Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Sushi Delights!

As we all know , I love to eat sushi-es , and yes , whenever I have the chance , I would go for for Japanese food , most of the times it would be Sushi King or Teppanyaki . Some others I've tried like Genki Sushi and a few others that I can't really remember the names .

And so , as I and my housemates were walking around in Jusco Perda , we looked at the lists of restaurants . What caught my eyes was a certain sushi restaurant. Namely - Sushi Queen.

Interesting ...

Instead of the normal Sushi King

we have this one too now!

Well , I don't quite know whether they are related or not , but it really is not my concern , what I want is a decent sushi meal and I'm very grateful that such a shop is nearby my house . Yummy!!!

Moving on , I planned to go back for new year to KL , turns out I can't make it . Tickets all finished until 6th of January , guess I'll be spending new year in Penang after all , or some other places that I can travel to .

Just a little update on the previous debate tournament . The standings for debaters are out , and I find myself ranked 36 in the competition , out of 105 competitors . I'm the 2nd best for my campus and short of 7 points from the best debater of my campus , which is also my partner in the competition . I guess it's not bad for rusty ol' me after all :D


@dR3h said...

Hopefully next time around, buli jadi yang the best sdh la d ITM Penang aa.. and seluruh la..

Lan said...

hehe, InsyaAllah kalau rajin