Wednesday, December 31, 2008


How can I decide what's right
When you're clouding up my mind?
I can't win your losing fight
All the time.

Not gonna ever own what's mine
When you're always taking sides
But you won't take away my pride.
No, not this time.
Not this time.

How did we get here?
When I used to know you so well.
But how did we get here?
Well, I think I know.

The truth is hiding in your eyes
And it's hanging on your tongue.
Just boiling in my blood.
But you think that I can't see
What kind of man that you are,
If you're a man at all.
Well, I will figure this one out
On my own.
(I'm screaming, "I love you so.")
On my own.
(My thoughts you can't decode)

How did we get here?
When I used to know you so well, yeah.
But how did we get here?
Well, I think I know.

Do you see what we've done?
We've gone and made such fools
Of ourselves.
Do you see what we've done?
We've gone and made such fools
Of ourselves.


How did we get here?
When I used to know you so well, yeah, yeah.
How did we get here?
Well, I used to know you so well.
I think I know.
I think I know.

There is something I see in you.
It might kill me.
I want it to be true.

I dreamed I was missing, you were so scared
But no one would listen, 'cause no one else cared
After my dreaming, I woke with this fear
What am I leaving when I'm done here?

So if you're asking me, I want you to know

When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
Don't resent me, and when you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest

Leave out all the rest, don't be afraid
I've taken my beating, I've shared what I made
I'm strong on the surface, not all the way through
I've never been perfect, but neither have you

So if you're asking me, I want you to know

When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
Don't resent me, and when you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest

Forgetting all the hurt inside you've learned to hide so well
Pretending someone else can come and save me from myself
I can't be who you are

When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed
Don't resent me, and when you're feeling empty
Keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest
Leave out all the rest

Forgetting all the hurt inside you've learned to hide so well
Pretending someone else can come and save me from myself
I can't be who you are

I can't be who you are

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sushi Delights!

As we all know , I love to eat sushi-es , and yes , whenever I have the chance , I would go for for Japanese food , most of the times it would be Sushi King or Teppanyaki . Some others I've tried like Genki Sushi and a few others that I can't really remember the names .

And so , as I and my housemates were walking around in Jusco Perda , we looked at the lists of restaurants . What caught my eyes was a certain sushi restaurant. Namely - Sushi Queen.

Interesting ...

Instead of the normal Sushi King

we have this one too now!

Well , I don't quite know whether they are related or not , but it really is not my concern , what I want is a decent sushi meal and I'm very grateful that such a shop is nearby my house . Yummy!!!

Moving on , I planned to go back for new year to KL , turns out I can't make it . Tickets all finished until 6th of January , guess I'll be spending new year in Penang after all , or some other places that I can travel to .

Just a little update on the previous debate tournament . The standings for debaters are out , and I find myself ranked 36 in the competition , out of 105 competitors . I'm the 2nd best for my campus and short of 7 points from the best debater of my campus , which is also my partner in the competition . I guess it's not bad for rusty ol' me after all :D

Saturday, December 27, 2008

tagged lagiii

Nama ‘Timang-timangan’ anda oleh yang tersayang?

* Commercial name : lan
* friends : lan
* Kawan Sekolah Rendah : haniff
* Kawan Sekolah Menengah: fadhlan , lan , lanny , fadh
* Kawan Universiti: fadhlan (expectedly)
* Lecturer / Cikgu: Fadhlan ( but of course?)
* Anak-anak buah : Erm?Abang without calling my name?
* Mama : Baby ( hahhahaha XD)
* Ayah : Mohamad Fadhlan / Fadhlan

Anda seorang yang...

* Strong heart and doesnt always show my true emotions

* Choosy?Fussy?Cant say but I admit there are many

Describe apa membuatkan dia terlalu istimewa dimata anda...
* siapa dia?

Makanan & Minuman favourite anda
*Sushi! Fast food! Thai Food etc...

Favourite colour
* Maroon , red , dark brown

Favourite song
* At the moment , Decode by Paramore , just for the moment la , sebab memang banyakkk

Siapa yg selalu membuatkan anda tergelak
*Oh? Banyak jugaaa...

Sikap yg membuatkan anda stress
*minta puji , bikin panas , dan yang meng-kaciwakan..hehee

3 benda yg mesti ada dlm bag anda
*beg? beg apa ni?

Kali terakhir anda beriya-iya menangis. Kenapa?
*Kenapa beriya-iya nangis?bukan teresak-esak? soalan xbetul xmau jawab :P

Perkara yg paling lucu atau memalukan dlm hidup anda
*Now , memang ada banyak , well maybe one of them is during the semifinal state level debate , when it was afternoon , I actually open my speech by saying GOOD MORNING consecutively 3 times!!!!

Tag rakan anda
1. Siapa
2. Mahu
3. Buat
4. Silakan
5. Buat

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A good day

A few days ago , I was able to meet up with a lot of my old friends.

Things started with me driving in opposite direction with Fredrick Chia,and therefore we stopped by for a small chat.He invited me to go yamcha at that night , that's cool with me.Heh.

Then on the evening, me and Bazli went for a jog at PZS and we met up up with guess who?

Mr Teo himself , along with Yong CY , Lim SY and obviously the guy I invited to come CKL.

We jog for an hour and yamcha-ed nearby my house.There's a new bubble tea shop , called the Bo Bo Bear bubble tea.

Then came in a message from Fred , asking me to go for pool . Game on!

At the pool place , I met up with Chin GY , Tay JW , Wong PY , Kevin Wong , and some other SMKT guys.

We hung out at Wh? not after that to have a drink .

Some of the pictures:

Danny , Bazli , Me , Fred

The others

Bapak² Ayamzzzz :D

Monday, December 15, 2008

karambunai's nexus and one borneo's novotel

So then , I was in KK from 11-14 of December , many thanks to me aunty :)

Before I proceed on the happenings there , I would like to say sorry to my boss Serena Lucinda Wang ( correct,no?) for not being able to meet up with her during my time in KK this time . But dont worry , I might come back there again if I can .

So let's begin...

11th December

We got ready to go , the trip consists of 8 people . And so then off we go with two cars. We arrive an hour earlier , the flight was 1715 , and we arrived at 1600+- . We checked in and all those stuff and got inside the plane after not long after.

45 minutes in the plane and voila.. we were in KK already!!! Upon arrival , my aunty already called for her friend to fetch us to stay at a hotel . It was a hotel near 1 Borneo by the name of Novotel

Front Door

View from a bit far

Decoration nearby

Xmas tree inside

Straight after settling down in our own rooms and putting the luggages, we went to 1 Borneo to have lunch . The restaurants name was Jaws , ahha , its seafood, very delicious nonetheless.
Uncle was going to spend for it so we all went for it . Overall it was good food I tell you , but we were all full already , turns out the boys , as in me and my two cousins have to settle with the leftovers , ta pao makan di bilik ...hahahahahhahaha

Went for walk together after dinner , and as usual , the centre court was colourfully decorated

Xmas decoration

Saw this picture of Wayne Rooney when we were walking , and I did not waste the opportunity to "clap hands" with him , hahahaha XD

After a short while , we all went back to sleep , but before that we did went to Giant supermarket to get some food and tid-bits, hehe.

12th December

Woke up at 930am , took our bath and went down for breakfast , food was ok . After that we sambung jalan.We stopped at the bowling center and what else? have a couple of bowling games la!!It was me vs Afiq vs Fadhli . Game on!!

First game
Second game

Those were the results for bowling.And we continued by playing some games and wasted some money at the arcade. We played games like house of the dead and time crisis, oh and even the basketball shooting game , that was really fun. We all got addicted to it .

It was our high score!!!(but the next day it was broken -.-)

We played until 3pm I think , and then we had to stop for our trip to Karambunai . Yeah , here we go!

An hour later we arrived , and here's how the lobby looks like at Nexus

Because the rooms were far apart and there were many luggages , we had to travel by buggy , u know the mini cars that they used in golf , cool huh?

I can tell u that during our stay in karambunai we tried so many kinds of sports . I'll explain further as we go.

Initially after we had settled down in our room , we planned to go for a swim . And to go there , we would have to go through a small football field . The moment our group of boys pass by , the guys there asked us to play , they go :

"satu , dua , tiga , empat , lima mari main "

we all stopped and gave it a thought for a while , and suddenly one of us said:

"jom main"

aiiii...mainla bola pulak , sepatutnya mau pergi swimming, hahahahha. Played for 1 hour plus eh.

The match was interesting from my point of view,hahaaha, obviously they were a better team and they were stronger than us . We attacked their goal but they were good defensively , and they were just talig us lightly , playing in front of our goal pulak tu .. huhuuhu..

Then they broke the deadlock , one of them cross the ball, hit our keeper and its an own goal.
Moments later they were attacking in numbers and I had to tackle the ball to take it away from the striker, turns out it rolled into our goal pulak -.- , I scored an own goal laaaa...

They started to loosen up after their 2 goal lead , and we attacked with a 3 frontmen ,leaving one defender at the back. It was 5 v 5 actually .

Me , when it comes to football , eventhough I play as a striker , I rarely score a goal. In a competitve match , I have only scored 3 or 4 times even playing as a striker . Then came this moment of miracle where their keeper was trying to trick his way out of me but he actually tertinggal bola di belakang , it was a simple tap-in for me . 2-1

They were still playing with us.

Later one of the guys say that :

"okay, lets make this a golden goal , whoever scores win the match"

ahha,hearing this we went all out.We were losing anyway,hahahah...

Attack and counterattack , it went on for awhile.And suddenly we found ourselver 3 v 2 at their half, and their keeper wasnt guarding the goal . The midfield guy squared the ball to me after luring the defender away .



I managed to sidefoot the ball into the empty net!! Amazing , I was really scared I would miss, I breathe a huge sigh of relief.

My team players(excluding the keeper)

Group photo after the match

Having not be able to swim , we went back to our room to wash up and take our baths and get ready for dinner.After that , it was another wave of fun-nation!

We went to play pool at the recreation stop . There was a mini arcade and the board football game too.And so , we played...

After a few games , uncle called us to go to the club named Darlin' Darlin , and we continued our game there!

And finally we were done for that night.

13th December

Woke up at 9am++ , went for breakfast , hanged out for awhile near the seaside

and then went straight for the swimming pool.We played a mini "football" game in the pool , just for fun.

After that , we went back to our room , pack things up , took our shower , went for our lunch and whaddaya know, continue pool until we were called to the lobby. And then it was goodbye Karambunai.

Drove back to 1 Borneo and checked back in to the hotel , and went off to the arcade .. again!

We went straight for the same ol games...

The aftermath of a 1-on-1 with Fadhli,I won

Evening , we played bowling again , a special appearence by Dr. Kahar , he came just to bully us in bowling , we lost badly to him.. huhuhu..

It was movie fest after that , started with Twilight and ended with Transporter 3 . I got a new crush from these two movies , but I like ALICE CULLEN , the vampire can see the future more , than the girl from Transporter 3 .

14th December

Woke up breakfast and then packed up things again . We were treated to yet another seafood lunch and it definitely was good . We had a sneek-peek at uncle's still-in-progress house, should be completed in two months he said.Goody , looks very good the house .This is followed by a walk at CentrePoint , wasted time there at the arcade , it was not par to the ones at 1 Borneo .

When the time was 6 oclock , we made our way to the airport , and we prepared to board our flight and touchdown at Tawau an hour later.

I enjoyed my holiday in KK .

Phew~what a long post

Over and out

Sunday, December 14, 2008

tagged by anna

well , this is one late tag I replied late, but I guess she would understand .. here goes

three name that friends call you
[1] Lan
[2] Niff
[3] Palan

three most important date in your life
[1] 27th Nov obviously
[2] 29 August
[3] 14 February ( not because of Valentine's day)

three things you've done in the last 33 minutes
[1] Watched WWE Armageddon
[2] Download Marvel vs Capcom game
[3] Main WWF Attitude

three ways to be happy
[1] Eat
[2] Sports
[3] SLEEP!!!!

three of your favourite songs as of now
[1] Let The Flames Begin by Paramore
[2] Decode also by Paramore
[3] All Around Me by Fireflight

three of your favourite hobby
[1] Sports of any kind
[2] gaming
[3] watch football

three places you want to go for vacation
[1] Japan/Korea
[2] Thailand!!!
[3] Somewhere in Europe?

three favourite cartoon/anime characters
[1] Uchiha Sasuke
[2] Kensin Himura
[3] Johny Bravo

three malls you usually go to
[1] Megamal Penang
[2] Mid Valley Megamall
[3] Sunway Carnival Mall

three favourite drinks
[1] Plum with lime /pearl / nata de coco
[2] sirap limau
[3] coke

three things found in your bag
[1] oh? laptop
[2] Baju
[3] Bateri

favourite colors
[1] black
[2] red
[3] dark brown

top three hang outs
[1] Bazli
[2] Penang housemates
Basketball friends , futsal friends

top three foods you love so much
[1] Sushi King
[2] Seafood
[3] Dim Sum

top three things special to you
[1] my phone
[2] my laptop
[3] myself

top three atitudes you like
[1] cool and calm
[2] in control
[3] friendly but not overboard

three things you will be doing tomorrow
[1] going to play futsal
[2] going to play more games
[3] going to watch movies again?

three reasons you answer this survey
[1] tagged by si anna
[2] bored u can say
[3] blog been dead for some time

three people that you tagged
[3] well , its either cayenne or eevee , both of u la

Monday, December 1, 2008

debate + mah befday + the rest

Hello all , hi bloggy ! Its been awhile hasn't it? Well , I was kinda busy actually , and internet isn't really good here , so I'll keep it short and simple kay?

Firstly I was involved in VC CUP debate in Shah Alam which I didn't even made it to quarter finals , but nevertheless , I enjoyed it , out of 7 debates I competed , which includes the training and the tournament itself , my team won 3 times , got middle placings 2 or 3 matches and others lost badly I guess , heheheheh....

Hey it was British Parlimentary style waddaya expect? I only had experience on Asian Parlimentary... and preparation time was only 15 minutes , combined with f-ing motions and worst I had to go against some Law students!! U might say Im giving excuses , well hell I dont careeeeee!!!

I never really try this , and now Im gonna do it -> Less words , more pictures!

This a picture of penang team with the VC

Er...Magazine cover for Dudes & Babe?

Sunshine and me

Just being posey y'all

Same here la

Team Penang 1(Fattah and Iylia)

This shows John's greed when eating

Me and John(Team Penang 2)

The guy from Sarawak who talked about Debatopia in his public speaking speech

Aiman and his girl's hand(team penang 3)

Syafiq , me , mr anizan , john , aiman, kara

We are the swing team yang menang!(yea rite)


Sebelum VC dinner...

And now moving on to my birthday, basically it wasnt good initially ,excluding the time when I got my new phone sony ericsson G900 la( wahahahahahahah XD) , owing to the fact that on the actual birthday itself I was sick ... had flu + cough + high fever which I got from debating la...stretched for 5 days already the fever , went to the clinic on the 26th , and only after 3 days of medication it slowed down and I felt a lil bit better.

Just when u thought that, okay , my birthday is just gonna pass by just like this , allright birthday wishes are there , but I dint really get to meet my friends on the day itself . Hmm .. so there I was arriving Tawau , and Farhana was the one who fetched me . Little that I know I was already inside their cunning surprise of a birthday surprise . Gotta give it to you all , I really really didnt expect to have a birthday surprise anymore , part because it was already 28th of november , and it was already night . But you guys proved how wrong I was . I appreciate and thank all of my famlily who made the birthday party , for the success rate and the suprise level , u all would still have to work on it , cause I saw it coming!!!! (when I was at the door then suddenly blackout, cmon la , cannot be such coincidence?! I even heard someone switched off the light! but still , its the thought that counts.. and yes I was touched ~~ huhuhhhu)

Presentation of the birthday cake to me

Ma befday cake

After that, its life as usual in Tawau , the usual repairing car business (haizzz) , did some stuff for the house and etc . Met up with some old friends, namely Ritzuan , Bazli , Fazrezan . We went out for a day actually. And then there's this basketball session with CKL and CGY. umm, went to town and met CNS and Louis Pang?? hmmmm , and now Im just happy to have my holiday here... and I plan to enjoy the rest of it to the fullest!!!

Thats it

Im gonna stop on this post

Over and out!!!