Friday, September 26, 2008

Shopping Malls

I never liked them to start with...
There were certain periods that I did enjoy being in shopping malls...
But now..
It just feels even worse..
It's because..
It reminds me..
of lots n lots of stuffs..
Being in shopping malls..
U can see "it" everywhere..
The feeling's so strong..
that it pierces through my heart..
so deep..
it hurts..
it still hurts..
it's gonna hurt..
when it heals too..

"And now,you've become a part of me
you'll always be right here
you've become a part of me
you'll always be my fear
I can't separate
Myself from what I've done
Giving up a part of me
I've let myself become u
I've let myself become lost inside
These thoughts of u
Giving up a part of me
I've let myself become u "

Monday, September 22, 2008


In the papers today,it says that Malaysia will no longer be importing dairy products form China,and products already in Malaysia will be banned and taken away from the shops.


Because their product can no longer be trusted and it is too risky.There has been a lot of cases of milk poisoning of babies there.

Further tests have also found that for example,u know the "bai tu" sweets?the rabbit milk candy?it is confirmed that it contains melanine...which is very dangerous for the health.

Hey DMF AP BAZLI,hehehe..take note on this post,we can't eat our favourite sweet anymore T.T


Here's an update on other stuffs from China to avoid from:-

1. M&M

2. Snickers

3. Mento’s Yoghurt Bottle

4. Dove Chocolate

5. Oreo Wafer Sticks

6. Dutchlady Sterilised Milk

7. Wall’s all natural mango

8. Mini Poppers Ice Cream

9. Magnum Ice Cream

10. Moo Sandwich Ice Cream

11. Mini Cornetto

12. Youcan Ice Cream

So therefore,be careful when buying food

Because- You are what You eat!!!

Over and Out!!!

Subhan's Bday

Last Sunday was my housemate's birthday,and he decided to open a small party to celebrate!!
Okay boss,no problem at all!

Birthday boy on the left

Since he is from the culinary department,he said he was gonna cook for the occasion,along with his friend.

Them 2 in action

Basically they cooked fried mee,and ayam percik

mee on the left,ayam on the right

15 minutes before the breaking fast time,then the people starts to come.There was about 13-15 ppl la in the house..hahahah

The "asap" boys

Adil(the chef) byk makan!!!

tetamu2 lain

well,actually the mee was ok,but then the ayam wasnt well cooked!!hahahahhaah...nevermind la,puasa ba kan..but can that be an excuse to the culinary boys???apa macam ni weyyy..hahahhaha
..He had a great birthday la,the next day her girlfriend gave him a cow pillow sheet!with the cow's head sticking out...ahha...good wat?at least ur girl gave u a present that she thinks it suits u... :P

Apart from that,we did a little bit of shooping for the house,just to make sure the house doesnt look like
a 'bujang's house'.Cannot tahan la rumah dirty and not organized.

Well,lets see

A new shoe rack

Towel hanger and new light bulb!

And last but not least,a big trash bin!
Gonna do some more shoppings for the house la,maybe next semester...
Over and Out!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Break fast in Penang Island

Looks like I misundertood the place we're going...I thought the place was at Gurney...I got mixed up as it was in QueensbayMall area...

This is Queensbaymall from the open car park view

The front entrance where all the taxis and buses drop their passengers

This area is like a place for the high class community,or so I guess,the mall here is also like selling all those expensive boutiques,stuffs like that etc.

Houses all around these area looks very nice,but don't forget the price will be nice also

This design for the house is quite neat

The condominium just 10 minutes away from the Queensbaymall

We hung out at the mall for 3 hours,they did their shopping,and I did a lil bit of mine,just to kill some time off.And what I bought was a new AVF headset with microphone..hahahah

Time passed quickly and it was already 63opm,so our gang moved out from the mall to the restaurant

Its like a pack of seafood stalls stacked together near the seaside.Well,the name of the place was -


Basically,we ordered food set for about 26 people!!Each will pay rm15 for it.Well here's the dishes

Look at us go!!!

Aliya,Azimah,Atiqah berjuang menghabiskan makanan!

Wan,Tengku,Megat,Tarmizi juga berperang..

Steady ah beb,xbuka puasa lagiii,heheeh..

And here's how it looks like near the end of the dinner!!!!

Habis jugak makanan2 tu,hahahah

It was quite an enjoyable trip,although I have to admit it's very tiring and the shopping part suckssss....

Oh!we managed to take some pictures too

Introducing from the left,aizat,megat,me,tarmizi,zamir,wan

Ahh..bau laut yang...errr..kurang menyenangkan??

Budak2 perempuan yg dtg

Budak2 lelaki lain...


I think that's all for this post..hmmm..been uploading pics like crazy...

goodnight,or goodmorning,watever

over and out


Thursday, September 18, 2008

TAGGED Version 2.0

by @dr3h(my gendud sis) XD

The Rules ;

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

Lets Begin!

I'm a big BIG fan of Manchester United Football Club (MUFC) , its simply just because they're the best team in the world,their players are young and still developing,and they play super-attacking and attractive,exquisite and entertaining football!What's more they just've been crowned Kings of Europe because of their Europe and BPL Double Champion last season.Well,surely they're gonna defend their crown,needless to say right?Who's got a problem with MUFC come and fight my MU team in Pro Evolution Soccer or Winning Eleven la!!!

I guess its normal that us boys have a big appetite for food.Well,I guess its a well-known fact.I'm a fan of eating.Usually I'd be eating anything that is good to eat.Back in those days when I was still small,I used to be the "tukang sapu makanan", means I would the finisher for all the leftovers.Since I have given out this fact,might as well state out my favourite food eh?So those of u who wants to impress,please,make me happy u can treat/make me SUSHI,PIZZA,CAKE (I'd seriously prefer home-made ones :D) , STEAK,well uh...there'a s alot more..Tired to type la...

I love music,I mean I'm DEEPLY in love with musics..Plainly because it just understands me,I can connect with it through my heart and soul.It's a good friend for me all the time!!I can say that I can't live a day without music,and I admit I will boom the house with rock songs most of the times.Naturally I would listen to rock songs la,whereby for me,it helps me release my tension,and for some songs,it just happens to describe what I was feeling at the time itself,so I felt that it's like a companion for me,and I began to get stuck and fall in love with the songs. I love u music,and I know u love me too!

One unknown fact about me is that - I'm lovable by the kids.Surprisingly, they're just attracted to me.Right,I'm as quizzed as you,I myself don't know why.I'm don't really look like Im gonna eat someone,but then again I dont own a face that is so so ummm.."soft?" for the children to not feel scared and come approach me.Well,sometimes I will entertain them for a while.But I tend to ignore them more because I think it's gonna be real troublesome once they start to CRY CRY CRY!!!So best not to be involve with them too much.Im really no good in cheering people up la...

For me,I will seriously admit that I am choosy in my relationship,turns out that Im not really popular with the girls I think?But once I think she's the right one,Im gonna have a go at her until I get her. hehe :D All is fair in love and war!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh..the teasing and being teased situations..It's been with be all these years.Hehe,to tell you the truth,I love it!!And of course,I like to be in the winning side,who doesnt eh??Few of the fun teasing game that I remember is all during my secondary school times...It was all fun la,remember teasing the BM teacher - Wong Fui Lin?She has a really good command of BM,so it was real fun keep "bombing" each other with her.I had reinforcements ma kan,mr TKP,Timmy boy(Shen) ,Guojun ,Bazli and Ritzuan!!!Oh,against Jason Chin also not bad ah...This Jason ahhh...cannot one day no tease me one ..nampak saja me that day surely the mouth is gonna tease me...well,Im not just gonna let u tease me just like that,fight fire with fire la!Peduli apa aku u r EST teacher or my English tuition teacher???This means WARRR,a fun war that is :P

Maybe some of you don't know,but I just don't like spending my time in shopping malls shopping,window shooping and all those stuffs thats related to shopping.UNLESS,its a well-planned trip to the mall,Im forced to go,or Im spending time with someone special ^^

Okay,victims of tags,goes to:-

Timmy boyyyy(shen)
Im out of ppl to tag..doesnt say I cant tag someone alrady tagged rite? tag si gendud anna!!!

19th Ramadhan

It's already the 19th day of the fasting month,which means there is only 11 days more of fasting,a week more from my holiday and 8 days more to Tawau!!Yeahh!!hahahaha..

What should I write today?hmm...

*Deep in thought*


I love watching the moon at night...It's just so beautiful.Oh, and I used to tell someone about it,but it seems now it's gonna stop.Nevertheless,the moon is indeed nice to watch.Ah,it was full moon a few days ago,but I didnt take any picture of it.Today though,I decided to take the picture because the moon tonight was a stand-out,it was huge and yellowish!!

see it?its not so round anymore on top cause its already the 19th!
(camera lauya cannot zoom closer,sorry la)

Other than that,umm...

Well,Thurday is finishing,and I consider it an achievement to get through a Thursday,simply because today is the most hectic,crazily-packed-scheduled day of mine,and Im proud to say I made it through the day,with a good feeling :D

I woke up early at 4am today ,was gonna watch M.U. vs Villareal , wanna watch Ronaldo ma..long time no see him play...well,I got my wish,soon as I connect to the net to watch the football match,Ronaldo was thrown into the fray .It was the 60th minute,score 0-0.

I expected something good from this match,turns out it was a goalless draw,but I think it's good that Ronaldo is playing and giving assists to the team again..His killer pass to Wayne Rooney was superb and should have been a goal when Wayne squared the ball to Tevez ,only for it to be cleared on the goalline...

Its a match against Chelsea this Sunday...well,actually I don't know how I should look forward to that match...Chelsea's been in good form while M.U. hasn't really find their rythm,but who knows?A win at Stamford Bridge to kickstart their season ain't a bad idea!

I dint sleep after sahur,opened my Dynamics book and continued revising it,there was going to be a quiz later at 8am.hahaha,and I guess it paid off real sweet cause I can answer the quiz just now!!How satisfying the feeling is!

I am also looking forward to the majlis berbuka puasa that's is being organized by the girls from our class.Goody,gonna break fast with seafood this Saturday!!!It's a restaurant near the Gurney Drive,or should I say QueensBayMall to make it even more near.It's a restaurant at the seaside.I've eaten there before with my granma , and oh yes! It is tasty :P That's why I can't wait man...


Im coming for yaaa!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Best of Me

Its so hard to say that

I'm sorry,
I'll make everything alright
All these things
that I've done
now what have I become
And where'd I go wrong
I don't mean to hurt,
just to put you first
I won't tell you lies
Im sorry
I will stand accused
with my hand on my heart
Im just trying to say

Im sorry
it's all that I can say
You mean so much
and I'd fix all that I've done
If I could start again
I'd throw it all away
to the shadows of regrets
And you would
have the best of me

I know that
I can't take
back all of the mistakes
But I will try
Although it's not easy,
I know you believe me,
'cause I would not lie
Don't believe their lies,
told through jealous eyes,
they don't understand
Im sorry
I won't break your heart,
I won't bring you down
But I will have to say

Im sorry,
it's all that I can say
You mean so much
and I'd fix all that I've done
If i could start again
I'd throw it all away
to the shadows of regrets
And you would
have the best of me

Im sorry
its all that I can say
You mean so much
and I'd fix all that I've done
If I could start again
I'd throw it all away
to the shadows of regrets
And you would
have the best of me

Monday, September 15, 2008

16 of september!!

Well,It's today!!!

Today is the date of Birth of Malaysia,whereby Sabah, Sarawak join in with Tanah Melayu to form MALAYSIA,hahaha..Apart from that,there were fusses all around the night before due to political issues.You know,Mr. A said that he's gonna take over as PM today,well,none of that happen yet mister...So what's next?Batal puasa kau menipu!!!hahahahahahha...

Insignificant stuffs,okay,what's more important today is that it's one of my close buddies from secondary school, MR BAZLI's birthday!!!!he turns 19 today,I sms-ed him early morning but he
didn't reply,guess he's out of credit,AGAIN!!haha..


hehehe,enjoy ur birthday ham-sapman... :D

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Up until now,Im still confused.Should I be upset about it?Or should I just move on and pretend nothing was wrong?It's still sticking to me,but I try hard not to show it....

It's helpless really...


Put that aside...Lets talk about today as in saturday september 13.It dint start good , denda tulis surat coz late 15 minutes for the cocurricular class...damn,it wasnt fair!!some came later but was not punished...nevermind ler...

Finished presentation of cholera and dysentery on the spot.Well,I dint really present cause I was oblivious myself on the medical terms,so what was the solution??Leave it for the pharmacy students!!!yeahh...Other topics by the other groups was HIV (this topic was freakin hot!!!) and syphilis and gonorrhea ( This was interesting too!) ahhahaha...

Went back home about 12...And involuntary fell asleep for 4 hours!!haha...well,waddaya expect!!Its saturday laaaa..gimme a breakkkkk...

4 plus,the boys from the other house came to challenge me in Pro Evolution Soccer,oh hell yeah,GAME ON!!!

Im using Manchester United,Firli used Barcelona while Abu used Chelsea...Here's how it went:-

M.U. 2-2 Chelsea (Man united won on penalties 5-3)
M.U. 3-1 Barcelona
M.U. 3-2 Chelsea (This one was a injury time winner by me!!!,he was pissed,heheheh)
M.U. 2-1 Barcelona
M.U. 4-4 Chelsea (Chelsea won on penalties 7-5,damn I was distracted by a call from middle sis!!,ahahah,couldn use this excuse tho)
M.U. 4-2 Barcelona (heheheh,Firli dint win over me todayyyyy :D)

Finished gaming,went out to buy food for breaking fast,was raining...Dint matter,I wanted to buy to fu fahhh...sedapppp...So off I went,buying nasi ayam and coconut juice in the process.

Played minesweeper too with Serena and makcik kee , I won against Rena 24-26,hehe,Thanxx renaaa...It was nice of u to care about me and making the deal of cheering me up,haha...

But I was in a losing streak against makcik baddd..she took all my luck edi...its 6-0 altogether liao i lost to her...aihh...

Oh,and timmy boy finally get wat he wants to hear..well,I've let it out...I hope that's the end of the fishy stuffs...

M.U. was playing at Anfield today against Liverpool,and Dimitar Berbatov made his much awaited debut and made an instant impact squaring the ball for Carlos Tevez to score...But we lost 2-1 in the end to liverpool,no thanks to that freak own goal...Damn im disappointed...

To make things worst,Chelsea won the game against City,hell...Its liverpool and chelsea up there now..Just u wait til Cristiano Ronaldo comes backk!!!

Well..Im supposed to study and do homework now,but I feel lazy la..hahahah...will do it la,I'll force my self!

Lets see
1.Lab report
3.Strength of materials-2 assignments
4.Solidwork assignments

English term paper
dynamic lab
Presentation of Suburban plan

Well,it's quite busy man,I reckon this week is gonna be a long one..But next week would be holiday week,not exactly la,but I think of it that way!!Cmon go go go!

Oh, before I forget!!!


:p over and out!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why Not ?

Yeah,why not have every post themed with a song,huh?It's good,it sets the ambience,or the feel if you like,for the whole post.Music is after all one of the ways to release stress!Hehe...this one's by Craig David(I remember Persis Tung always say that I look a lot like him,haha XD)

Sometimes people get me wrong, when it's something I've said or done
Sometimes you feel there is no fun, that's why you turn and run
But now I truly realise, some people don't wanna compromise
Well, I saw them with my own eyes spreading those lies, and
Well I don't wanna live my life, too many sleepless nights
Not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say lady
Well, I'm so tired baby

I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away, oh to find a better day
I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away, oh to find a better day
I'm walking away

Things you say, you're driving me away
Whispers in the powder room baby, don't listen to the games they play
Girl I thought you'd realise, I'm not like them other guys
Cos I saw them with my own eyes, you should've been more wise and
Well I don't wanna live my life, too many sleepless nights
Not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say

I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away, oh to find a better day
I'm walking away, from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away, oh to find a better day
I'm walking away

" favourite part of course,is the chorus, and just before chorus,notice the 3rd line from below, whereby it sounds like this :-

"and I don't wanna live my life,too many sleepless nights
not mentioning the fights, I'm sorry to say lady "

Well,there's no need to explain this two lines of lyrics rite?It's quite easy to understand!haha...

Ok,a lil bit of blogging,,hm...

Surprisingly,a lot of people contact me today,I mean,I get to talk/chat with more people than usual.The most notable one is miss monkey fui!Haha,ok sorry ba,it's Pang Yih Fui .She called me twice today,surprise surprise huh?Apparently she said that her family will be moving to west Malaysia.She was asking about transferring school procedures,its for her sister la,still studying in SMSP.Well,I gave her all the help I can,oh I didnt forget to remind her about SUSHI!!!hahahhahahah...

Apart from her,chatted with shen this morning,its timmy boy a.k.a. achibaba,maybe im not entitled to call him that,he is shen after all :P .

A bit earlier from that, I duelled with EEVEE,ala..aku xbiasa call her by this,makcik skk la better,into minesweeper in msn games..Turns out I won 3/3 games!!haha,I'll admit I won the last one by luck,but it doesnt matter as long as I win!!Yeah baby!!!

I just beat skk again to make it 4-0 today...oh it was a tight one,final score was 26-25.. :P
But then I lost the final match with her.There goes my luck.

After that I dare myself to challenge Cayenne to minesweeper,which inevitably proved suicidal.I just can't tackle her defensive play...Arghhh,tension gilerrr....

By the way,it's the 1oth day of fasting...tonite will be 11th of ramadhan,haha!time moves fast enuf after all,less than 2 weeks more and I'll be in Tawau again!!Home sweet home.

Tawauuuuuuuuuuuuuu,I want Tawauuuu,counting the dayssssss.....

Monday, September 8, 2008


I dreamt of late mum n dad today..Can't seem to remember what really happened,we were going out somewhere in Tawau with relatives from dad's side.Still can't remember anything..But both of them were smiling to me all the way!!!What a pleasant feeling,it just feels so satisfying!!!

I miss you mum
I miss you dad

Saturday, September 6, 2008

6th Ramadhan- SUSHI KING!!!

Guess what?It's Saturday today,and what the heck..I need to wake up to go for CTU211 extra class....Ala...bosan giler....

Woke up late today,for the second consecutive day..what to tired,all the fatigue culminated from thursday sampai la ke friday..penat worr..makan sahur kejap terus tidur this morning.

It's been a rainy season here,but today it rained unusually heavy,could it be that the skies are shedding tears for the death of my 7th day of the month?Hmm...I wonder..Just my imagination la...No point thinking bout that now...

It rained so heavily today it was so good to just pull the blanket and go back to sleep,and that was just what I did after I came back from class,slept for 3 hours.

Woke up at 3,well whaddaya know?nobody woke up -YET.hahahahah!effects of the rain plus laziness on a saturday,what more can I say?But they did woke up half an hour later.

It's been so long that I've been to Sushi King,and we decided to go for it to break our fast.We went off by Fattah's car.Only me,him and Subhan went to Penang Island.Alif had his own plans for the day.Went off by 530..Was still raining,although its slowed down a bit.Mr.Subhan recommended that we go the chain at Gurney Plaza when I asked to go to Prangin Mall(KOMTAR) .Eventually,majoriti won as Fattah also wanted to go Gurney..

Getting around in Penang Island , there's always a problem.Happened so many times oledi...LOST...can't find the right way,hahahah...eventhough got signboards,but always always couldn't arrive the destination on first try...apa mau jadi...

Then about 7,we arrive at Gurney Plaza,at the 3rd attempt that is!hahahaha...So far so good,as we went just to find that


Crap man,it's already 7.08pm....I was really pissed,I dint want to come Gurney, the end we drove off to KOMTAR,and made it there 10 minutes after the break fast.

But when we were already in the restaurant,all is forgotten as we feast on the japanese food!!!YUMMY with a capital Y!!

I ordered Tori Khatsu Set,its a chicken set,tastes great,with four extra plates of sushis..oh was filling alright,but it emptied my wallet!! XD Overall it was great,we had fun,but it's just that its a bit different now..somethings missing..hmm?

The bill altogether was rm95 for us 3,and I cut it off to rm86 with my discount card.My part was Rm40. :P It was well worth it of course.

The story doesnt end here,it was still raining,up til 830pm..Georgetown was all jammed up..Do u guys know why?It wasnt because of its a saturday night,its not because its an event is going on,its actually because the place was FLOODED , I can't believe it myself...the water level was actually like one-third of the car's door!!!We were afraid that it would go in the engine,but we have believe in the AUDI,hahahaha....Got stuck in a single lane for 45 minutes and managed to escape safely,arriving home at 1015pm..So freaking tired

What a day!!!!

Its still is raining,please stop crying already....

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cherish This Love

This is a song from boyband A1 that I'd like to share with you readers,feel the song~~

Sorry for making you cry
For turning away
As you walk on by
But baby I need to be strong
And I need to move on with my life
You know it's not that I don't care
So don't make me feel bad
It's not fair
Baby you know all the reasons
I made my decisions in life

Now a girl's gotta do
what a girl's gotta do
And a boy had to become a man
And I'm sorry for saying
But it's love that I need
And that love I just can't get from you

It's funny how things turn around
One day I am lost
Then I'm found
It happened so fast
I knew it would last
From the first time
I first looked in your eyes
Although it's so soon this I know
I'll never be on my own
Dreams turn to tears
She buries my fears
And I will cherish this love ever more

You know it's not easy to do
Turning my back on me and you
But baby I need someone there
Who will love me and care for my life
Smiles they turned into tears
And all of my dreams
They all disappeared
Baby this cannot be right
So I'll turn down the light
On our love

Now a boy's gotta do
What a boy's gotta do
And a girl had to do what she can
And I'm sorry for saying
But it's love that I need
And that love I just can't get from you

It's funny how things turn around
One day I am lost
Then I'm found
It happened so fast
I knew it would last
From the first time
I first looked in your eyes
Although it's so soon this I know
I'll never be on my own
Dreams turn to tears
She buries my fears
And I will cherish this love ever more

And everything that could gone wrong
Has gone wrong at some time
Now I can see the light
It was love at first sight
And I'm not gonna let this girl go

It's funny how things turn around
One day I am lost
Then I'm found
It happened so fast
I knew it would last
From the first time
I first looked in your eyes
Although it's so soon this I know
I'll never be on my own
Dreams turn to tears
She buries my fears
And I will cherish this love ever more

Yes I Will
With you

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3rd day of ramadhan

ahha!everything was going all right thru the 1st and 2nd day.Then come the 3rd day...

I planned to make a egg bread(roti telur) or watever u call it for sahur this morning..I was so confident and looking forward to it coz its been awhile i ate that...

"Woi Lan!!! Bangun la!!!"

I sat up from my sleep,glanced at the clock it was already 510am...alamakkk..sempat ka jugak mau masak niii..??I dashed out with my bread and ajinomoto , break 2 eggs into a bowl and kacau2.They were asking me what I wana do and I told them wat I was up to..

Letak minyak la suda di kuali ni..perghhh!!whole house berasapppp!!!hahahahahha...

"Oi Lan, ape kau masak tu??habis rumah berasap,aku nak rokok pun xjadi"

the other housemate perli me...haha...xkisah la,oledi too kelamkabut...

here I go , 1st roti into the pan...1 minute later, switched side... ALL BLACKKKKK!!!


continued with 2 to 3 breads...haha..stop for awhile...alamakkk,teruklaa,xpandai langsung.

Luckily this housemate came,he is studying in culinary arts,these things"kacang" la for he did all the cooking,and I do all the eating...hahahah,good eh? makan sampai hampir subuh dah..Have to stop now..

Evening buka puasa was good,the housemate gave us some food from his cooking class,and as a result,Im so full now...lazy to move already...

Got test tomorrow ahh,that rozaiman's hard-to-do question also havn finish!!!

I think I gotta stop here..oh and btw,I really love my new blog song- You Were My Everything by Aviation..been listening it for days now..its emotional,cool..suites my current mood nicely!!