FIFA or PES , and I chose the latter , because I think it edges FIFA in terms of gameplay .
Been playing around with it , haven't yet explored it fully . Well if you're talking about PES 6 then I will proudly show you a picture of mine that makes this face beam from ear to ear .

I love this game !


In terms of sport , generally this body is deteriorating , I haven't been involved in sports regularly and it showing the effects very vividly .

Bowling - I can't have the ever-so-important consistency to to a hook ball
Pool - I've lost my touch , I need to play regularly to regain the magic !
Basketball - SAD , I've basically lost my Hook Shot accuracy , maybe from 80% to 30% , aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa , this is so bad , but my jump shot is getting better (0.o)
Futsal - the usual , normal me , I guess there's no real progress here


umm , supposedly I was gonna go visit my classmates house all over peninsular , well shit happens , I have just went to one of them , Johor and Melaka trip most probably cancelled . Possibilities for Putrajaya and KL people are open though , still waiting for them to report in.

Other than that , there has been a plan , to go to an island , either Mabul or Sipadan , I wonder if it would materialised?

Man , holidays is what I want so bad during my lecture weeks . I can do whatever I want , yeahh , feels great !

Should be meeting up some old schoolmates and hang out. Looking forward to it.

November Babies

I noticed that there are a lot of November babies , I have always known only 2 other than me , haha . So here goes , HAPPY BIRTHDAY to

yiik yew
wei shiong
zhen jia

regardless of the past or the soon to be :)

Well I told you it would be a long post , may have bored you eh , so why not try to watch the video below to lighten up ! :D

Over and out!

Dear Blog

Im sorry , for neglecting u so long , but I have my reasons, so please wait , I will update soon , don't cry ok ? :D

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The final week of semester 5

What else??? Assignments la! I am grateful enough for the fact that our classes ended earlier than scheduled . The number of assignments and lab reports this semester is just amazing . Let alone the timing of it , FAN-TAS-TIC .

I have shot down quite a lot of assignments along the way , with some tests in between , which some have inflicted some damages to my "HP" , lol , no matter , I knew I had to go on .

There are left 2 more assignments that I have to submit in the next few days , and damn how frustrated I am , I wanted to go back KL earlier , but I'm afraid these stinkin' assignments are gonna hold me down for a while .

Shucks ...

Coming right up , I have MUET to tackle down , so people , wish me luck :D

Over and Out

Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm no guitar hero but my frets' on fire !! + RAYA 09 + sambung belajar

yo dear bloggers and readers!!! It's been awhile , a long while!!! And that blogging feeling has finally come back , be grateful everyone ! ( lol , as if people are even expecting a new post from me )

Have been deserting this blog for about 6 weeks already , well for the first month it was the fasting month , so I am actually using that as an excuse to not blog , lol . Actually nothing to blog also la those days . Then I was off back to Tawau to celebrate raya with families back home .

A little review on this year's Raya celebration ..?

Well basically on a personal note , it's quite dull and gloomy , for me . This year it's the 2nd year I spent the raya festival without my parents , with the 1st one only . Naturally the side effects are still there . You know it's different . It's never gonna be the same . The best part of raya , for me , is no longer there .

Here's what it's like , a group of my late mother's family side , big eh? this is not even a version of it yet . Some have already gone back or elsewhere . Spot me if you can .

In my small family , these are my 2 in-laws , middle one is middle sis's , right one is elder's , LOL.

I was really really busy or maybe just plain lazy to go around during raya , as a result , I din't really get to visit many of my old friends . I only managed to go to a few of them houses and the others are all family houses . Pergi rumah orang pun takda , gambar lagi la sikit , hahahahah .

This is a picture during the open house at my grandma's . All of them are my cousins .

My other activities back home during the holidays were playing pool , futsal , saidina , oh and getting to eat caramel from makcik kee ( finally , mau lagi) , and not to forget changing the jeep tire under the rain , it was a goodbye gift from my jeep la , hahha . All these and of course the non stop eat-ings la .

Things that changed after the holidays :-

1) I finally learnt how to make kek batik from one of the best makers in the family , heheh . ( although i have to admit if i were to do a practical now mungkin lupa2 atau tak jadi kek , lol)

2) I'm guitar-game-crazy already . All this because the guys back at grandma's keep on playing guitar hero . From the cousins to the uncle , ambik gitar , KRENG KRENG KRENGGGG !!! hAHA , aku ni infected la sekarang ni . Aku beli Guitar hero punya game , tapi laptopku xbole support . GUITAR HERO 3 pula masi downloading , surf punya suf internet , jumpa satu game macam guitar hero - FRETS ON FIRE . habis , aku beli keyboard baru cucuk usb , jadi la "guitar" keyboard ni.

Lepas tu , balik la ke Penang , sambung belajar .


There was an agreement to go for a Sushi King with my friends , them who havn't tried sushi before . So off we went for it at Juru Autocity Sushi King .

Me and Capiq

Din & Yun

The results from their first ever experience was positive , LOL . Great then , more people can teman me eat sushi after this !

Would u believe if I say I ate this much?


Ah , that should be all for now , housemate culinary baru balik bawa sushi , mau makan dulu , byeee

Over & Out!

Monday, September 28, 2009


I want to write , at least something , yet I don't know what to write .

It's been more than a month since my last post , but I'm still out of ideas to write stuffs .

What to do?

Anybody there wanna suggest some topics for me to write on?

I would really appreciate it

Would want to try some argumentative post

I guess I'll be waiting ....

Sunday, September 13, 2009


You know what ? I feel soooooooooooooooooo lazy these days . It's like I wanna let go of everything and don't wanna know sh!t about them all . Somehow I managed to smile them away for quite a while now , but in truth I feel so tired , so burdened , so pressured . Hell , sometimes I even felt like not a single thing is going right . It's like WTF MANNN!!??

I wonder what brought me onto this , could it be because I'm longing for a holiday? so much so that ignorance felt so much better than to be responsible? Could it be that my living environment is so damn effing dirty that I can't think straight? Apparently even if I managed to clean the house up , it will all effing turn into a crappy mess again , no thanks to my effing so-called-housemates , hell , they never clean up the house , and they say they are housemates living in the house ..

I don't feel like going on with this post , pointless anyways , might as well go to sleep .

Goodnite myself , I hope you will feel much better tomorrow!


Friday, August 21, 2009

Ramadhan Menjelma

Selamat menyambut bulan puasa bagi semua saudara saudari Islam . Semoga kita dapat menggunakan bulan ini dengan sebaiknya .


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

here they comee...

Here comes the barrages of tests , ready , aim , FIRE!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I used to be love drunk
But now I’m hungover
I’ll love you forever
Forever is over
We used to kiss all night
Now it’s just a bar fight
So don’t call me crying
Say hello to goodbye

Cause Just one sip would make me say
I used to be love drunk
But now I’m hungover
Ill love you forever
But now it’s over

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I dreamt of Yoona~~~


Monday, August 3, 2009

MPSG bowling

Heyy , what's up ? I am now back in Penang already , and I don't like it ! lol

Well now , let's add on to the earlier post on the bowling thingy and also some extras .

Bowling on Saturday went quite well , and I am quite proud of my achievements .Actually , on individual terms , I did not win la , but for teams , which I was put into (ALPHA) , won second place only .

Being that I never touched bowling for 2 months already , the results was considerably good I would say . I even reach a new highest record for myself using only houseball .

There , the F with the 155 score :D

Sadly , for the individuals I fell short from the top 3 . I was 20 pins away from the 3rd best bowler , I made only the fourth place for overall pinfall(392) in 3 games .

The pictures quite blur la , alamak

As for the prize , they gave out mugs . I wanted a trophy la , aihh

Fair enough , I'll try again next year

Oh and the extras

to my eldest sister

how do you like this clock ? read the model name :P

mau ka?

And the other one ,

is a quote I found in the toilet last time I went to Sunway Pyramid :-


Over and Out

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The "FORCED" holiday

ha , it's Friday already . The mid term holiday is gonna finish soon . Bummer . Ok then , let's just recap what has been done and will be done during the holidays .

What has been done
1. The first thing that we did was cleaning the house . LOL
2. Visited the aunties and uncles in Cheras , had a really stuffing meal ,ughhhhh
3. Went to Jalan Masjid India to eat at the Mansion , just like ol times ( sister's request )
4. Bought Saidina . XD
5. Officiated the Saidina game , I won the first game , and lost the second ! hahahaha
6. Drove around the Bandar Kinrara area ( well some parts of it only ) with sister's manual Proton Wira
7 . Drove to Sunway Pyramid alone and successfully arrived on the first try . ( Damn the jams in KL are horrible , manual car some more ! )
8 . Met with Victor , competed in a pool match (won 4-1) , played Left4Dead in a cybercafe in SS15 ( that place so hard to find parking weyh ) which I won also . It was fun!
9. Got lost halfway on the way back , lol ! Luckily found a signboard which saved me , hahahahah
10. Downloading all sorts of updates for my football games , it takes so looooong .
11. Explored about this laptop , only after 3 years using it . LOL ( teruk betul )
12. Did my assignment for Manufacturing Process
13. Watch football matches of Manchester United ( Disappointed in the Audi Cup final ) , impressed with Valencia and Owen so far .
14. Wished my school teacher her birthday . ( In co-operation with Mr Tim , got a funny reply from her LOL )
15. Read the latest Naruto chapter.

That goes until Friday which is today . What's to come is : -

1. Bowling tournament ( sister's office organize one , I sibuk2 saja mau masuk main , bukan hebat pun ! hahhaha )
2. Maybe a lil bit of practice before the tournament?
3. Another few more rounds of Saidina perhaps
4. Carrom anyone?
5. Head back to Penang ( gosh , I am so lazy after all this holiday )

I dont know why , but somehow I think I am getting lazy in writing posts for blogs eh? Oh well , what to do , memang lazy is my habit already . That's all for now , if the bowling thingy goes interesting then I'll post about it :)

Till Then

Over and Out!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

surprise and another another

Ok , our campus have just been closed down because of the H1N1 virus , supposedly the campus will reopen on the 29th of July .

But surprise surprise , Mr VC made a shocker , putting out a pekeliling to make next week as the mid-term holiday . The board made a decision and announced it on last Friday . Talk about taking advantage of the situation . Or is it actually the right decision ? It remains to be seen .

Studies have just started about a week and a half , barely made through the introductions , and here we are , holidaying again , lol .

Funny , you always get what you don't ask for , but for everything you ask for you might never even get it . How ironic . I guess it's just people like me being ungrateful sometimes .

So then , I'll be spending the next 9 days in KL . Who wants to go out? let's go have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Influenza Virus A (H1N1) Positive

Rumours have been circulating for a few days , and it was confirmed later in the afternoon , the quarantined students in Uitm Pulau Pinang was confirmed to have tested positive for the virus .

We were in the middle of a class , then suddenly the lecturer received a call . He annouced that the campus will be closed and that we are asked to go home .

So , here I am , free , but I would not really be happy about this 1 week of holiday , I could have gona back to KL again , but I just came from there like 2 days ago . It's tiring la . Some more , this 1 week of holiday , how do they replace it? Does it indirectly freakin means that no study week already?!!!


Screw this virus!

But now I'll be free for a week , I guess I will just enjoy this holiday then .

Oh well, there's always games and books .

Over and Out

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Manchester United 3 - 2 Malaysian All-Star

And so the waited day came , we , the eager Manchester United's die-hard-fans made our way to the Bukit Jalil Stadium to watch our beloved club play against the national side .

Even at only 12 pm , you can already see people in the United jersey in town . By 3pm , jams was already happening along the way towards the stadium . According to the news , almost 85,000 turned up to watch the match , and I am proud to say I am one of them .

We actually had to walk about 2km just to avoid the jam . Thankfully my sister was free enough to send us off :D

Walk walk


The "Old Trafford" like crowd

About 545pm , the game kicked-off . Everybody was fired up and having fun . The first shot on goal was from Berbatov , and everybody screamed and cheered for it.

It didn't take long for the 1st goal to come . Guess who? It had to be Rooney

No , not this Rooney

It's this one LOL

Moments later the second goal came , Rooney providing the assist , and Nani made no mistakes from 6-yards out . We get to see him do his somersault goal celebration live man , it was superb !

A few minutes before half-time , Amri Yahyah produced a marvellous effort , volleying from far over van der sar . Game on .

Then the same guy , in the second half , equalized for Malaysia , taking full advantage of the error by Ben Foster ( missing a back pass) .

Nani being treated after being tackled


But then , came Owen , to score the winner 5 minutes from time

Owen , after scoring a late winner

We Happy

We had to walk 3-4k m back pulak after the match

penat lo . but it was surely a one nice experience . I wana do it again!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Can't Wait

I am currently in KL now , and I am sure most of you know why .

Manchester United is coming to town!!!!

Another 24 hours I will be in the stadium itself , oh man , I just can't wait any longer....


aku mau jumpa rooneyyyy :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

update in penang

The fifth semester started a week ago , and here I am in Penang , on my 1st weekend here . Well actually there was already assignment given in the first week , how annoying . But , I have managed to finish it .

The first week was kinda ok , classes are short and yeah , still carefree . But as usual , a lot of registrations to do , cleaning the house ,shopping, et cetera .

Well , it's funny , after awhile I didn't blog , it feels like I don't know what to write here . Weird.
This is bad , I gotta brush it up for my MUET .

ah well , I guess it can't be helped .

I'll update again next time .

Monday, June 29, 2009


I just don't get it .

Why do all the pretty girls

For some that I admire ( the ones that really matters)

Would go on from long elegant beautiful hair

To a short one?

I am still struggling with this question ..



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father`s Day

Today is a very special day for fathers . We all love our father so why not take a chance to celebrate them on their big day? Go ahead , make them happy!

To all the father's ,


Monday, June 15, 2009

Update In Kuching

And they say : No Pain , No Gain

I'm not sure whether that can be categorized as the situation I faced a few hours ago .

So there I was in KK airport , coming at a reasonable time to check in , only to find that a lot of people were still in line . And guess what ? System down - which could only mean system offline la . As a result , we had to line up for about 90 minutes JUST to check in .

By the time we were in front of the counter ( FINALLY ) we were already 20 minutes off from the scheduled time of flight.

We made our way straight to the plane as told , only to wait for another half an hour before the flight really took off .

In flight pulak , reli hungry edi ba , 6.30pm already , wana have nasi lemak as dinner . Manatau when they came they say no more food . Crap la !

After an hour and 25 minutes flight , we then arrived at the Kuching airport . At first glance , I thought it had similarities with KLIA . Oh , and a lil bit like penang's airport too . Went down the plane , clear off the immigration and made our way out .

Tim's uncle was fetching us . He was kind enough to show us around too , and some advices and little stories about Kuching .

We dropped our bags and checked in into Tune Hotel . Straight after we went for the long awaited dinner . Oh it was worth the wait though .

We ate some really good food at a food court called the "Topspot" . Wooo , we were so hungry we ate so much . What to do , you're hungry and you have got food right in front of you , makanla ba . It was oyster ( was it?) , black pepper chicken , sambal sotong , kangkung belacan . Enjoyed it very much .

Back at the hotel , resting and planning for the trips to go . Until then ....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

update in KK

Exam result was out . And I was grateful yet disappointed at the same time . Results for sem 4 is 3.51 , which makes me barely qualify for the dean's list . But then , at the same time , I hate the fact that it did nothing to boost my CGPA , it's the same as last semester - 3.48 . Last semester GPA really did the damage man , luckily semester 1's GPA was able to counter it for me .

Great , results out , means we'll be back to sem 5 in no time . Can U believe that , JUST GREAT . I had to go to Bank Islam then in another few weeks , to pay the stinking fees , and have to wait probably 2-3 hours in the bank just for that .

Ah well , let's just throw it away now , and concentrate on my holidays . Currently in KK now , at my sister's place .

What have I been doing .. Hm .. Play games , bowling ( which was not fun because I din't bring my own ball) , went to my Aunt's Family Day , went to Centerpoint , One Borneo's New York New York ( dinner with Serena ) . I guess that's about it .

Flight to Kuching will be on Monday evening .Will be going there with Tim. So , till then , I shall update .


Thursday, June 11, 2009

exam result

Hm... manala result exam ni , cakap 11 Jun , masih lagi portal xupdate2 ni ...

beginila U ni , hampeh

Thursday, June 4, 2009


" Somewhere weakness is our strength

And I'll die searching for it

I can't let myself regret"

such selfishness...

Saturday, May 16, 2009


What A Shame We All Became ,
Such Fragile Broken Things ,
A Memory Remains ,
Just A Tiny Spark .

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


And finally , it's my turn to go home , back to home sweet home Tawau~~ Been looking forward to it since few final weeks of lectures . I made it through the semester and also the examination alive . I'm grateful for that , though I am a little worried about my Thermodynamics . Let's just hope no shit happens . Fingers crossed.

And yeah , I had a little post that I did not do . It was a second trip to Sungai Petani , meeting up with Big Sis Jeanny . Ahh , I was quite busy after coming back from that trip , and consequently found myself procrastinating the post until today , and for that very fact , I don't remember what to post on that trip . Maybe a little summary and a few pictures would do ?

One of the candi , cant remember the name

Jean with her pose

another candi

her im-guarding-this-candi pose

A few of the artifacts

I went back KL the next day after my final paper , and reaches KL around 7pm . Then an unexpected scene were to happen , and I , for one , didnt know anything about it , and got scolded for free -.- " .

It happens that , I was supposed to catch up with my sister and her fiance at KLCC and watch the movie Wolverine . Since I couldn't make it , they went in without me ( I STILL HAVENT WATCH IT, DANGGG) . so , I made my way to Burger King just to kill the other hour and a half to wait for them , and was convinced that I texted them about it before doing so.

Little did I know about it , the signal was poor there , the message wasn't sent .

So there I was , dilly-dallying for about 2 hours , wondering why they havn't call me , still , I didn't realize the fact that the sms wasn't sent!

It was fate that I opened my ebuddy chatting with my phone through the wifi provided there ( It was KFC's ) . Surprise surprise

" Alif : Kakak kau risau kau x sampai2 lagi .. "

I was like , " huh? "

I check message then to reconfirm the message .




Turns out they have been calling my friends asking my whereabouts as they couldnt reach me . I pulak , taktau apa2 (=.=)

Then I came out of BK and call them , explain the whole thing and they were there already no longer than 2 minutes . FACE THE MUSIC ... (T.T)

Went back home after that and enjoyed the start of my holiday , yeahhhhhhhhh..

It wasn't pretty though . The first few days was horrible . I was sick , a combo of flu and fever , lasted for 4 days , currently still coughing . Stayed at home most of the times la . Luckily got football match to watch in between , happy la jugak aku .

Oh , we went for bowling and pool also . Didn't do well in both of it la , can I use the sick excuse ?? :P

On Monday , I actually felt abit better , so I decided to pay Victor a visit . But it wasn't all that pretty either , I was waiting for a taxi to show up , it took me 2 hours! then one show up , and asked for RM20 , bummer!

Didn't care that much actually , and went off to Sunway Pyramid anyways . Had the routine lunch-game-lepak thingy . Ahh , feels good to do this after a long while . Went lunch at Mr Teppanyaki , searched about at the game shop , and shoot some bad guys at the arcade . After that it was food buying session , Victor with his usual Jusco pizza , as for me , I opted to try the famous J.CO . Hmm , not bad la , but I still can't see the difference betweern Nash , Big Apple and J.CO .

Tuesday was all about staying home , and packing . At night only I went out with Ali to play some bowling and pool . it was fun , for sure! After that , it was back to the packings again . I'll be carrying a lot of stuffs , all of them are my sister's wedding items . hope there's no problem with it la .

So , I'll be in Tawau practically another 26 hours , here are some of my objectives during this semester break : -

1. Play pool and beat Bazli , Fred and etc
2. Play bowling in KK , beat anyone who wants to challenge( I'll try )
3. Go for my Sarawak trip
4. Finish the so-called mission given by the soon to be raja sehari sister
5.Play badminton with lilin , tkp , bazli and so on
6. go for jogs at the temple every evening ( I have to do this , come on!!)
7. Watch MU beat Barcelona silly for UEFA CL Final :D
8. Go KK and kacau Serena? and badminton with her!!!!!!
9. Go for a road trip to semporna perhaps with my friends?
10. deal with the never finish business with both the cars ... sigh

11. Florentine choc moist cake~~~

All in all , I just wanna have a peaceful holiday .
That's all for now

Over and Out

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Mother's Day

So have all of you wished your mum a happy mother's day? If you haven't then hurry up and do it . What kind of a child are you not remembering to wish your mum's annual day?

so to all the mums and mums-to-be , here's a sincere wish from me


*to the child , appreciate your mother and don't ever take her for granted , you never know what's gonna happen and bear in mind , you don't miss the water until it's gone .

Friday, May 8, 2009


When the war of the beasts
brings about the world's end
the goddess descends from the sky
wings of light and dark spread afar
she guides us
to bliss
her gift

Act I

Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess
We seek it thus, and take it to the sky
Ripples form on the water’s surface
The wandering soul knows no rest.

Act II
There is no hate, only joy
For you are beloved by the goddess
Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds
Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul
Pride is lost
Wings stripped away, the end is nigh.

My friend, do you fly away now?
To a world that abhors you and I?
All that awaits you is a somber morrow
No matter where the winds may blow
My friend, your desire
Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return.

Act IV
My friend, the fates are cruel
There are no dreams, no honor remains
The arrow has left the bow of the goddess
My soul, corrupted by vengeance
Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey
In my own salvation
And your eternal slumber
Legend shall speak
Of sacrifice at world’s end
The wind sails over the water’s surface
Quietly, but surely.

Act V
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Updates ...

Okay then , a delayed post , by a week , could have posted it last week , but I lost my mood on posting it , so to make it up , I'll add more stuffs to make it looooooongerrr :P

Last week , I had my study week , and I went back to KL , with a few objectives in mind . But overall the theme is none other than FOOD . hehe ... Oh , make that japanese food to be precise .

Went back by bus saturday noon , particularly because I had a sucky programming test that morning which delayed my trip back . But I got through it , wasted a few hours at home and went off to the bus station to take my bus in Butterworth .

After 4 to 5 hours later , I found myself in KL already , ah yes , the familiar KL roads , and the same disease it carried for so long - TRAFFIC JAMS!

I carried my stuffs , and waited for my sis and Ali to come and fetch me at Pudu bus station .
Moments later they were there already , and we head off straight to a restaurant , why?


what else? MU vs Sunderland ma that night , but it wasnt so entertaining , quite a poor performance I would say , but then that boy Kiko Macheda popped again with the winner . Unbelieveable!

Sunday was all about buying stuffs for my sisters's coming wedding .But before that , we went to the Jusco at Keramat , relatively new ,

opened early this year ( just like the place Jun went in her post ) , searched and walked about the place , and decided to have brunch at Madam Lim's place , food was nice , not bad la ,

The super delicious Longan drink

They bully me to finish all the leftovers T.T
I thought the structure was built nicely , with a garden at the center , nice planning!

This #@@# guy smoked at a non-smoking place

We then headed to Masjid India area to search for the stuffs , my stuffs first , because I was the VIP , hehe .

Macam VIP kan?? :D

Within an hour , we found the suitable accesories for me to wear on the occasion , and I'm glad about it - I never liked shopping for long hours . It's so booooooring! and tiring!

Next on the agenda was a Sushi eating feast at Sushi King. They had a RM2 promotion offer off the the kaiten belt . Too good to resist , must go!

Had to go through a lot of transports until I can reach there . First was taxi , then LRT , actually have to take MONOREL also after that , but I opted to walk instead . After all , it was my territory , back then I always walked myself along the road after school , haha .

Didn't change much though

I went there with Skk a.k.a. Makcik Kee . The place was Sushi King @ Low Yat . Woah , full house lo that place , like never before seen , haha . Waited for that makcik to come then we went in . EATTTTTT!!!



By the way , the right hand side is the plates of sushies eaten by makcik and not me , I had my "diet" that day . hahahah

Next on the list was a japanese buffet dinner at JOGOYA . This restaurant is not bad at all , they have quite a variety of sushi , sashimi , dim sum , fruits , all sorts of seafood , cakes , cookies , ice-creams etc etc . Normally , it's RM88 nett per head , but makcik kee gave me a voucher with an offer of buy 1 free 1 , indirectly this means , bring 2 person , cut the price by half :D , so it was good la , quite satisfying .

I had already booked for a table of 4 , but in the end it was only 2 that came , me and Victor. Too bad for those who didn't come though , it was worth the money . And as for the pictures:

The mango and coconut pudding

Haagen-Daaz corner


Victor + Thailand Coconut ( really really sedap)

The sudden surge of people as we were heading out of the restaurant


Junction near the MONOREL station , Vic wanted to take a photo of the billboards , so did I

After all that , we took the monorel back to KL sentral , I had to show Victor the way back home , and I have to go home myself .

Useful Train Routes

At the end of the day , I was rather happy as I managed to make the dinner happen at least, but the only downside of the day wasn't this

It was this , the unused voucher which left me fuming the whole day ....

Finished with all my objectives , it's all about studying and revisions after that , after all it is what they call " study week " . I stayed home for 4- 5 days , studying ... wittttthhh a little gaming , TV and etc , hehehehe .

The week then came to an end , and I had to go back to Penang .

Went back with my housemate with his Kelisa

The wacky Subhan

Upon arrival , all the others were there already , the house was a big mess , AS EXPECTED


one sudden statement made me laugh though

"Putih giler ko Lan , kau tak keluar rumah ker? "

Alep asked ,

"Yer ah , dah 5 hari tak kluar rumah ni , LOL "

I replied with a smile

Then everyone LOL-ed together , ahahah .

I unpacked my stuffs , had my lunch and I found myself in slumberland for 3 hours.Was tired la , woke up at 6 and had a 4 hour trip in a car , whaddayaexpect ???

I actually have been trying to build my body to a reasonable figure , I felt like I am a little fat . And so , I have started jogging , on that evening , moreover , I did sit-ups and carried the dumbell . I really wanna build my body lahh ..

The Dumbell

At night , went to the Jusco near our house pulak . I wanted to buy a basketball ,because I had a sudden urge to play basketball again after so long leaving it behind, and so I got 1

Got it for RM60 , not bad la

No time to lose now , it was already 10pm , had to rush home , do some final revisions and go to sleep . Exam 1st paper the next day.

The exam went rather okay I THINK , the questions were challenging enough to make me use the full 3 hours given , crazyyyyyyy .

Had my basketball game afterwards , but sadly , it's not the same la .

I missed the time where I can play basketball happily with a group of guys , for long hours , and I do mean happily . I just can't seem to enjoy playing basketball anymore . Guess I need to find the team chemistry again?

As for today , housemates decided to go for a walk in Penang . Where? KOMTAR la

This is actually the first time I went into Komtar after a year of absence ! haha , and we happily walked around every floor , went it every shop we can just to mess around , haha .

In the end , what I bought was these

USB Vacuum


Now hold your horses , stop that thought , this ain't no liquor , it's only sparkling water , and it's tasty too , YUMMMMM . :P

And now for random stuffs

I've found a new band , Hey Monday they call themselves

Their music is good , their single "Homecoming" caught my attention . They have that Paramore vibe about them , and so if you like Paramore , you might wanna try them .

Ahh , ok then , I have another exam coming up in two days , so then catch y'all later!!

Over and out