Monday, December 15, 2008

karambunai's nexus and one borneo's novotel

So then , I was in KK from 11-14 of December , many thanks to me aunty :)

Before I proceed on the happenings there , I would like to say sorry to my boss Serena Lucinda Wang ( correct,no?) for not being able to meet up with her during my time in KK this time . But dont worry , I might come back there again if I can .

So let's begin...

11th December

We got ready to go , the trip consists of 8 people . And so then off we go with two cars. We arrive an hour earlier , the flight was 1715 , and we arrived at 1600+- . We checked in and all those stuff and got inside the plane after not long after.

45 minutes in the plane and voila.. we were in KK already!!! Upon arrival , my aunty already called for her friend to fetch us to stay at a hotel . It was a hotel near 1 Borneo by the name of Novotel

Front Door

View from a bit far

Decoration nearby

Xmas tree inside

Straight after settling down in our own rooms and putting the luggages, we went to 1 Borneo to have lunch . The restaurants name was Jaws , ahha , its seafood, very delicious nonetheless.
Uncle was going to spend for it so we all went for it . Overall it was good food I tell you , but we were all full already , turns out the boys , as in me and my two cousins have to settle with the leftovers , ta pao makan di bilik ...hahahahahhahaha

Went for walk together after dinner , and as usual , the centre court was colourfully decorated

Xmas decoration

Saw this picture of Wayne Rooney when we were walking , and I did not waste the opportunity to "clap hands" with him , hahahaha XD

After a short while , we all went back to sleep , but before that we did went to Giant supermarket to get some food and tid-bits, hehe.

12th December

Woke up at 930am , took our bath and went down for breakfast , food was ok . After that we sambung jalan.We stopped at the bowling center and what else? have a couple of bowling games la!!It was me vs Afiq vs Fadhli . Game on!!

First game
Second game

Those were the results for bowling.And we continued by playing some games and wasted some money at the arcade. We played games like house of the dead and time crisis, oh and even the basketball shooting game , that was really fun. We all got addicted to it .

It was our high score!!!(but the next day it was broken -.-)

We played until 3pm I think , and then we had to stop for our trip to Karambunai . Yeah , here we go!

An hour later we arrived , and here's how the lobby looks like at Nexus

Because the rooms were far apart and there were many luggages , we had to travel by buggy , u know the mini cars that they used in golf , cool huh?

I can tell u that during our stay in karambunai we tried so many kinds of sports . I'll explain further as we go.

Initially after we had settled down in our room , we planned to go for a swim . And to go there , we would have to go through a small football field . The moment our group of boys pass by , the guys there asked us to play , they go :

"satu , dua , tiga , empat , lima mari main "

we all stopped and gave it a thought for a while , and suddenly one of us said:

"jom main"

aiiii...mainla bola pulak , sepatutnya mau pergi swimming, hahahahha. Played for 1 hour plus eh.

The match was interesting from my point of view,hahaaha, obviously they were a better team and they were stronger than us . We attacked their goal but they were good defensively , and they were just talig us lightly , playing in front of our goal pulak tu .. huhuuhu..

Then they broke the deadlock , one of them cross the ball, hit our keeper and its an own goal.
Moments later they were attacking in numbers and I had to tackle the ball to take it away from the striker, turns out it rolled into our goal pulak -.- , I scored an own goal laaaa...

They started to loosen up after their 2 goal lead , and we attacked with a 3 frontmen ,leaving one defender at the back. It was 5 v 5 actually .

Me , when it comes to football , eventhough I play as a striker , I rarely score a goal. In a competitve match , I have only scored 3 or 4 times even playing as a striker . Then came this moment of miracle where their keeper was trying to trick his way out of me but he actually tertinggal bola di belakang , it was a simple tap-in for me . 2-1

They were still playing with us.

Later one of the guys say that :

"okay, lets make this a golden goal , whoever scores win the match"

ahha,hearing this we went all out.We were losing anyway,hahahah...

Attack and counterattack , it went on for awhile.And suddenly we found ourselver 3 v 2 at their half, and their keeper wasnt guarding the goal . The midfield guy squared the ball to me after luring the defender away .



I managed to sidefoot the ball into the empty net!! Amazing , I was really scared I would miss, I breathe a huge sigh of relief.

My team players(excluding the keeper)

Group photo after the match

Having not be able to swim , we went back to our room to wash up and take our baths and get ready for dinner.After that , it was another wave of fun-nation!

We went to play pool at the recreation stop . There was a mini arcade and the board football game too.And so , we played...

After a few games , uncle called us to go to the club named Darlin' Darlin , and we continued our game there!

And finally we were done for that night.

13th December

Woke up at 9am++ , went for breakfast , hanged out for awhile near the seaside

and then went straight for the swimming pool.We played a mini "football" game in the pool , just for fun.

After that , we went back to our room , pack things up , took our shower , went for our lunch and whaddaya know, continue pool until we were called to the lobby. And then it was goodbye Karambunai.

Drove back to 1 Borneo and checked back in to the hotel , and went off to the arcade .. again!

We went straight for the same ol games...

The aftermath of a 1-on-1 with Fadhli,I won

Evening , we played bowling again , a special appearence by Dr. Kahar , he came just to bully us in bowling , we lost badly to him.. huhuhu..

It was movie fest after that , started with Twilight and ended with Transporter 3 . I got a new crush from these two movies , but I like ALICE CULLEN , the vampire can see the future more , than the girl from Transporter 3 .

14th December

Woke up breakfast and then packed up things again . We were treated to yet another seafood lunch and it definitely was good . We had a sneek-peek at uncle's still-in-progress house, should be completed in two months he said.Goody , looks very good the house .This is followed by a walk at CentrePoint , wasted time there at the arcade , it was not par to the ones at 1 Borneo .

When the time was 6 oclock , we made our way to the airport , and we prepared to board our flight and touchdown at Tawau an hour later.

I enjoyed my holiday in KK .

Phew~what a long post

Over and out

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