Sunday, December 14, 2008

tagged by anna

well , this is one late tag I replied late, but I guess she would understand .. here goes

three name that friends call you
[1] Lan
[2] Niff
[3] Palan

three most important date in your life
[1] 27th Nov obviously
[2] 29 August
[3] 14 February ( not because of Valentine's day)

three things you've done in the last 33 minutes
[1] Watched WWE Armageddon
[2] Download Marvel vs Capcom game
[3] Main WWF Attitude

three ways to be happy
[1] Eat
[2] Sports
[3] SLEEP!!!!

three of your favourite songs as of now
[1] Let The Flames Begin by Paramore
[2] Decode also by Paramore
[3] All Around Me by Fireflight

three of your favourite hobby
[1] Sports of any kind
[2] gaming
[3] watch football

three places you want to go for vacation
[1] Japan/Korea
[2] Thailand!!!
[3] Somewhere in Europe?

three favourite cartoon/anime characters
[1] Uchiha Sasuke
[2] Kensin Himura
[3] Johny Bravo

three malls you usually go to
[1] Megamal Penang
[2] Mid Valley Megamall
[3] Sunway Carnival Mall

three favourite drinks
[1] Plum with lime /pearl / nata de coco
[2] sirap limau
[3] coke

three things found in your bag
[1] oh? laptop
[2] Baju
[3] Bateri

favourite colors
[1] black
[2] red
[3] dark brown

top three hang outs
[1] Bazli
[2] Penang housemates
Basketball friends , futsal friends

top three foods you love so much
[1] Sushi King
[2] Seafood
[3] Dim Sum

top three things special to you
[1] my phone
[2] my laptop
[3] myself

top three atitudes you like
[1] cool and calm
[2] in control
[3] friendly but not overboard

three things you will be doing tomorrow
[1] going to play futsal
[2] going to play more games
[3] going to watch movies again?

three reasons you answer this survey
[1] tagged by si anna
[2] bored u can say
[3] blog been dead for some time

three people that you tagged
[3] well , its either cayenne or eevee , both of u la

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